October 9, 2018

Every time Democratic Socialist media darling and New York congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says anything about history, economics or government, I am stunned by her lack of knowledge of those basic topics.

Her latest stunner involves the Electoral College, which she wants to abolish like all leftists still smarting from Hillary Clinton’s electoral vote defeat.  The usual cry is that “it’s not fair” that a candidate can win the popular vote and lose in the Electoral College – never mind that all candidates know going in that the goal is to win states, not the popular vote (if Hillary chose to run up her meaningless vote total in blue states Trump already conceded while ignoring swing states whose electoral votes she needed to win, that’s not an indictment of the electoral system, it’s a sign that Hillary shouldn’t be put in charge of anything involving intelligent strategy-making.)  But Ocasio-Cortez added a new wrinkle of ignorance, declaring the Electoral College to be “a shadow of slavery’s power on America today that undermines our nation as a democratic republic.” 

In fact, the Founders never intended the US to be a democracy.  The electoral system was primarily created to prevent corruption by insuring that well-informed people not connected to the Congress picked the top leaders and to prevent factionalism and what James Madison called rule by “an overbearing majority,” using superior population numbers in one state to trample the interests of citizens in less populated states.  To balance that, we have a mixed form of government: proportional representation in the House and equal representation of states in the Senate.  

In the case of Hillary vs. Trump, here’s a map showing the county-by-county breakdown.

You can imagine how much civil unrest there would be if all the people in those vast swaths of red were told that the dense populations of the liberal coastal cities were going to pick their leaders, who would likely never even bother to visit there and learn about their concerns (Example: Hillary ignoring the Rust Belt.)  That’s why we have the Electoral College, which worked exactly as it was meant to in 2016.  It’s not unfair if every candidate knows in advance that that’s how the race is run, and whining about it afterwards is just childish. 

Incidentally, Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit had a great response to NBC “reporter” Ken Dilanian tweeting after the Kavanaugh confirmation that the idea of North Dakota and New York having the same number of Senators “has to change.”  Reynold pointed out that liberals never mention how unfair it is that Rhode Island and Texas have the same number of Senators.


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  • Duane Crymes

    10/11/2018 10:53 AM

    Ignorance is not bliss, just ignorant. The logical end of her argument is that we should change the rules if we can’t get our way. That’s not government it’s anarchy.

  • Jim Spaulding

    10/10/2018 11:24 AM

    She is a text book definition of an ultracrepidarian.

  • I am NOT Sam Nigro

    10/10/2018 08:57 AM

    You seem to have a BUG on your website for leaving comments.

    When I entered this screen, it already had someone else's full name and e-mail address listed.

    Please tell your webmaster - I don't want to leave my name/e-mail on here for the next person to see.

  • Sam Nigro

    10/10/2018 07:04 AM

    typical big mouth, hysterical, self-righteous, harem-feminist -FEMINISTS DESTROY EVERYTHING--FEMALE KING HERODS...
    FEMINISTS WANT ALL THE JOBS, MEN NOT USING THEIR FULL ABILITIES, ALL THE BOYS IN THE CORNER LETTING THE GIRLS WIN AND LEARN, AND ALL THE MEN IN PRISON...AND AMERICAN WOMEN TURNED INTO A HAREM..."Act/dress like a harem whore to entrap, demasculate or manipulate males--they are fools for our boobs and butts; and learn to give a hand-job and they will be moaning dullards forever and you can claim sex assault later" is our conquering motto--THANK YOU CONTRACEPTION AND ABORTION SO WE DO NOT HAVE TO BE LOYAL TO NATURE.
    By Samuel A. Nigro, MD July 2014/2017, retired
    over 50 years of psychiatric practice,
    Assistant Clinical Professor Psychiatry Case Western Reserve School of Medicine
    copyright c Samuel A. Nigro, MD 2017
    deplorable ad hominem pamphleteer

    "Unnatural deeds do breed unnatural troubles: infected minds to their deaf pillows will discharge their secrets. More need they the divine than the physician."

