November 25, 2018

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving dinner, and that it wasn’t ruined by relatives’ political diatribes or by some home-from-college sophomore accusing you of “fat-shaming” the turkey by calling it a Butterball.

Here’s President Trump’s Thanksgiving message, in case you were in a turkey coma and missed it:


There’s one thing you might not have realized you should have been thankful for.  I’ll give you a hint: the American Farm Bureau Federation reports that this year, the cost of a traditional Thanksgiving feast for 10 people dropped to only $48.90, the lowest since 2010.  That’s about 22 cents less per person than last year.  That’s significantly cheaper than in 1986, when it was $65.73 in inflation-adjusted dollars.  That’s because farmers, marketers and retailers have become so efficient and productive that food supplies are ample and prices are flat or dropping.  Some of the biggest price declines have been for turkeys, sweet potatoes and milk, which is now an average of only $2.92 a gallon. 

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So aside from giving thanks for farmers and low prices and all that, what is the thing you really should have given thanks for?  Capitalism! 


Capitalism is what makes it possible not only for all the suppliers to have jobs, but for all us consumers to have an ample supply of affordable food. 


If you don’t believe that – if you, say, got a worthless economics degree from some school that teaches you that capitalism is evil and socialism is the only way to help the poor – then I would invite you to head down to Venezuela and try to buy all the fixin’s for a Thanksgiving dinner there.  I should warn you that even if you could locate the food, it’s gonna cost you: this month, inflation hit 830,000%, on its predicted way to 1 million percent.    


Of course, the nature of socialism being what it is – a hothouse for corruption in which the rich get richer by paying off government officials – there are a handful of Venezuelans who could afford to buy a Thanksgiving feast for the entire population.  Like the former national treasurer who just admitted to taking over $1 billion in bribes from a media mogul whose stations went easy on the socialist government.


He’s agreed to forfeit various assets that it seemed suspicious for a “public servant” to own, including 30 watches, 17 horses, 10 cars (including a Bentley, a Mercedes and a Porsche), nine bank accounts, six Florida properties and a partridge in a pear tree. 


Moral: No matter how big your Thanksgiving turkey was, it couldn’t possibly have been a bigger turkey than socialism.



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