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June 30, 2021

The International Institute for Strategic Studies just completed a two-year assessment of the cybercapabilities of 15 nations, and they believe that China has been exaggerating its power and is at least a decade behind the US.

The study ranked nations in three tiers, and the US was the only one that ranked in the top tier with “world-leading strength” in all categories. The second tier of nations with world-leading strength in some categories included China, Australia, Canada, France, Israel, Russia and the UK. The third tier of nations had strengths or potential strengths in some categories but significant weaknesses in others. It included India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Malaysia, North Korea and Vietnam. For more details of those categories and which strengths and weaknesses different nations had, click the link above.

The study warned that since the early 2000s, China has been engaging in “industrial-scale espionage” to acquire cyber technology and is likely to catch up to the US by 2030. So this report offers no reasons to get complacent and every reason to shore up our cyber defenses and not trust China. We also have no reason to get complacent about the non-cyber capabilities of China when it’s engaged in an aggressive military build-up while our military leaders seem more concerned with promoting transgender rights, driving patriotic conservatives (who are traditionally the backbone of the military) out of the ranks, and planning how to defend America from its #1 threat: straight, white Trump voters.

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  • Judith M Seckel

    07/18/2021 01:14 AM

    If the USA is supposed to be the top in the field of cyber warfare, why are we being hacked since before 2016?

  • Helen Mordente

    07/09/2021 06:07 AM

    Interesting- makes it even more intriguing as to how China managed to hack the 2020 presidential election.

  • Roberta Pliscott

    07/08/2021 07:11 PM

    Rev 13:1-2 says the dragon will give the 7-headed beast his power, throne and authority. China's national animal is the dragon. Isn't it interesting to think about that and then remember that a microscopic virus originated from one of their labs in one of their cities and became such a fearful monster that health dictators were able to rise up and become so powerful that they could take away our freedom and control our lives?

  • Linda Wentz

    07/08/2021 07:06 PM

    China cannot be trusted. ASIA has been a problem since the early days of the Bible as I recall and with their non-christian beliefs, who's to stop them.

  • Roger Siggs

    07/08/2021 06:49 PM

    IF, IF this is true than we've been duped yet again. Need to verify "3 ways to China" and then monitor the heck out of them...... with this administration I don't trust anyone (beyond my neighbors) in this world. Just hoping that their are members of our Armed Forces/ civilian security companions that are putting the countries security above the "woke"/PC c***.

  • Jo Cluck

    07/08/2021 06:45 PM

    Concern for anything and everything that China is involved in, needs to be carefully watched. What ever happened to the Chinese valet (guess that was his position) that worked for Diane Feinstein and her husband. They are still piling in the money. Same with Mr. Swallonie full of baloney - his girlfriend was seen exiting a taxi at a DC hotel and lo and behold...another taxi within minutes and guess who was in that one!! Thank goodness for spies!!! Pray you and your loved ones are enjoying a great vacation. God bless.

  • Susan Schmitt

    07/08/2021 06:07 PM

    Since China manufacturers everything "electronic", I would say there's a pretty good chance that they have figured out how to use it to there advantage. I had no idea how difficult it is to buy electronics that aren't made in China, or at least some of the components required. This has gone on for years, so why is he just now figuring it out.
    I think many have their heads in the sand. Where do people think we get money for the "National Debt"? All China has to do is call in the loan and they own our whole country!
    I pray that God will help us through this, as He has many times in the past.
    We all need to trust and ask God for help.
    Thank you

  • Daniel vogt

    07/08/2021 05:00 PM

    I just wish that somebody would listen to me or something I spent more than 50 years in the government services in a dark times I mean I work for President Reagan and all the other people underground bases when you made the space tear down this wall and that’s when I told him I could get them to terret down and then he said why and I said there’s a bomb underneath the print mine blowing to hell and back because we planted it there along time ago telephone number every time they listened and they took down the wall and listen to us until later on but as president tomorrow I know but it forgot about the telephone number we also have telephone numbers under under China But I’m a try to tell people about this I sent a talker I sent them hiding I said everybody trying to think I’m nuts I’m not but I’m not nuts so I’m sending you to a calm calm it to somebody to go with her to Mr. Trump for President Trump to let him know that it’s there and then we could control everybody if we knew they were there and how to get them control of everybody in the world and I’m not lying I don’t have to lie I’m 75 years old and I’m ready to die I have prostate cancer and I’m just about done so when I die nobody will ever know about those farms are hard to set them off but But they may set them selves off of the biggest bombs that the world has ever made and underneath Moscow Singh Chão and places like that are all over the world hey so we thought we was going to live or die please say graduates that I’m off and end of the world to the end that it was worry about it was I trying to keep peace in the world so we live together in peace now people forgot they forget forget they forgot they forgot and we have a dip shit president that I want to tell anything to him because he’s brainless totally brainless so I’m asking i’m asking you to see if you can hear the President Trump talk to me and let me explain to what I got and God bless you and all your help that you’ve grown to keep us safe and so forth OK thank you


    07/08/2021 04:27 PM

    Forgive me if I take the International Institute of Strategic Studies with some skepticism but I don't believe we have a lock on cybercapabilities, Asians have been at the forefront of this subject for a number of years although I don't doubt our capabilities. Just saying!
    It is really a shame when I think about our military that really turned around during the Trump era. It make me sick to my stomach to see what's in charge and the policies being instituted. SAD!

  • Randall C. Rose

    07/08/2021 03:30 PM

    May the Lord bless you and your family Governor Huckabee. Keep up the good work; stay the course; fight the good fight. Make another primary run if you feel like you should be in the 2024 race.