June 27, 2017

Finally, there is a general sense abroad in the land that Americans, even many Democrats, are bone-tired of the anti-Russia hysteria, the “resistance” to the honest election results, the undermining of the legally-elected President, the violent rhetoric and now actual assaults on Republicans, and the endless investigations of investigations of nothing in particular. Democratic leaders are reportedly urging party members to dial back the over-the-top Russia talk after the Georgia special election became the Dems’ fourth decisive loss in a row since they tried to blame Hillary’s loss on a Russian conspiracy.

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A new poll by that notorious right-leaning source, Harvard, confirms that Americans’ patience with political grandstanding, conspiracies and obstructionism is now as thin as a fashion model’s sandwich. It found that 56% of Americans want Congress and the media to focus on other things; unimportant little side issues like terrorism, the economy, health care, national security and jobs. Sixty-four percent think the Russia probes are damaging the nation, while 73% think they’re distracting Congress from more important business. Most Americans think that even if Trump or his staffers did do something inappropriate, it doesn't rise to the level of an impeachable offense. And 62% believe there is currently no hard evidence to support the whole Russian collusion conspiracy.

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Of course, that last number could change. If all Americans would pay attention only to legitimate news sources and listen to the top intelligence officials and Congress members who have actually seen what the investigators of the “Russian collusion” tale have seen, then that 62% who think it’s just unsupported bull droppings could well be up to 100% by August.

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  • Freeedomfriend

    06/27/2017 05:02 PM

    They are not "liberals". They are not "progressives". They are Leftists.