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August 14, 2023

Sadly, there are a number of blue cities plagued by crime, homelessness, filth, poverty, drugs and other symptoms of generations of Democrat rule, and voters have yet to connect the dots between (1.) “Horrendous living conditions” and (2.) “How we vote.” But in the competition to illustrate just how bad letting the left run things can get, San Francisco is finding some creative new ways to pull ahead of Chicago and Portland.

Nick Arama at reminds us of San Francisco’s many problems that have caused residents and stores to flee, adds two new ones. First, it’s now more lucrative to be a drug dealer than a senior software engineer at Google. The base pay for the Google position is $211,000 a year, while successful drug pushers in the open-air drug trade in the Tenderloin and South of Market neighborhoods are making $350,000+.

In fact, President Biden could cite that as fulfilling a campaign promise. Many of the dealers are Honduran illegal migrants who send so much money back home that it’s fueling a housing boom in parts of Honduras. Biden said he wanted to combat illegal immigration by improving infrastructure in Central America, and his policies are doing just that. Of course, it’s at the expense of the lives of the Americans who are being killed by fentanyl and other deadly drugs, but hey, you’ve gotta break a few eggs to make an omelet.

As if that didn’t provide a big enough flashing neon sign to “STOP ELECTING THESE LEFTIST DISASTERS,” Arama offers this:

Due to all the open drug dealing and violent crime in downtown San Francisco, Health and Human Services is urging federal employees to work from home and not dare to venture into their offices in the…wait for it…Nancy Pelosi Federal Building.

Moral: If you value your life, stay away from Nancy Pelosi! Now if only voters could grasp the larger message behind that.

Related: Los Angeles made a move to challenge San Francisco for the title of Worst-Run Blue City with this story. Shoplifting is so out of control that on Saturday, a gang of between 30 and 50 thieves in hoods ransacked a Nordstrom’s in broad daylight and stripped it of up to $100,000 in merchandise. Alas for them, it’s become almost impossible to make crime in L.A. even worse. The Nordstrom’s flash mob couldn’t top the $300,000 worth of merchandise stolen just last week from the Yves St. Laurent store.

More competition for San Francisco: Seattle just became the new leader for the title of “Blue city the largest percentage of residents want to flee.”

Finally, here’s an article on the frightening wider implications of the spreading plague of crime and how the Democrats’ refusal to deal with it is creating a widespread social rot that’s destroying public safety and the ability to do business (retail theft losses will top $100 billion this year alone, a cost all the rest of us will pay), and is creating entire populations who refuse to be governed. This will inevitably result either in lawless anarchy or extreme counter-measures, neither of which will be peaceful or pretty.

If only someone had foreseen that doing away with the police, emptying the jails and legalizing crime wouldn’t have a positive outcome!

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    08/15/2023 11:41 AM

    what happened to the self defense laws? I guess they no longer are in the law books? I remember when I was in law enforcement and the " Make my day law" of self-defense got enacted in Colorado. back in the 1970's. My advice: Pass that law in California and crime will go lower.