    Hillary Clinton finally told why she lost the election to President Trump: because she was a woman. "You know you're going to be subject to unfair and beside-the-point criticism," she said in response to a question on the difficulties of women running for office. As one of the most emancipated "equal" women who ever existed (except for maybe the brutal first Queen Elizabeth), Hillary proved she does not deserve the presidency or major anything. And maybe no woman does. Her words make men scream: "ISN'T THAT JUST LIKE A WOMAN!" -- words said for centuries by men bewildered by the idiotic intrinsic double standards of women carrying on as if they were really equal to men and then whimper "I am a woman" to protest being actually treated like a man. Women never heard of the Equal Misery Amendment--act like a man, get treated like one. Being "a man," she was treated like one and refuses to believe it--she wanted the door held open for her. They play "the female card" to get sexist advantages as they pretend equality.
    Abstract: Feminism is really a big victimism entitlement con stupefying males into deferring to women as a pretense of "equality" by becoming: a "do not assert your full male virtue and abilities in job hunting or anything else fool, a deadbeat unnecessary dad, an incompetent family man, a gay cult genital maniac, a drug-using uneducated unemployable parasite, and a criminal. That also was the celebrated "women's march" in January 2017. It really was a LOSERS' MARCH--women who are not able to "lose like a man", wearing what they called their "pussyhats"--and having what lesbians call a "cuntfest" and some chanting "cunt" as the audience is led to do in the play Vagina Monologues--all really created by the genital maniacs of the gay cult. It was all over the world in January 2017, which actually had women (a word they no longer deserve), upset over a woman losing an election, hating, assaulting, demeaning and doing what they claimed to be protesting. Isn't that just like a feminist? For 500 years, the OED has "man, male, manhood" meaning all members of the human family regardless of sex, race, or age. Now, feminists will want to delete from "woman", "person", "humanity," "human," "mankind," and wherever "man, male, son, etc. are found. Feminists are intellectually dishonest and selfish beyond belief in their pseudo-equality pretensions, as they demand to be treated "equally as men but like a woman" at the same time...and please continue the world's largest expensive sexist social prejudices: engagement rings, jewelry stores, and jewelry advertising (a simple law could outlaw these anti-male crimes in a minute).
    After watching the same television ad several times, I concluded that it was the most discriminatory thing I had ever seen, even worse than Donald Sterling's disgraceful comments about Blacks. It was an ATT ad of a young saleswoman pitching four older executive women, each of whom had a comment, while a wimpy dumb executive man at the periphery and back of the group looks stupid, says nothing and then postures himself in imitation of the women's gestures. This mockery of men is outrageous and much more elaborate than the N word or Sterling's private mutterings. This thing is being shown many times daily for months. Worst, the message conveyed to boys is harmful and hateful. Those responsible should be expelled from all advertising forever just as Sterling was from the National Basketball Association.

    As I reflected on this ad, several points about feminism seemed evident:

