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May 28, 2022


Blessings on you and your family and from all the Huckabee staff! Today's newsletter includes:

  • Sussmann trial, Day 10 --- He lied to the FBI; will Democrat jury care?
  • Uvalde updates
  • Good News On The Judicial Front
  • And much more...


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Devote yourselves to prayer, be watchful and thankful.

Colossians 4:2

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2. Good News On The Judicial Front

A New York Supreme Court judge needed just one short paragraph to slap down an implicitly racist attempt by an alleged “anti-racist” organization to do away with “talented and gifted” programs in schools.

3. Green Energy is to blame

Must-Read, While Your Computer Still Has Power! Frank Lasee, president of Truth in Energy and Climate, wrote this article called “The Day the Electricity Died.”

He explains why we’re heading into a summer of potentially deadly power outages, and why it’s the fault of the “progressive” green energy lobby. His piece is filled with something that promoters of green energy prefer to ignore: hard facts of physics. Like, that energy sources such as solar or wind power only generate power when the sun shines or the wind blows, and we don’t have batteries to store it in. They produce little to no energy 70% of the time. Meanwhile, our power needs go on 24/7, rain or shine. Replacing 1,000 megawatts of coal power would require 5,000 megawatts of solar, which means 13 million solar panels occupying nearly 40 square miles. By the way, about 80% of solar panels are made in communist China, where there is slave labor and no environmental protection laws.

We’re blighting the landscape and killing bats and birds by adding 3,000 wind turbines a year, which (when they’re working) can replace only 2.5 coal-fired power plants, and green activists want to shut down far more plants than that. A power shortage is as predictable as gas prices under Biden's policy of shutting down oil and gas production. China, India and other nations are building hundreds of coal plants while we’re shutting ours down and not replacing them with reliable sources like nuclear. This will inevitably lead to devastating power shortages that will endanger our lives, our economy and our national security.

There’s more at the link. It’s not a fun read, but it will equip you to answer people who claim you want to destroy the planet if you don’t agree to commit national suicide by generating energy from nothing but sunshine, breezes and the flapping of pigs’ wings.

4. We can also blame Biden and his team

On a related subject, isn’t it amazing how so many people in Washington seem totally inept and unqualified for their own jobs, yet they think they’d be brilliant at doing everyone else’s? If Congress wants cars to get more mileage, they just pull a number out of the air and expect automobile designers to figure out how to get that much more energy out of a gallon of gas. If that requires making more parts of a car out of plastic, which makes it lighter but more prone to parts failure and more dangerous in collisions, then that’s a risk they’re willing to take on your behalf.

Bernie Sanders, to cite just one notable example, was a failure at everything he tried until he became a socialist politician. Now he’s a millionaire with three houses, and he thinks he knows how to run every industry in America better than the people who’ve actually worked in them for their entire lives.

Remember Hillary Clinton smugly putting down Donald Trump’s family because they made their money the dirty way, in business, by building hotels, golf courses and other tangible assets that created thousands of jobs, unlike her family that somehow got very rich devoting themselves to “public service”?

All this leads me to another must-read article for your weekend. It’s the latest from Victor Davis Hanson, who’s always worth checking out.

He reminds us that President Biden and VP Kamala Harris aren’t the only ones in this Administration who seem alarmingly incompetent. Biden has surrounded himself with an entire Cabinet full of shockingly unqualified bozos who seem either incapable of doing their jobs, unwilling to show up and try, or who are actively working to achieve the opposite of what they’re supposed to be accomplishing, like border security or an adequate energy supply (his Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm cracked up laughing when asked what she was doing to lower gas prices.)

The article is called “A Cabinetry of Dunces.” It’s a reference to the classic book, “A Confederacy of Dunces.” I guess he had to change it because banning words like “Confederacy” is one of the few things this Administration is actually doing.   

5. “Huckabee” preview

I hope you’re having a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend, and that you remember the reason for this holiday. I’ll say more about that in a special holiday edition of the newsletter on Monday. In the meantime, please take an hour out of your weekend to relax with a Memorial Day episode of “Huckabee,” tonight on TBN! I’ll talk with Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves and introduce you to a Huck’s Hero who’s saving the lives of forgotten US veterans. I’ll also have lots of great entertainment, including laughs at the news with “In Case You Missed It” and the amazing magic of Kostya Kimlet. Then get ready for a classic song from one of the greatest voices in rock history, Peter Rivera of Rare Earth.

