September 2, 2021


Our original story "Were U.S. working dogs left behind? Depends on who you ask,"  included a link to the Defense Department's denial of claims that any military service dogs were left behind, but Lead Stories now has more details to confirm that.

You may read the story, along with the update above here

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    09/03/2021 12:52 AM

    I feel that all the people in the whithouse making of troop removel should be tossed out. So many A-- kisser that influence JOE need to go. I can not understand how any military person can be lead by a bunch of baboons. This is being said as nice as I can, GET THEM ALL OUT.

  • Red Green

    09/02/2021 05:28 PM

    The biden cartel, and those who pull his strings, thought nothing of leaving American citizens and our Afgan allies behind. Why wouldn't they leave the animals?
    As they have lied about everything else for the passed 5 years +, why would this tragedy be any different?? The media will read their script, call it truthful journalism, and the useful idiots will eat it up!