July 17, 2018

Sen. Rand Paul is one of the few Republicans in Washington defending President Trump against the avalanche of criticism for being too nice to Vladimir Putin.  Paul says the over-the-top “treason” and “impeachment” talk is just the rantings of pro-war critics who have been persistently opposed to Trump anyway, and that “it’s gotten so ridiculous that someone has to stand up and say we should try to engage even our adversaries and open up our lines of communication.”  Paul had previously downplayed the outrage over Russian meddling in the US elections by noting that the US meddles in Russia’s and other nations’ elections, and it’s being going on for years with the media not caring until Trump won. 

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I think maybe it’s hard for some of us to get carried away by all the harrumphing because we’ve lived too long and seen too much.  We’re expected to get up in arms over Trump being conciliatory to Putin after living through eight years of Obama letting him do whatever he wanted and the media barely saying a word.  We’ve lived through half a century of leftists apologizing for Russia (Bernie Sanders honeymooned in the USSR, for gosh sakes), demonizing Republicans for wanting to fight instead of engage our enemies, slamming the CIA for its alleged sneaky colonialism and for “lying us into war in Iraq” with bad intelligence about Saddam's WMDs and attacking the FBI for any number of things, even mocking its longtime leader J. Edgar Hoover as a transvestite (which if true, would today make his critics irredeemably politically incorrect.)  Now, all of a sudden, they’re yelling that it’s “treason” to disparage our intelligence agencies and engage with Russia?  That’s funny, when they did it, it was “patriotism.”    

For all the Democrats going berserk over Trump being too nice to Putin, consider this: Maybe Trump had no choice because, when they were behind closed doors, Putin pressed that “Reset” button Hillary gave him. 


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  • Phyllis Leatherman

    07/18/2018 12:34 PM

    Thank you so-o much for your valuable comments. The true information that you give is so much appreciated in today's wild media. It's hard to read what is true anymore.

  • Victoria Mirimanian

    07/18/2018 08:27 AM

    There's nothing better that I could add to Rand's comments except to say he is a man who consistently thinks for himself. Where is that in Washington? I have always been a Republican because I believe in their platform and at the present time it's the only way to get things done is through the two party system. I actually hate that! It is obvious that most of the repubs aren't any different than the dems. My God! We couldn't even get Obama Care repealed!!! With a majority for heaven's sake!! I have young adult grandchildren and we all better wake up! They want no part in either party because they see them as the same! Trump goes against all of that. I've gotten to where when the media goes crazy then that's what I'm for. So far, it's proven to be right on the money!

  • jessie graham

    07/17/2018 09:24 PM

    The media and the liberals will not stop until the US is no longer a world power. I keep looking back to the fall of Rome!

  • Ira Harris

    07/17/2018 06:08 PM

    Way to stand up Rand! The recent hysterical rantings of the Press, spawned if not echoed by the Democrats (and amazingly some of the swamp Republicans or others who simply do not like Trump's go it alone attitude or stubbornness with regard to his campaign promises) are outrageous! Memories are short. Positions are flip flopping all around us, yet few take the time to notice the hypocrisy. Few remember that Obama (thinking he was off the record) told Mr. Putin that he would do something different after the election: where was the outrage then? Reality is that the USA has meddled in elections itself; others were likely meddling in 2016 (not just Russia); yet there is no evidence of the meddling being successful. Hillary spent many millions more than Trump on her message; yet we are to believe that the Russian's had a more effective means of changing the voter's mind. If that was the case why didn't they sabotage Hillary in favor of Bernie, as he would have been much easier on Russia than Trump.

  • Dossie Harris

    07/17/2018 04:23 PM

    How can you ever resolve anything unless the parties are cordial to each other. You can’t resolve anything by being hostile.

  • Diane Hardesty

    07/17/2018 02:42 PM

    Rand Paul says it like it is. If you are a Republican everything is changed and different. He is right, especially after the kid glove treatment the news media gave Obama for his eight years of destruction he did to our great country.

  • Dot Whitley

    07/17/2018 02:38 PM

    He should be nice to Putin. We need friends far more than we need another enemy. I'm sick of wars, and liberal politicians who don't mind sending our men to other countries to give their lives, so liberals can make a living.