May 15, 2020


If you remember when the ACLU used to take on unpopular causes, like defending the First Amendment rights of Klansmen, just because defending everyone’s civil rights was more important than political posturing, then man, are you getting old. Today’s ACLU not only bows down to political correctness instead of the Bill of Rights, it’s actually suing Education Secretary Betsy DeVos for forcing colleges to respect male students’ due process rights.

Now, ask them if they support rights like the presumption of innocence for Joe Biden…


It’s getting tedious listening to celebrities smugly lecturing everyone to stay locked down and listen to “the experts” on the coronavirus when they don’t have to worry about money and what the “experts” tell us to do changes practically every day.

For instance, back in the days when the experts were telling us 2.2 million Americans would die, we were told face masks should only be worn by sick people, to prevent them from spreading germs. Then they told us everyone should be wearing them (it’s actually enforced like law in many places.) Then they said that only people treating COVID-19 patients need to wear them. And now, Dr. Russell Blaylock claims that for healthy people to wear face masks for hours is not only useless, it could be dangerous to your health.

He says that breathing through a restrictive mask reduces oxygenation of the blood, which can result in headaches, losing consciousness and an impaired immune system, making it more likely to suffer strokes, cancer, and heart attacks. Ironically, it might also make you more likely to contract the coronavirus, and have a rougher case of it. Even worse, if you have the virus, he says wearing a mask can concentrate it in your sinuses and lungs, or even get it into your brain.

Full disclosure: Blaylock has made some controversial claims that are disputed by mainstream medicine. But he’s also a licensed neurosurgeon and retired clinical professor of neurosurgery, so it seems likely that he knows a bit about surgical masks.

So which experts are we supposed to listen to? Maybe we should just listen to the smug liberal celebrities. As Homer Simpson put it, “Celebrities…Is there anything they DON’T know?”


UPDATE: Sen. Richard Burr (R, NC) announced that he’s stepping down as Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee pending an FBI investigation of allegations that he dumped stocks based on inside information about the coronavirus coming. Burr has denied the allegation, and his attorney says he’s cooperating with the FBI and has asked the Senate Ethics Committee to conduct a complete review. More details at this link.


With the House voting today on her $3 trillion leftist wish list bill, Nancy Pelosi seems to believe that fighting the coronavirus somehow requires letting all elections be determined through voting by mail. Coincidentally, that’s already underway for the Nevada primaries. And how is it going? I think you can guess from this story, or simply from this pull quote from a postal worker:

“This just seems fraudulent to me, something stinks here.”


Kudos to the Republican Party of Arizona, which just pulled off the first statewide virtual convention, with over 1100 Republicans around the state successfully participating via cell phone and tablet.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are still trying to figure out how to stream Joe Biden from his basement. But sure, let’s put them in charge of the entire government. What could go wrong?


With businesses reopening around the country, some customers are angry to see an extra dollar or two being added to the bill as a “coronavirus charge.”

Business owners say they’re getting negative reviews on Yelp, but they can’t help it: they have to charge more to offset the costs of reduced capacity, meat shortages, PPE equipment and other expenses. They say the virus surcharge is more transparent than just raising prices, plus it will allow them to adjust the charge as the emergency recedes.

I know that nobody wants to pay extra, but please bear in mind that your local businesses have been closed for a long time and they are struggling to stay afloat. Please don’t badmouth them on Yelp for things they can’t help. Just be grateful that they are finally back. And if you want to blame someone for that “coronavirus charge,” then think of it as the “government coronavirus response charge.”


The latest chapter in the “What Does This Have To Do With Stopping A Virus?” Saga: In Ocean City, New Jersey, walking, running and exercising on the beach are allowed, but sunbathing and sitting in chairs are prohibited. Also, surfing is allowed, but swimming is prohibited.

So if you’re surfing and fall off your board, are you allowed to swim back to the beach, or are your only options to drown or be arrested?