It all starts at 8 and 11 EST, 7 and 10 CST, and Sunday at 9 EST/8 CST on TBN. To find out how to watch TBN, from local cable and broadcast channels to streaming, visit

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6. Uvalde news

Here is a link to Fox News’ continually updated news on the Uvalde school shooting:

The latest developments: We learned that children inside the school repeatedly called 911, begging for the police to come now, as the cops waited outside for 45 minutes. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said he’s “livid” to learn that he had originally been misled about how police handled the situation. I assume he means things like this:

It was also revealed that the teenage shooter had an account on the Yubo messenger app where he would harass other users; threaten them with rape, kidnapping and murder; and go by the nickname, the “Yubo school shooter.” Apparently, that didn’t raise enough red flags.

In a related story, it’s been discovered that the young mass shooter who attacked shoppers in a Buffalo supermarket told at least six people what he was planning to do a half hour in advance. One of them was even a retired federal agent. But nobody said anything.

The reason appears to be because he shared it in an online chatroom where people routinely said racist and anti-Semitic things. It’s not clear yet whether the others can be charged. What is clear is that if those who have firsthand knowledge of people's threatening, irrational behavior and deadly plans won’t say a word to stop them, it’s hard to see how more background check paperwork before they've done anything illegal is going to make a difference. Also clear: that anonymous Internet chat sites bring out the worst in people.

President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden will travel to Uvalde, Texas, on Sunday. Let’s hope he uses this trip to say something comforting and unifying. But the town’s close proximity to the border has also sparked calls for Biden to visit there for the first time in his presidency.

Uvalde is only an hour’s drive, or a short helicopter ride, from Del Rio and Eagle Pass, the epicenter of the massive illegal migrant crisis. Critics are saying that as long as he’s so close, the very least he could do is go see the mess he’s created and explain his border policies to local officials and Border Patrol agents who have to deal with the ramifications.  

I wouldn’t count on him altering his travel schedule for that. He probably doesn’t have time to have someone in his Administration explain his border policies to him before Sunday.  

7. More Uvalde news corrections

A tweet calling the shooting of children a “small sacrifice” to protect the Second Amendment sparked outrage against Republican Rep. Randy Fine. Except he didn’t write it. It was tweeted under his name by a parody account run by someone who doesn’t understand that parodies are supposed to be funny.

8. Sussmann trial, Day 10 --- He lied to the FBI; will Democrat jury care?

Closing statements were given Friday morning in the Michael Sussmann case, and the jury started their deliberations that afternoon. Since this is Memorial Day weekend, they’ll come back Tuesday to continue deliberating.

The jury will determine whether or not to convict Sussmann of lying to then-FBI General Counsel James Baker when he told him in his office –- never mind the incriminating text we’ve all seen from the day before –- that in meeting with him to discuss the (phony) Alfa Bank story, he wasn’t representing any clients. As FOX News reported Friday, Sussmann’s attorneys slammed Durham’s case against him as “misdirection.” On the contrary, his evidence that Sussmann lied to Baker is as direct as it gets.

Tammy Bruce, sitting in as host on Friday’s HANNITY, talked with FOX News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett and Trump attorney Alina Habba about the case. Jarrett jokingly referred to the defense’s argument as “A lie is not a lie if the recipient of the lie realizes it’s a lie.” He said that was the most outrageous rationalization for a lie that he’d ever heard.

In paraphrasing the defense’s argument, he showed how they contradicted themselves and actually incriminated Sussmann, their own client, “by saying, first, he really wasn’t representing Hillary Clinton during that FBI meeting, and then in the next breath...‘But because the FBI figured out he was representing Hillary Clinton in that meeting, it’s not really a lie.”

Jarrett seconded Jonathan Turley’s comment that this is the worst jury he's ever seen in his life. “This is a jury that is stacked with Hillary Clinton supporters,” Jarrett said, “[including] three Hillary Clinton DONORS… The problem is, there really are no Republicans in Washington DC, from which the jury is drawn. You’d have a better chance of spotting a unicorn than a Republican in Washington DC. And so...the defendant is hoping they will acquit him simply because he hates Donald Trump and they do, too.”

