July 19, 2017

I told you about an on-campus reporter who discovered that many DC-area college students couldn’t define what socialism is, but they think it would be great for America. They’ve been brainwashed by their leftist teachers into thinking socialism is a benevolent system that helps spread the wealth more fairly, and it’s just gotten a “bad rap.”

Whenever anyone tries to tell such deluded naifs what socialism inevitably leads to in places like Venezuela – starvation, shortages of basic necessities such as toilet paper, violent oppression of the populace, a collapsing economy, corrupt leaders who enrich themselves with billions in secret bank accounts as they reward their wealthy supporters by crushing any upstart competitors – they usually respond that that’s not really socialism, or that the wrong people were just in charge (as they always seem to be, what with absolute power corrupting absolutely and all).

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If young “progressives” refuse to look at the suffering of people under socialism, then as much as I hate to do this, because this story is sickening and heartbreaking, maybe it will open their eyes to see what socialism has done to the poor animals in the Caracas, Venezuela, zoo. This is what it does to everyone and everything it touches. Unless, of course, you’re in power or well-connected to power – if that’s your idea of “fairness.”


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  • Maggie Cooper

    07/20/2017 12:43 PM

    Socialism sounds good in theory, but will never work because of human nature.