I know this sounds like laughable nonsense, but it’s very serious. If authorities want people to respect their guidelines to help prevent the spread of disease, then the people have to respect the authorities. Telling people that they’re allowed to surf but not to swim is exactly the kind of pointless, tyrannical rule-making that insures nobody will respect the authorities behind it for much longer. If you want people to stop following the rules, then keep issuing rules like this.


The coronavirus isn’t the only epidemic sweeping the country. Washington seems to be in the grip of an amnesia epidemic.

While the media are desperately trying to spin the unmasking of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn as “routine” (“Thousands of people get unmasked, nothing to see here!”), former Obama Director of National Intelligence James Clapper took a different approach. When asked on CNN why he requested the unmasking of Flynn, he claimed he simply doesn’t remember…

I couldn’t help thinking of Steve Martin’s old bit about how you can avoid paying taxes by just telling the IRS two simple words: “I forgot!” I half expect Clapper’s next public statement to be, “Excuuuuuuuse meeeeee!!!”

Meanwhile, Joe Biden says he doesn’t remember Tara Reade, the staffer who accused him of sexual assault. But as for those people who say they believe her but will vote for Biden anyway, he said they “probably shouldn’t vote for me. I wouldn’t vote for me if I believed Tara Reade.” Why do I get the feeling that’s the result of forgetting what his campaign advisors told him to say?


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  • Jim Montgomery

    05/17/2020 02:06 PM

    Huckabee for VP!

  • virginia G. Moore

    05/16/2020 08:33 PM

    They say the coronavirus charge tacked onto your bill will go away when the virus does. I have lived a very long time & I know for certain that when a new tax or charge is established to pay for something, it is there to stay. I realize businesses are hurting, but so are people. I hope that this new charge will go away, but if it is like other charges like this, it is here to stay.

  • Sue Ashcraft

    05/16/2020 06:22 PM

    When I think of wearing masks, I think of all the doctors who do procedures and surgeries. A doctor would no more perform surgery without a mask than walk barefoot into the operating room. I wear a mask ONLY when I am around other people (store, gas station, etc.). This protects YOU in case I have a disease or, possibly the virus! YOU wear a mask to protect me. This is one time when we really need to be courteous and think more of others than ourselves.

  • Judy Radley

    05/16/2020 04:48 PM

    Here is a Letter to the Editor that was actually published in our local newspaper, The Batavia Daily News, based in Batavia, NY, Genesee County. It sounds like the writer is a fan of your newsletters, Gov... It is refreshing to see many like us, who see right through the liberal socialist governors like Andrew Cuomo. Here is the actual letter I copied and pasted for your reading.