The way this case is being tried certainly supports President Trump’s argument about the two systems of “justice.” And Habba, Trump’s attorney in the case he’s filed against many (including Hillary) who damaged him by spreading the fake Russia Hoax, said he was well aware of that. “I mean, the man knows how corrupt it is,” she said, “and that’s why he’s so passionate about defending this country, and ‘correcting’ the country.”

(By the way, she mentioned that he attended the NRA convention at this sensitive time “because he cares about this country.” Trump, from the podium, said the name of every child killed in Uvalde and rang a bell for them.)

As for the Sussmann trial, she said, “I feel like I just sat through two weeks of the soap opera about the demise of America. It was despicable. And to see a jury that --- I hope they come to their senses. When you have a text message that so obviously states, ‘Hey, I’m about to lie to you” can you not call that a lie?

She said the defense spoke of this case as “a David Copperfield trick,” adding with a laugh, “That was the best they had. If I ever as an attorney have to do that, please, Gregg, come get me and tell me to step down.”

Seriously, though, it could be that Sussmann’s attorneys don’t think they even have to try very hard, given this jury. In a normal case, a person such as you or I found guilty of this charge might easily spend a couple of years behind bars. As Jarrett pointed out, Sussmann is “actually very lucky that he wasn’t charged with conspiracy to defraud the government by knowingly, willingly peddling phony information to the government.”

Of course, that whole group of disingenuous low-lifes involved in the Russia Hoax, including Hillary, should face that charge. Bruce questioned the fact that they weren’t all charged with conspiracy, but as we’ve said earlier, Durham saw the writing on the wall if he were to bring that case to a DC jury. He didn’t want to put THE big conspiracy case in front of them and lose. Better to use a small case to get the real story out.

Still, as Jarrett said, “Lady Justice peeks beneath the blindfold, and weights the scales of justice. If you’re a Republican, it’s weighted against you. If you’re a Democrat, it’s in your great favor.”

Consistent with that, a couple of days into Sussmann’s trial, Jonathan Turley compared the way Sussmann is being treated in his case by Judge Christopher Cooper with the way Michael Flynn was treated in his, by Judge Emmet Sullivan. Flynn’s case was held in the same Washington, DC, courthouse, but what a difference. This is a must-read.

Recall that Judge Sullivan abused Flynn in his courtroom, suggesting that Flynn should be charged with treason --- which was never on the table --- and saying to him, “I cannot assure you that if you proceed today, you will not receive a sentence of incarceration. I am not hiding my disgust and my disdain.” Recall also that Sullivan tried to continue the case against Flynn even after it had been dismissed by the DOJ, apparently planning to serve as judge and prosecutor rolled into one.

Legal analyst Margot Cleveland posted her update on the case Friday morning, after the judge had issued his instructions to the jury. Her view coincides with that of other jaded trial-watchers: 1) the evidence against Sussmann is overwhelming, incontrovertible proof of his guilt, and 2) he probably won’t be convicted.

She mentions something we hadn’t seen reported that dispels all doubt his meeting with Baker really was on behalf of Clinton’s campaign. Did you know Sussmann even billed the campaign for the two THUMB DRIVES he gave to Baker? Gosh, you’d think that for $800 an hour, he would’ve thrown those in for free.

Cleveland goes on to show how tightly Durham had this case wrapped up, evidence-wise.

But the defense benefits, she says, from the “disinterested approach to justice” exhibited by the witnesses Durham called. He wasn’t “out to get Sussmann,” Baker said on the stand. If the defendant had lied to them and misrepresented himself, the FBI hardly seemed to care. And if those witnesses are going to shrug off the lie, Cleveland reasons, the jury probably will, too. No big deal, right?

Going further, just about everyone in that DC courtroom –- defendant, defense attorneys, witnesses, jurors –- sees Durham as a political enemy. Does that mean the jurors will simply ignore the facts and the law of this case and use the process of jury nullification to say, “hey, we’re Democrats, we don’t give a rat’s behind what this guy did”?

Quite likely. But even if they do,, the case Durham brought was so airtight that we can say, with complete confidence, Sussmann DID this. We also can say that as an attorney for Hillary’s campaign, he did it with her approval. There shouldn't be a need to put the word “alleged” in front of the charge Durham made against him. Whether this jury finds him guilty or not, Durham showed that he criminally lied, in service to Hillary Clinton, and we all know it.

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