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April 29, 2020 |

Tuesday, there was no White House briefing from the Coronavirus Task Force, but President Trump did hold a briefing on a wide range of topics. The full video is here.

He talked about the status of the virus response, but also the Paycheck Protection Program, states reopening, and the bill to protect meat packers to keep them from shutting down and causing food shortages…

He also mentioned the possibility of making airlines test passengers from nations that have heavy COVID-19 caseloads and his opposition to states using the crisis to get bailouts for their own bad policies unrelated to the virus, such as unsustainable public worker pension obligations. Trump suggested that he might be willing to talk to states but would expect reforms in return, like abolishing “sanctuary cities.”

On that subject, Sean Hannity on Fox News put together a montage of media outlets parroting the latest DNC talking point, which is accusing Trump of exploiting the crisis to promote his political agenda. I’m not sure how he’s doing that, unless you believe their narrative that holding daily briefings is tantamount to hosting campaign rallies (I've seen his rallies; reporters don't badger him with dumb questions there), or that nonsense about his name appearing on the printed stimulus checks, which reportedly wasn’t even his idea (it was done by the Treasury Secretary.)

But if you want to talk about exploiting the crisis to promote a political agenda, how about Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats holding up desperately-needed aid to unemployed Americans and struggling small business owners while they tried to insert their wish list into the bill? Or Pelosi’s boast that she’ll force “vote by mail” into any future relief bill? Or the issue Trump was talking about, of blue states trying to stick taxpayers with the cost of bailing out their longstanding mismanagement under the guise of coronavirus relief? Now, that’s exploiting a health crisis to promote a political agenda.

This is why it’s often said in Republican circles that if you want to know what the Democrats are really doing, just look at what they’re publicly accusing Republicans of doing.

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  • Christine Meyer

    04/30/2020 12:26 PM

    We have had enough of Governor Polis in Colorado. It is TIME Americans wake up and realize they must now Stand and Stand Firm upon the Declaration of Independence. There is NO Authority given to any elected official or their agents, that can restrain our God Given Rights. NONE. We have been stripped of the knowledge of our inheritance as Americans. It is time to Rise Up & Stand against these criminal governing bodies. Colorado has its Statement of Noncompliance ready, and we WILL Declare our Sovereignty and Withdraw Consent. They cannot govern without consent!

  • David E Palmer

    04/29/2020 02:58 PM

    For 3 and 1/2 years the GOP has allowed the dems to obstruct this country and this President unchallenged! Unless something has changed that I don't know about, the dems only control 1/2 of 1/3 of the branches of government! They here, are threatening that if you don't let them cheat in the election that they are going to obstruct again! The GOP has allowed them to use the MSM like they are the fourth branch of the government ! The GOP has let them use Me too, Political Correctness, Race, Conniving, Manipulation, lies, slander, and threats against this country and President! The America loving people in America are tired of the GOP doing nothing. All we hear are words and not much of that! The America loving people are kind and patient people, however we are not weak and our patience is limited! According to the constitution, you are suppose to do your job or the American people will have to do it for you!

  • Connie Freeman

    04/29/2020 01:17 PM

    I’m so proud. All the things I was concerned about, our President is fixing, he is on the job, so proud!