    Letter: Without Trump’s leadership, Cuomo’s pandemic failure would be more dismal
    · 14 hrs ago
    There are actually people out there giving praise to Governor Cuomo. So let us never forget who this guy is and the complete failure his political career has been. His time at HUD was a disaster for this country. His social justice policy’s in a big part led to the melt down of 2008. His time before the virus as Governor of this state has been a complete failure, again his progressive social justice, economic justice and environmental justice policies have ruined this state morally and fiscally.
    Before going into this shutdown the state was 6 billion dollars + in debt and the Governor was handing out grant money to towns and counties like penny candy. Not to mention the billions on failed economic development projects given to his corrupt friends. People are leaving the state because of him in record numbers. A foul nanny state dictator with no regard for the people of upstate. He does not want conservatives in his state and he never thought America was that great. His words.
    His handling of the virus has been a dismal failure. You wouldn’t know that by the fawning questions that the leftist globalist media give him on a day to day basis at his press conferences. Contrast that to the nasty gotcha questions that the fake press gives our great President Trump every single day. Thank God President Trump is in charge at this awful time. A leader and a man in charge. Governor Cuomo was completely unprepared for this pandemic.
    A city attacked on 911. A target of radical Muslim extremists for decades and this man in 2015 turned down buying more ventilators and masks and wasted the money on wind and solar projects. How’s that STAMP project doing for everyone? Which by the way, if green energy was all energy we were depending on right now to mobilize and fight, how many more would be dead? His vision for NY in the future is another dismal failure that must be quelled.
    He was completely wrong about what he needed, yet our great president and the industrial might of the American worker and citizen not only got him the hospital ship Mercy and a 1,000 beds in record time. 10 days. Fake news said that it was going to take a month to get ready. The Army Corp of Engineers built a make shift hospital in the Javits Center with 2000 beds and Franklin Graham brought in a mobile hospital into Central Park for free and the militant LGBTQ crowd gave him flack because of his Christian faith and wanted it gone. None of this he needed or used . Yet his fear mongering was met with action by the president. If it wasn’t for the direction of President Trump and all the help given, Cuomo’s failure would have been even more devastating to the people of NY city. He dropped the ball and he keeps demanding more . The crybaby tactics are not working. The people of this country are not going to stand for bailing out NY for Cuomo’s failed progressive economic policy’s. Help for the virus yes but not to balance his budget.
    Governor Cuomo post virus will continue to be a failure to this state. Liberalism and progressivism is designed to fail to keep a poorly educated under class voter base and a guilty white self loathing wealthy achiever class . Like all liberals and progressives Cuomo sees everything backwards Example criminals are good , good people are criminals. So I do not trust this man to open up the state in a timely manner. It should be left to the counties and the localities, and that’s legitimate 10th amendment “or to the people”.
    One thing for sure. The Democrats in the House and Senate like Cuomo have been a disgraceful, Anti-American failure, and that was from the day the greatest president to ever hold the office since George Washington and Calvin Coolidge our President Donald John Trump took office. How anyone can vote for a socialist, communist, Democrat after what they have put the country through the past 4 years is beyond reality. President Donald J. Trumps handling of this country for 4 years has earned him 4 more years. Coumo needs to go. KAG 2020.
    Paul Lauricella Jr.

  • Thomas Douglas Roper

    05/16/2020 04:05 PM

    I really don't think face masks is a fool proof way to protect yourself from the virus but I guess it's better than nothing. Unless it's completely sealed around your face I'm sure you'll breath in the virus if it's present.
    Some of is have a hard time wearing one anyway. I have Bronchiectasis and I feel like I'm suffocating with it on.

  • Sam McConnell

    05/16/2020 02:02 PM

    How much federal funding (tax money) goes to the ACLU and why? Same question about NPR and subsidiaries. Time to reduce it to zero for the good of the country.

  • Kathy Backer

    05/16/2020 01:55 PM

    Hi Mike,

    I was wondering what you thought about the Gov. of Michigan who is holding out on the stay at home orders, that the american public of her state would like to go back to work and the public have shown their displeasure by protesting with guns and some threats, which is what im reading in the news, if its true. Thanks

  • Rick Gooden

    05/16/2020 01:08 PM

    One of your best evening edition's Mike,keep up the good work...

  • Helen Sustachek

    05/16/2020 12:11 PM

    When Joe Biden said in one of his statement, "Not one time." It struck me that that was Bill Clinton's phrase, remember? Something like, " I didn't do (that) not one time." How can they sleep at night?

  • Daniel Brinson

    05/16/2020 11:46 AM

    "Friday, President Trump announced the creation of a new public-private partnership, designed to develop and make available to everyone a vaccine for the COVID-19 (Chinese) coronavirus by the end of the year or even sooner.
    Appropriately named “Operation Warp Speed,” the goal is to develop a vaccine faster than any vaccine has ever been created, tested, cleared, and distributed before. The partnership involves the federal government, medical professionals, pharmaceutical giants, and the US military. Trump called it “a massive scientific, industrial and logistical endeavor, unlike anything our country has seen since the Manhattan Project,” " end of quote from you,

    What's this, another attempt to poison our elderly, military, and other for the profit of big Pharma?

