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May 4, 2022

Good evening!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff!

Tonight's newsletter includes: 

  • Sinema steps in
  • Controversial image
  • Latine
  • And more…


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Sinema steps in

If you recall, my first comment on hearing Sen. Bernie Sanders call for killing the filibuster to jam a national pro-abortion law down Americans’ throats was “Good luck getting that past Joe Manchin.” Well, Bernie's kamikaze attempt to evade the SCOTUS is already dead, and not just courtesy of Manchin, but Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, too.

Sinema is an abortion rights supporter, but unlike some of her colleagues, she’s not an idiot. She realizes how crazy it would be to destroy the minority’s leverage in the Senate over one issue when the Dems are likely poised to become the minority in less than a year. Socialists like Bernie have never been famous for their ability to foresee longterm consequences, but her Party is lucky that Sen. Sinema can. Of course, that won’t stop them from telling her they hate her, like a bratty kid screaming at his mom because she wouldn’t let him jump off the roof for a YouTube video.


Latinos and Latinas both hate “Latinx,” the awkward gender-neutral collective term that the woke crowd tried to hang on them. So they’re back with another lame attempt to make the language more PC. This time, they’re pushing the made-up term, “Latine.” It's like "Latin," only with an "e" for no apparent reason.

I’m sure Latinos will love being called by a name that’s just one “r” away from “Latrine.”

2000 Mules 

Wayne Allen Root is such a suspicious sort that he believes the timing of that Supreme Court leak might have had something to do with blocking the revelations about 2020 vote fraud in the new documentary “2000 Mules” from being covered by the media. As if they’d cover that anyway!

We, however, will continue to remind people that there’s another theater showing of the film today. It’s encouraging to see how many screenings are already sold out, but fear not: its streaming debut is on Saturday. You can find out more at

Controversial image

This is a link to a photo of a rich, privileged white woman flashing the “white power” sign as a masked, black servant bows down before her to straighten the train of her gown. This may trigger you in any number of ways.

The "Party of Science"

Democrats knew that President Biden’s uncontrolled mouth would be a problem for them, and he just destroyed a half-century’s worth of abortion propaganda by saying out loud that Roe v. Wade is about who gets to make the judgement to “abort a child.”

So he finally recognized that a baby in the womb is a child! Maybe next, he’ll be struck with the realization that a man in a woman’s swimsuit is still a man.

Related: A PBS “journalist” expressed sympathy and concern for poor women who might not be able to get abortions and will have “pregnancies that will then turn into children.”

The “party of science,” ladies and gentlemen!

A look at the food processing plant fires

PJ Media took a look at the disturbing series of fires and explosions at American food processing plants and the question of whether there’s something nefarious going on to spark a deliberate food shortage or if it’s just coincidental, caused by things like the pandemic disrupting regular maintenance and creating a shortage of experienced, trained workers.

I’m not qualified to venture an opinion, but I will pass this along. Last weekend, one of my writers spoke to his cousin who’s a retired chief arson investigator for a mid-sized city fire department. She’s still in close contact with her former colleagues nationwide, and she’s very suspicious. She said, “First lesson of fire investigations: Don’t believe in coincidences.” She said these plants are extremely secure with multiple layers of fire protection, because there are so many dangerous chemicals like ammonia that are used for cleaning. She also said she was told that some of the young squirts in one federal office set out to “fact-check and debunk” the conspiracy theories by proving it was nothing unusual, and were shocked to discover there had never been this many such incidents in such a short time.

That’s just, as the media says, “anecdotal,” but I hope there are rigorous investigations going on, and that precautions at all other food processing plants have been greatly beefed up.

The Buck Stops Over There!

Recently, the Democrat-run House held a hearing into why gas is so expensive. I’m sure you could tell them, but you can guess from the hearing’s name where they pointed the finger of blame: “Gouged at the Gas Station: Big Oil and America’s Pain at the Pump.”

Yes, they actually held a hearing to blame oil companies for not finding and producing more oil under the heavy restrictions that President Biden put on oil companies to stop them from finding and producing more oil.

Tip to the Democrats: the answer to why energy is so expensive doesn’t require a hearing. It just requires a seeing, as in, “Look in the mirror.”

May Day

Sunday was May Day, which is celebrated in communist regimes as “International Workers Day,” when the government celebrates the workers it oppresses. That irony is hardly lost on the unfortunate citizens of Cuba, who were forced to “celebrate” their oppressors this past weekend. But despite the risk of speaking out, dissidents are getting bolder, and the “celebration” was dotted with signs and T-shirts bearing the acronym “DPEPDPE.”

I can’t tell you what that stands for here, because the language and message are rather profane. Click this link for a translation and explanation, but I warn you, the language is not for young eyes or ears. But I’m sure you’ll agree with the message.

