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February 4, 2022

Here is how Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau responded on Twitter to the massive protest by truckers against the vaccine mandates and other regulations that are destroying their livelihoods - a protest enjoying broad public support:

“Today in the House, members of Parliament unanimously condemned the antisemitism, Islamophobia, anti-Black racism, homophobia and transphobia that we’ve seen on display in Ottawa over the past number of days. Together, let’s keep working to make Canada more inclusive.”

Wow, you can tell how desperate he is by the fact that he threw the entire kitchen sink of the left’s white supremacy pejoratives at his critics. Usually, they try to parcel out the groundless accusations, but Trudeau is so panicky that he hurled all his worn-out “isms” to see if any of them would stick.

FYI: they didn’t. In fact, take a look at photos of Canada’s truckers and protesters. You’ll note that they’re unlikely “white supremacists,” since most of them are Sikh immigrants from India.

Also from that article: “The increasing number of protesters prompted police to prepare for the possibility of violence. As of now, no injuries or deaths have been reported.” Yes, that’s what an actual “peaceful protest” looks like. You don’t have to overlook any widespread arson to qualify it as “mostly peaceful.”

The only way Trudeau is making Canada more inclusive is that he's bringing so many people together to support the truckers and reject his vacuous woke nonsense.

The good news is that while Trudeau obviously fails to get the message, others can sense which way the wind is blowing, and it’s blowing away from governments seizing more power and trampling on people’s rights with destructive “health emergency” measures that aren't even helping. The premier of Saskatchewan wrote a letter of support for the truckers and set a target date of this month to end vaccination requirements, saying they’re no longer reducing transmission of the Omicron variant. And Quebec’s premier, surprised by the huge public backlash, dropped his plans to tax the unvaccinated.

And it’s not just in Canada: freedom is breaking out all over as public backlash has grown against harsh COVID restrictions that have done little or nothing to reduce COVID deaths.

Watching Trudeau spew all those empty “isms” and seeing that they no longer intimidate people into silence is one of the best pieces of news that Western civilization has seen in years. If for nothing else, those Canadian truckers have earned a big salute from everyone who cares about freedom of thought and speech, limited government and the rights of the individual.

Finally, some perfect illustrations of what I hope is the last gasp of mindless, unscientific COVID compliance theater by our hypocritical elites, check out this photo courtesy of the Gun Free Zone blog.

It’s a group of professional cheerleaders posing with basketball legend Magic Johnson. The young gymnasts in peak physical condition (a group at lowest risk from COVID) are all wearing masks. The only one not wearing a mask is the rich and famous 62-year-old overweight retiree who's had HIV for 31 years.

Magic also wasn’t wearing a mask in these photos with COVID lockdown fanatics, L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, San Francisco Mayor London Breed and California Gov. Gavin Newsom. But then, neither were any of them.

At least Garcetti had an excuse: he held his breath for two seconds. Take that, virus!

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  • Lois Bowersock

    02/21/2022 01:35 AM

    Mr Huckabee,
    As a former Canadian my family has appealed to me with a May Day message from Ottawa. My cousins who have been respected leaders in the administration of the Toronto Police Department and the Ontario Provincial Police are gravely concerned about the overstep that is being taken with the Canadian people. A message has been released asking other countries to intervene on this aggressive act of tyranny that has been invoked by Justin Trudeau and other members of his parliament, who answer to the World Economic Counsel.
    Over the past few days their have been many atrocious videos of police action being taken in Ottawa, to clear the streets of the peaceful protestors. Largely unsupported by his own police and military. Trudeau has the UN Police fly in back-up support to carry out his mission. The planes arrived in North Bay, Ontario on February 20th. The only violence in Ottawa is the violent action the police are taking towards the people.

    Trudeau has not said one word to the truckers. Not a single word. He has called them every disgusting name possible. Yet he refused to even talk to them. What was their demand? Simply that his mandates regarding COVID be lifted. Countries all over the world have lifted the COVID mandates. Trudeau responds by calling a state of emergency, equivalent to the war measures act on the citizens of Canada.

