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February 7, 2021

Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee recently introduced the Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act, the Democrats’ most radical assault yet on the Second Amendment, and that’s really saying something considering what they've proposed in the past.

The bill would not only create extremely burdensome licensing and other restrictions on all buyers or sellers of guns or ammunition, it would also create a nationwide gun registry that would gather tons of personal information on every gun owner that would be ripe for hacking and abuse. Most outrageous of all, it would mandate that gun buyers or sellers undergo a psychiatric exam and that a licensed psychologist interview the person’s spouse, ex-spouse, family members and associates to determine the “mental, emotional, and relational stability of the individual in relation to firearms.”

Let’s hope that there are enough reasonable Democrats – or that the Senate filibuster remains safe – or that the Supreme Court doesn’t get stacked with leftists – to insure this Orwellian nightmare never sees the light of day.

But if we’re going to start demanding psychiatric exams before people exercise their Constitutional rights, then how about one for anybody who’d vote to reelect Sheila Jackson Lee? Or one to determine the mental and emotional stability of leftist politicians before they’re allowed to exercise their First Amendment rights and talk in public?


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