I Just Wanted to Say:

Thank you for reading the Evening Edition.

For more news of my news coverage, visit my website here.

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Comments 1-10 of 11

  • Christy Crenshaw

    05/05/2022 11:46 AM

    Please check into the baby formula shortage. We are having a terrible time finding formula for my grandson. There is very little on the news about it.
    My research shows there are only 3 manufacturers for baby formula. Isn’t that crazy! We certainly do NOT want any formula from China where they put all kinds of things in their formula.
    We are supposed to be the greatest country in the world but we can’t find formula to feed our babies! It’s outrageous! What in the world is happening in our country?
    All of the shortages are crazy. Everything doesn’t have to come in on a ship. What about all the airplanes? I’m sick of stupid excuses. Does the government think everyone is stupid?
    Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you,
    Christy Crenshaw

  • Dan K

    05/05/2022 11:23 AM

    I was told that gas is one of the products we get from drilling for oil. Many plastics are made from oil and the prices of many of them will ALSO go up with less drilling. Think of everything that you buy that utilizes oil in some form. Oil wells and pipelines are a lot more natural than all the mines that will have to be dug to utilize the metals needed for all the green products like batteries and windmill blades.

  • stephen russell

    05/05/2022 10:02 AM

    Just read on BPR about how LE was ready on 2-22 + for Roe V Wade issue
    Leak had to be planned
    Why place LE on alert since 2-22?

  • Jerry

    05/05/2022 08:50 AM

    Bidens collection of Fools are not pro America they are Anti American Everyone of this collection have been asleep for 15 months collecting payment to ignore the duties of each office powell constant neglect of Fed's rates has been a problem while sleeping on the job again when Trump was President Trump had wake this fool up almost everyday to his job causing problems then. I know all of the Fools are by design the Democratic Party has been a disaster for decades ask urban dwellers why they are in the state of despair it's the Democrat's policies Stupid, and thanks to the Democrats the people are less likely to read and live in a nice home and have bank accounts that allow a degree of personal financial security thus causing a life that includes having to convert to criminal activity its been a vicious cycle for urban dwellers and that is what Democrats thrive on now the Dems want to call success of MAGA people extremists go figure. Let the Dems hold up three fingers while their last gasps for a life saver goes unanswered America will become MAGA and again.

  • Jerry

    05/05/2022 07:47 AM

    Could the msm focus on America’s problems I still have fill my gas tank I still have to get to the grocery stores my property taxes are due in 10 days and I don’t give an Adam shitff if Biden thinks I am a maga extremists or a deplorable abortion does not belong in government hands let the people make the decision let them follow Jesus or satin get rid of Biden and his collection of satin followers I prefer peace over hate

  • Carmen Price

    05/04/2022 10:21 PM

    Governor Huckabee:

    Sorry, Hillary's dress may have cost more then I spend on clothes in many years, but it made her look fat and looked like a lampshade! My 2 cents.
    Carmen Price
    At least Manchin and Sinema are smart

  • Darrell Parks

    05/04/2022 10:14 PM

    These women keep flashing signs that say KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY BODY. If they need an abortion or think they should have one, then evidently some man had his hands on her body.

  • Joe Healy

    05/04/2022 09:35 PM

    How about just calling Latino's Americans!

  • Gary Stilwell

    05/04/2022 08:51 PM

    RE: leaked SCOTUS memo-----The US Constitution does NOT guaranty the rights of someone killing/destroying/murdering/or otherwise physically harming another human being--Women's rights certainly do not include this.--the argument IS NOT about women's rights as to what they do to their bodies -- they are allowed to do whatever--they can commit suicide if they want--what they CANNOT do is harm another human being, be it intentional or accidental--they still bear the responsibility for the act-- this whole left narrative is so far off base it is laughable--you cause harm to another human--you pay the price, period.--The issue here is "what is defined as a viable Human"?--Is it a fetus that is "viable at the first trimester" or is it a baby that has already been "born"------I will tell you this--a delivered baby is a human--the mother, and any attorneys helping her out to terminate that life, need to be terminated themselves--in the exact same fashion as they allowed the infant's termination

  • Kent

    05/04/2022 08:45 PM

    The phrase OK dates back to 1839 and a newsman's offhand comment that it stood for "olle korrect" a slang term for "all correct" common in the day, similar to our use of LOL today. What's fascinating is that Martin Van Buren, 8th president of the US & one of the founders of the Democratic Party, was also known by the nickname Old Kinderhook. He used that symbol and slogan in his re-election campaign in 1840, to combat the “Tippecanoe and Tyler Too” used by William Henry Harrison. So if it's a White Supremacist symbol, ad it originated with the Democrats . . ..