    1. Feminists are frauds when they themselves use against males the very discrimination about which they complain has been used against females (The same applies to all other victimhood wackos who turn into chauvinist intolerant bullies as they ironically complain about the same thing done against them). Feminists rarely really praise and support males, especially their boys. Almost ALWAYS with boys (and almost all males), feminists will have a question (meaning he could have been better), a doubt (meaning he was likely to be wrong), an alternative (meaning he did not know the best way), or an absolute snarl (meaning he was just being wrong as all males really are all the time). Feminists do not want to listen to males. Males are always wrong. Boys are now raised psychologically castrated by feminists. This why girls have done so well in school and all else, compared to boys in some subcultures wherein the women are haremfeminists who destroy the boys by anti-male-virtue sexism and destroy the men by oversexualizing them into numbed incompetence and irrelevancy. That trend is "feminism."
    2. Feminists destroy the family when they hit on married men. In my youth, young women respected married women by never getting involved with a married man: "He belongs to her!" was the overt rule understood by all and almost universally followed. That a man is married is no longer respected as part of the female rights of his wife. The presentation of violent or prurient females to males by the routinely sexsational press and media is basically a "sexual assault" on the males.
    3. Feminists have adopted male sexuality incompetently--as one hears young women complain of "rape" after placing themselves in flagrant copulation expected situations but then feel guilty needing, once sober, to deny consent and reject readily seen consequences not cared about when high or enjoying the excitement of a copulation expected situation. In a masturbatory culture with sexuality reduced to simple squirting and sliming any way every way, feminists cannot complain when they place themselves where and when it is expected and can easily happen.
    4. Feminists have destroyed the prime dictionary meaning of female as "designating the sex that produces ova and bears offspring" (For male, it is "designating the sex that fertilizes the ovum and begets offspring."). Thus, the planetary and natural functioning of humans have been destroyed by feminists.
    5. Feminists openly demean and dis-empower males beginning in grade schools as the special needs of boys (because of their innate higher activity levels) are punished rather than converted into intellectual pursuits.
    6. Feminists consider "family" to be a problem rather than the natural traditional solution to incivility and lack of culture.
    7. Feminists want the natural traditional paternalism accompanying male strength and power to be replaced by passive transfer of the same paternalistic power to women who do not have to realize thankfully or even gratefully believe what they have convinced men to do. This further destroys the family as males no longer exert virtue for their family as first identified in the Moynihan Report on the Negro Family in 1965 as black males have been rendered obsolete for everything by black feminists.
    8. Feminists destroy the right to childhood by imposing adult sexuality and violence onto children so they do not learn positive life, sacrifice, virtue, love, humanity, peace, freedom and natural death without fear (the Catholic Mass Mantra).
    9. Feminists have increased violence against women by ignoring the most common sites of such violence: lesbian households.
    10. Feminists have become a genital cult, as party to the gay cult, which has de-natured "sex" into a selfish masturbatory culture deserving mockery, instead of love based sacredness in marriage offering unity and reproduction in concert with Nature and Nature's God promoted by the Founders.
    11. Feminists have destroyed marriage as the psycho-social pheromone for humans ever since we escaped from biological pheromones which rule in nature for the rest of the animal kingdom confining animals to sexual activity only between opposite sexed mature members of the same species at time of likely reproduction.
    12. Feminists have become promoters of "evil is good" authority-obedience of Adolf Eichmann well proven by Stanley Milgrim. Haremfeminsts are the biggest "enablers" of sex assault by their culture of masturbation.
    13. Feminists are SELFISH SEXISTS and all the words imply.
    14. To demand EQUALITY is a trap door. Think of the woman in the elevator who struck her NFL husband in a heated argument. An "I am a man too" equal proclamation. Of course, he decks her in a quick down and out and did not wail away like he would have if she were to be treated really as a "man". There is the other NFL guy in a bar and a pretty blond engaging in laughing then tense and hostile snarling, strikes him in the face with her closed fist--he decks her and all separate without his wailing away as if she were a man. Both gals proclaimed their womanhood after demonstrating their male-equal feminism. Both guys get penalized by the NFL who refuse to allow women to be men even when they act like men. Call it a violation of the Equal Misery Amendment as movies et al portray females as tough-as-men gals who do well fighting males--suggestible women imitate this but find the men do not crumble as on television. Then there are "fighting words" for men--perhaps women using those words should be treated equally as a man would be as a welcome to the real equality they claim to want.
    15. Feminists, by abortion's subliminal psychological effects, reject "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Transcendentals" which means: no Judeo-Christianity = no homemakers = no childhood = no manhood = no virtue = no culture = LOSERS! = TRASH.
    16. The utopian unequal feminism of Sweden is an outrageous example of feminists getting special treatment as females so they can proclaim "equality" as the Swedish males do their universal Swed'anger--or Swedish "regretful making nice (the meaning of 'anger in Swedish)"----calm, benign, self-righteous, --it really comes down to "unapologetic cowardly making nice"---which the only things Swedes really do...(like not joining the Allies to shorten World War II by a year or more had they any manhood then too)--It is sort of their remaining version of Christianity. Just know that Sweden's "feminist equality" everywhere is an oxymoron--It will be that way unless feminists are REALLY TREATED LIKE MALES every where, every time, about every thing--They will not like it.

