Good news on VA reform

February 7, 2018 |

Here’s some good news that ought to brighten every American’s day: the reform of the Veterans’ Administration is looking like a bipartisan success story. Thanks to the VA Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act passed last June, it’s now easier to fire the kind of executives who put veterans on waiting lists until they died and tried to cover it up. Over 1500 underperforming VA employees have been given their walking papers, and over 70 whistleblowers have been protected from retaliation for speaking up to defend vets from a corrupt and failing system.

Judging from the news coverage, you’d think that the #1 priority of the federal government was to protect illegal immigrants. In fact, the #1 priority should be keeping our promise to America’s veterans that they will get the best of care in gratitude for the sacrifices they make to safeguard our freedom and security. It’s great to see that promise finally starting to be kept.


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  • Terry Jensen

    03/04/2018 12:11 PM

    We have to put all America first just for once and our Vets should be at the top of the list...if we can't feed and house our people then we need to stop giving our funds to others. Take care of America so we can afford once again to help others.

  • Dawn Shaw

    02/08/2018 01:39 AM

    Its about time, our vets should come first. After all they put us first and kept us safe for years!!!!!!