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November 4, 2022

Welcome to the last weekend before (I hope and pray) the red wave washes away America’s terrible mistake of entrusting full power to today’s loony-bin Democratic Party.

Democrats hoping for a last-minute miracle of a big turnout from minorities to save them are discovering that that life preserver is made of cement. This election could mark a historic shift in which big minority turnout does not benefit the Democrats, because Party leaders have radically misread what those voters want.

Case in point: Black voters don’t want to live in crime-ridden neighborhoods where people are afraid to leave their homes and there’s no police protection. The Dems let the criminals out of jail, slashed police budgets, and thought Blacks would thank them for it. But they’re the biggest victims of crime and gangs in blue cities like Chicago and Philadelphia. Just a week before the election, as Democrats are frantically urging blacks to vote, a poll came out showing that over 80% of them want as many police in their neighborhoods as there are now, or more. Only 19% want fewer police officers around.

Here’s more from Greenberg Research about how far more Americans are worried about the Democrats being in power and letting crime, homelessness and the open border be out of control than about Republicans being in power and restricting abortion rights.

One of the good things about Democrats not listening to me is that for years, I’ve been saying that most Hispanic-Americans are hard-working, patriotic, family-oriented and religious, and would be much more at home in the GOP. The immigrants usually appreciate the greatness of America more than native-born Americans do because they’ve lived under the horrendous socialist systems that ignorant leftists want to impose. They came here to try to achieve the American Dream that today’s leftists contemptuously claim doesn’t exist. 

The Democrats insisted on treating them as if they were just another victim-oriented racial identity group that would fall in lockstep with crazy leftist ideas as long as they called them the condescending PC name “Latinx,” which the vast majority hate.

But it turns out most Hispanic-Americans are not on board with destroying capitalism, crushing free speech, letting criminals out of jail and pushing radical gay and trans agendas in schools. They’re switching to the GOP in record numbers, so much so that Democrats have been reduced to calling them “white supremacists” because sure, that’ll bring them back.

And with the election just five days away, they’re learning that they’ve also driven away another voting bloc: Muslims. Traditionally solid blue Dearborn County, Michigan, is home to one of America’s largest Muslim populations that’s voted Democrat for decades. But Muslim parents there are appalled by the Democrats’ hard push for unlimited abortion, gay porn in schools, and forcing parents to let their kids be drugged and surgically mutilated in the name of “trans rights,” and they’re turning Republican in droves.

In fact, it was a Muslim resident who told Republican gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon that he had switched to the GOP, a claim that former comedian Stephen Colbert mocked as a lie until the man came forward and confirmed it. Luckily for him, with the “jokes” he tells every night, Colbert is immune to embarrassment.

Add it all up, and the Democrats are suddenly realizing they made a huge mistake common to bad comedians: they misread the room. No wonder they’re bombing.


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