    Mr. Huckabee, I was born and raised in Canada and I am now an American citizen. It sickens me to see what this tyrant is doing to the country that my father fought for in the Second World War. The Canadian people are asking for help. If we do not do something to stop this NOW we will have a full blown communist country a 4,000 mile border as our Northern neighbor.
    Given this perspective, Canada’s dictator is very much a concern for the USA.

    I am writing you because you say you read what is written. Other politicians I’ve written have responded with form letters so I know they didn’t read what I wrote. I ask you to take my points into serious consideration and to implement whatever action you can.

    Lois Bowersock

  • Lyle Johnston

    02/14/2022 05:40 PM

    As one listener told Mark Levin Friday Night (11th), why don't truckers just park their trucks at home or in the company yards and stay home?

  • Sharon Hyde

    02/14/2022 04:21 PM

    Thank you Gov. Huckabee for your good words about Canada. I am a Christian Canadian and we get such poisonous news here that gets their talking points from CNN, big government and big pharma. Listened to Hank Kunneman on his prophecy in 2017 that God was going to start a movement in Canada and go worldwide, 2nd part came in 2021 that it was a convoy so we know no matter what we are told that the Holy Spirit in involved in this. We have a terrible P>M> and this is not just about mandates but he seems to be a water boy for the Globalists - he said with a smile on his face back in 2020 just as this started - "Never let a crisis go to waste" only heard it once as I suspect that he was told to shut up then but now they are very open about it. Hope your daughter wins the election in Arkansas and thank you again for keeping us in your news and please PRAY - we know God is in control and hasn't fallen off his throne - Blessings Sharon

  • Polly Ashbaugh

    02/14/2022 09:45 AM

    As I understand, that covid vaxxs don't affect the virus' physiology as other vaxxs do, but merely affect a persons response to the virus. The virus potentially spread by an unvaxxed person is no more potent than that of a vaxxed person. The left & MSM have spread so much falesy & used fear-mongering propaganda for so long as to cause mass discrimination against the unvaxxed. Shameful!

  • Tom Qualman

    02/13/2022 06:37 PM

    Joe trudeau is a ??.
    As for covid, it is a bio weapon released by the CCP. It does kill but not everyone. In fact less than 1%. Nevertheless we freaked out about it and shut everything down. The elites love it because it gives them more control. They will not give that up easily.

  • Vernon Doria

    02/13/2022 04:31 PM

    Trudeau is acting like an immature spoiled child. Listen to your citizens and get with the program Trudeau and while you are at it, get a hair cut.

  • Vernon Doria

    02/13/2022 04:29 PM

    Because it took us so long to join the bandwagon, it seems Canadians are more American than Americans. Wake up, people. There are more of us than there are of them. America first. Let's go Brandon.

  • Elizabeth M Wetzig

    02/13/2022 03:39 PM

    What Canadians are just begining to realize is that Trudeau is not interested in their rights as citizens, which are now written into Canadian law. He is part of an Elite that thinks they know best and he has been slowly, power move, by power move, becoming a dictator by using the "deplorables" of Canada, just like Hilary wanted to crush the "deplorables" of the USA to do so. By standing up, the Truckers are revealing the true nature of Trudeau and many of the Canadian leaders who support him.

  • Gail Denham

    02/07/2022 11:25 AM

    For sure, this so-called leader of Canada has a huge problem. I wonder if he'll stay in his basement like biden did.

    Howeve,r I'm so glad that the GOP is setting up law suits against the go-fund-me - talk about criminal!!! That is so bad - I hope no one give to them again.

    However, we would like to know how to REALLy give to those truckers - help them. Do you have any ideas?

    and further - there's a movement here in the U.S. - walking, driving, trucking to Washington? What's that about and how to help them.

    All those other SMART countries seeing the truth and ending mandates - and this woke-bound country still country and Canada can't figure it out. What a crying shame.

    And God help this country, if it's His will - God may just give up on this country - I pray not, but...

    Respectfully - Gail & Dan Denham
    P.S. - esp. we'd like to donate directly to the truckers - for gas, food, clean clothes, help.

  • Martha Cherise Miller

    02/06/2022 09:49 PM

    Maybe Trudeau is throwing out all the "isms" because he's afraid one of those truckers will run over him??? After all, those trucks are much larger than Trudeau.