  • Darlene F. Donston

    05/16/2020 11:22 AM

    I am with Dr. Blaylock on this mask thing! I had to wear one twice this week for my first time and they are HORRIBLE! Thank goodness the Salon had their fans going! Hopefully they will soon do away with them, but I am thinking that they are so very popular with some people, probably Bandits!

  • Sherrel L Morelan

    05/16/2020 11:05 AM

    I heard that H Clinton said that rejecting the rules put forth by some Governors is "Domestic Terrorism". I would say some suicides of her and Bill's "friends" was "Domestic Terrorism".

  • Lance brown

    05/16/2020 10:24 AM

    As always, great articles.
    Point of view on. AMNESIA left me with a NEW POINT OF VIEW.

    This has had me buggen since the onset. It culminated with someone's video of three cop moving in to arrest a scare crow with a fishing pole. The cops readily stated that their intent was to apprehend the fisherman for violating social distancing. On a section of beach that was compleatly devoid of human life. Even after the cops arrived it was still void of sentient life. But they were gonna cuff and stuff this villainous straw man. And all without masks or gloves. Except the scare crow it seemed to HAVE face covering?

  • Gail Denham

    05/16/2020 09:42 AM

    It seems to me that brains are being atrophied now - people have been shut in so long, listening to the "experts" who change their mind daily - they're turned the whole thing off and just been happen they have enough toilet paper for now.

  • wailes blalock jr

    05/16/2020 09:36 AM

    please continue.

  • Jerry Korba

    05/16/2020 09:29 AM

    For years I have been complementing Trump for cleaning up the terrible decisions the Obama Adminisration put into place I don't want to to see another survey on who is the better President Obama is the most dishonest without dignity and a person that wanted to change America into a global cesspool. You know he is rotten when the Mexican President wants to challenge him on giving guns to the Mexican Cartel you know he is rotten when he gives Iranian Billions of dollars to spread Terrorism around the world I could go on thats reason enough to strip him of any clearance that relates to National Secuity he has spied on Americans for Gods sake.

  • Linda Westbrook

    05/16/2020 09:09 AM

    Who is Megan Fox and why is she stating: Dr Fauci is a bonifide sex god"?

  • Jerry Korba

    05/16/2020 09:02 AM

    Who's idea that more Government control of the people freedoms is a good idea? Government has always had a question mark about its true ideas. Since 1950 the Government started erasing freedoms a little at a time. Today it is claiming huge Freedoms most of them conflicting with the Bill of Rights and the Constitution so Governors Lawmakers took an oath to protect both. What are the consequences when they violate the oath? If and when they violate do they get removed from their position if not not what good is the Oath? It is time to protect the Oath. Do We have agencies that are watching or are they taking a vacation also or just not doing their job just like the Left. I don't want them to be like the Left.

  • William Jakovac

    05/16/2020 09:00 AM

    I do not like the decision to vote by mail. No offense to the post office, but I have no idea if my vote will get back to the county election committee. How can I be sure of my vote being recorded correctly with no paper backup? No sir. I want to go to a physical polling place with my voting card AND ID, get my signature verified, and pull the lever.

  • Margaret Williams

    05/16/2020 07:54 AM

    Thank you for sharing truth and being someone we can look to for the truth

  • Glenda Lagerstedt

    05/16/2020 07:45 AM

    How thankful I am for the clarification your articles bring, for how much light they shed on the shadows that make critical thinking a virtual wilderness in my mind. Trying to comprehend today's news is akin to reading a poorly written script with way too many characters and where nothing is ever solved but yet old unsolved issues keep popping back up. I have lost much ability to remember just how this familiar name fit into the picture in the first place, what their role was.... In short, Mike, I am no doubt not the only one who counts on you to adjust the fuzzy screen in the news arena.

