December 21, 2019

Starting Monday, my staffers and I will be taking a much-needed Christmas week break from the news.  But fear not: like Santa’s toys, the Huckabee newsletter will continue to be delivered all over the world!

Back when I was doing the “Huckabee Report” radio show and had just written my book, “A Simple Christmas,” I asked listeners to share their favorite holiday memories. We received so many incredible stories, from the hilarious to the miraculous, that it became a holiday tradition.  This year, I’ve gathered a selection of some of my favorite stories that remind of us of the true meaning of Christmas. Some you may have heard before, and others are being shared here for the first time, but I’m sure you’ll love them all.

Of course, if anything happens that’s so important, it’s worth me stopping playing with my grandchildren to write about it, I will (but don’t count on that!)  Give yourself a break, too: just tune out the noise, politics and divisiveness and enjoy this happy season. 

And if you have a treasured family Christmas story you’d like to share in the comments, I’d love to read it.  Please be advised though (here comes the legal boilerplate) that by doing so, you grant us the right to share your story with others in the future in various media.  For instance, if you have a great story like the ones I’m sharing this year, I might lift it out of the comments and share it with everyone next year. 

Thank you for your support of this newsletter and my website and TV show in 2019.  I hope you’ll enjoy next week’s special Christmas editions, and have a blessed and Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year!  


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  • Debbie Ralon

    12/22/2019 11:52 PM

    Question: would like to get tickets to a future show - spring 2020. Would they be available yet?
    Thank you.