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October 13, 2022

The trial of Steele “dossier” primary sub-source Igor Danchenko got off to a quiet start this week. Jury selection took place on Monday in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia, followed by opening remarks. But as of Tuesday, there’s already quite a stunning-but-not-surprising revelation: That in October 2016, the FBI offered Christopher Steele, author of the dossier, a cool $1 million if he could corroborate its salacious claims. Needless to say, he couldn’t, so they got to keep the money but used the dossier, anyway.

FBI supervisory analyst Brian Auten, under questioning by Special Counsel John Durham himself, testified Tuesday that Steele never got the money because he could not “prove the allegations.” In fact, Steele gave them nothing in the way of corroboration, not even the names of his sources.

Recall that Danchenko even TOLD them it was only bar talk, guys just shooting the breeze, nothing verified at all. From that and from this new Steele information, we may safely surmise that the FBI absolutely knew the dossier was worthless when they played it up as “Crown material,” golden intelligence from the Brits.

Former deputy Assistant Attorney General John Yoo observed on FOX NEWS late Tuesday that even though Igor Danchenko is the defendant, “it’s almost as if the FBI itself is on trial.” Our hope has long been that Durham had that in mind all along, knowing the ‘justice’ system, at least as it was going to play out in a DC courtroom, was not going to be his friend. He might not get convictions, but at least he might convict the FBI in the court of public opinion.

In Yoo’s words, “The FBI...took that information, believed it [editorial aside: well, that’s debatable], didn’t double-check it, and then used it to go to a FISA court to use the awesome powers of the intelligence community and the FBI and the ‘Justice’ Department to surveil Donald Trump’s campaign. That crossed a red line that had been in place since Watergate, that the intelligence agencies were not to use their awesome powers to interfere in presidential elections.”

The prosecution’s opening statement did maintain the assumption that the FBI had been duped about the validity of the dossier. As Margot Cleveland has said, this narrative doesn’t seem consistent with what we learned in September: that even after the FBI knew Danchenko had lied, they made him a paid confidential human source. Cleveland believes Durham's implication that liars fooled the FBI undermines his case. In some ways, he seems to be putting the FBI on trial, but in this one respect, he’s letting them off the hook. What gives?


In other DOJ news, the Biden ‘Justice’ Department has urged the Supreme Court to reject President Trump’s emergency appeal to allow the special master to review about 100 purportedly “classified” documents taken from Mar-A-Lago by the FBI, as Judge Aileen Cannon originally ruled he should. Trump had argued that some of those documents might have been his personal material, and also that the special master needed to review materials with classified markings to see if they should still be considered classified.

Judge Cannon’s ruling was overturned unanimously by a three-judge panel –- two of which were Trump appointees –- from the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta, and the Supreme Court might hesitate to get involved, though we wish they would. As it stands now, the prosecutors get to go through all the “classified” documents on their own without letting the special master or even Trump and/or his legal team see them. That just doesn’t seem right.

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  • Ed Thompson

    10/17/2022 07:30 AM

    Here’s a lie— “I own the Brooklyn Bridge “— offer me a million dollars to prove it and I will never collect a cent of that. But when did the FBI start offering up money for evidence about anything before doing an in-depth investigation of what they are trying to uncover that would show they are going down the right path to begin with? This entire episode of Russia Russia Russia had enough holes in its story to be a failure of a screen door, letting in every bug and bloodsucking fly’n insect in the neighborhood. The total lack of self restraint on the heads of the company in their zealous political ideology to advance their own political agenda over using common sense to do an intensive examination of everything before jumping at the chance to take down our President using extremely flimsy and obviously manufactured evidence shows just how political ideology has been taking over the jobs at the top of this proud institution, replacing completely the reason why they exist in the first place. They have allowed themselves to be an arm of a political body and used to terrorize anyone who opposes those peoples agendas. Not what they were ever made for. Sad that they have embarrassed themselves with poor leadership when there are so many agents who go to work every day and try to do the job as it should be done. Poor leadership leads to poor results from everyone. We need the FBI. We need them to get back to the way they were before going political. This has to happen.

  • Eddie Byrn

    10/17/2022 01:42 AM

    I see this whole thing as a charade, made up as they go, to nail Trump to the wall. The whole show is to try and get rid of Trump politically speaking and maybe otherwise to boot. The FBI has lost all credibility as an objective investigative organization. The DOJ is not significantly different. An end result is more divisiveness in the country which is one of the objectives.

  • Doris S Burgess

    10/16/2022 05:38 PM

    When are the criminals--yes criminals within the FBI get convicted and GO TO JAIL? They deliberately took the dossier which they KNEW was false to the Fisa Court to spy on Donald Trump and his associates. I want to know who is paying them? Why did they do what they did--to bring down an innocent man. And now how the FBI can use drastic measures to attack Christians who oppose abortion non-violently but totally ignore other groups who violently attack pro life locations. The FBI is now so corrupt--they are a disgrace! If the Republicans get in power they need to completely purge those agents who are doing this and get rid of those people in the DOJ who are behind this.

  • Skip Milam

    10/16/2022 02:17 PM

    Thank you Mike for all the time and effort you and your team put into putting together this news commentary. It’s so hard to find a news source that can be trusted to tell the truth in today’s turbulent world. I look forward to finding your email each day. Thanks again! PS. I also LOVE the humor you bring along with the information. And good laugh is priceless. Also, your sarcasm is rightly deserved by the wackos out there.

  • Rhonda Fulghum

    10/16/2022 11:30 AM

    I fail to see the purpose of appointing a Special Master and then preventing that person from the document review. Sounds akin to the J6 Kangaroo Kourt methods of operation. You can watch but not participate in case we need to cheat.