  • Kay DeWitt

    05/16/2020 07:43 AM

    Upon seeing your opening title, "TODAY'S ACLU IS BOWING TO POLITICAL CORRECTNESS", the words that jumped out at me were "BOWING TO" because it reminded me of what someone once said that "one EITHER serves God OR he serves Satan." (I, of course, would add that, while that IS an "either" "or" statement, its truth is on a continuum)......Having SAID that, I will go on to say...
    in relation to your above statement....THAT....

    ONE EITHER BOWS TO SATAN OR HE BOWS TO GOD....THEREFORE, in view of how this nation of ours is no longer ONE Nation UNDER God, it is no surprise that the
    ACLU bows to that which is not OF God!

    When I was in high school, the girls who slept with guys were called rather unflattering names by their classmates....HOWEVER, in high schools, TODAY, it is the girls who DON'T sleep with guys who are called the unflattering names!

    Mike, what was it like when YOU went to high school? Did you drive up to the school and see police cars parked in the school parking lot? Did you walk into the cafeteria and see two or three standing by the door...another one sitting in the front of the cafeteria, while yet another was standing by the side, or back door?.....OR.....

    How about when the bell rang to change classes...were you locked out of the building your class was in...or your classroom...if it took you one minute too long to get TO your class?....AND how about AFTER school, were you allowed to hang out with some friends before you went home?

    MY POINT IS THAT....the atmosphere of a school TODAY is nothing like it used to be YESTERDAY because the atmosphere of today's schools is very much like a PRISON!!!.....AND, where we used to have FIRE drills our kids have GUN SHOOTING drills!...AND, can you imagine...when YOU went to school...ever having to worry that you might get shot, and killed, IN school?

    In view OF the horror of this reality of our schools....and Christians not fighting to get our God of LOVE back in the schools...why should we expect the ACLU to be like THEY used to be!!!!.....BUT, while Christians have NOT fought to get our Lord back IN the schools....and have the MESSAGE OF HIS LOVE heard by kids who are potential school shooters...praise the Lord that Christians HAVE fought to be able to sit in their cars so that THEY, together, could hear.... listen to... yet another MESSAGE OF HIS LOVE.... "Greater love hath no man than to lay down his life for his 'brother'....HIS kids!" ......I wonder if these churchgoers who fought so hard to be able to not be getting a ticket...FOR listening to a message ABOUT His love....will, BECAUSE they did, one day, hear the Lord say, "well done My good and faithful servant!"

  • Frank Remski

    05/16/2020 07:15 AM

    Any ballot that cannot be delivered to the registered voter should be required to be shredded by the post office. That ballot harvesting is a process that should not be available to anyone.
    At minimum, the election office needs to be able to validate that any ballot is indeed identified to belong to a real live legal voter and instead of just counting, the validation needs to be in place.
    Hate to repeat it, but how do you know a democrat is lying? Their lips are moving. Same is true of the socialists.

  • Mona Kramer

    05/16/2020 07:10 AM

    I live in a small community in Bradenton, Fl. and we have numerous family who are not going back for the summer to Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, North Carolina because their states have not opened up. My daughter lives in North Carolina and they have 21 hot spots, 18 being nursing homes. This whole pandemic rouse is starting to smell like rotten fish.

    I went to get my hair cut and had to sign a paper and check off numerous items before I could get a haircut. If you got 2 X's, you had to leave. I am over 65, so I go a X for that. I am blessed with good health, but believe you me, If I had come up with a 2nd X and it was a nonsense question, I would have lied. I have enough sense not to go out if I am sick.

    Home Depot employees are wearing mask, even outside, which makes no sense to me. I thought UV rays and fresh air was the best thing to kill a virus. I am still smelling that rotten fish.

  • Shelley Jordan

    05/16/2020 02:44 AM

    Great detail about how the the number of lies are getting so big and crazy that it like a comedy but very serious! How can they hide behind their mess any longer. Thank you Governor Huckabee for your great summarized news!