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September 15, 2022

Tuesday, this year’s final primary elections were held in New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Delaware. At this writing, some of the races are still being counted, but here is a page for continually updated results from New Hampshire and Rhode Island.

And continually-updated primary election news:

In Delaware, Ashley Kalus won the GOP nomination for Governor. Turnout was extremely low in Democratic races, which may spell bad news for long-serving Democrats being challenged by far-left “progressives.” It’s not clear whether voters just want new blood, or the base really has become that far left, or maybe more mainstream voters just didn’t turn out because they thought the incumbents were safe and now they’ll be stuck with socialist radicals, like AOC’s constituents. Here’s more about what’s going on in the state that gifted us with Joe Biden.

Two of the most-watched races were in New Hampshire. State Senate President Chuck Morse conceded to retired Army Gen. Don Bolduc for the Republican Senate nomination. Bolduc is being painted by the media as a right-wing extremist who questions the integrity of the 2020 election and wants to defund the FBI and the Education Department. In other words, a typical mainstream American.

America-First candidate Karoline Leavitt won the GOP nomination for New Hampshire’s 1st House District, despite heavy backing for her top opponent, Matt Mowers, by the GOP Establishment. Both she and Mowers worked in the Trump Administration, so Trump remained neutral in this race. Leavitt is 25, and if she wins, will become the youngest woman ever elected to Congress.

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