    The outrageous ad first described above does and proves all this and it is not an isolated comment said privately like Donald Sterling's. It is an ad run daily for months. It is hateful, discriminatory, a sexist public health hazard and against the law of equality. Feminism is really a big sexist victimism entitlement con stupefying males into deferring to women as a pretense of "equality" by becoming: a "do not assert your full male virtue and abilities in school, job hunting or anything else fool, a deadbeat unnecessary dad, an incompetent family man, a gay cult genital maniac, a drug-using uneducated unemployable parasite, and a criminal. That also was the celebrated "women's march" all over the world in January 2017, which actually had women doing what they claimed to be protesting. Isn't that just like a woman?

    The results are protests and riots from the Losers (nee' Womens) March to Berkeley--ALL raging rioting protestors NEED Octavio Paz' "San Ildefonso nocturne":
    Good, we wanted good:
    to set the world right.
    We didn't lack integrity:
    we lacked humility.
    What we wanted was not
    innocently wanted.
    Precepts and concepts,
    the arrogance of theologians,
    to beat with a cross,
    to institute with blood....
    became secretaries to the
    to the General Secretary of the
    became philosophy,
    its evil has covered the

    If you do not think this is true, check the Moynihan Report again and all that has happened to any group with feminists.

    From my pamphlet: "What the Equal Rights Amendment Means to Men" of 1974:

    Typically ignored are the following fundamental constructs of feminism:
    Barbara Balogun (in Voices From Women's Liberation 1971): "I feel that the personal relationships of marriage must under go a revolution...the roles of male and female must be completely redefined--no, eliminated. I do not see this as possible in the present relationships of marriage...The only alternative, as I see it, is communal living...I also recognize that, conditions being what they are at the present time, most men feel so secure in their oppressive role that they will not give up their power willingly. Therefore, male-female communes will be impossible to establish. It may be that our only solution will be the dissolution of marrriage, with the foundation of all-female communes to eliminate the burdens placed on women."

    Also in Voices From Women's Liberation, Linda Gordon states: "Families perpetuate themselves and their bad values by educating children to see them as the only models for adult life...The nuclear family must be destroyed, and the people must find better ways of living together."

    On the book entitled The Second Sex published in 1971, Simone de Beauvoir describes a complete lack of satisfaction in motherhood and marriage: "The tragedy of marriage is not that it fails to assure women the promised happiness...but that it mutilates her; dooms her to repetition and routine...At twenty or therabouts mistress of a home, bound permanently to a man, a child in her arms, she stands with her life virtually finished forever. Real activities, real work, are the prerogative of her man: She has mere things to occupy her which are sometimes tiring but never fully satisfying."

    Feminism has always been "haremfeminism" and most accurately seen as the "Women's Selfishness Movement"---and it is against Nature when compared to male/female relations for all creatures on the planet except the disordered. Finally, feminism is against Nature's God whose Lovelution Religion gave mankind, males and females, the transcendental distinctions and nature-based relationship patterns necessary for ultimate salutary human purposes of truth, oneness, good and beauty.

    Dred Scott, Wounded Knee, Fraud Press, Children-To-Be-
    Four places in history.
    Dred Scott, Wounded Knee, Fraud Press, Children-To-Be-
    At each place someone cried.
    Dred Scott, Wounded Knee, Fraud Press, Children-To-Be-
    At each place someone died.
    Dred Scott, Wounded Knee, Fraud Press, Children-To-Be-
    For America committed suicide
    At Dred Scott, Wounded Knee, Fraud Press and Children-To-Be.

    Do not call feminists "women" or "female." They are "haremfeminists" who should be treated equally as males in all things. "Gender" is meaningless since Oberforge v. Hodges which declared mental illnesses to be normal if part of one's "heart of liberty." They want equality--give it to them. No engagement rings, which are the worst sexism ever for centuries. No traditional special considerations as for real women who know and love transcendence. No door openings. No soft ball pitching. No holding back after they hit you--treat them like the "men" they want to be. Always compete and do what you would do if they were men. Otherwise, in their supreme selfishness, they will walk all over you like you are an idiot.