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January 29, 2021

If you read this newsletter, you’ll know I haven’t exactly been supportive of President Biden’s first days in office, and his flurry of divisive, job-killing, security-destroying, freedom-crushing, government-bloating, economy-wrecking executive orders (to put it mildly.) But you know I’m a conservative, so of course, I would be opposed (and appalled) at what I’m seeing. That’s to be expected. But what about Americans with no particular political stance, or even those who supported Biden? How are they feeling about their new Prez?

Turns out they’re starting to feel pretty appalled, too. The buyers’ remorse is setting in fast, as they realize what they elected just to end Trump’s “mean tweets.” There’s now evidence that Biden’s executive orders are going over like an incontinent frog in the punchbowl.

Here’s a story about four Congressional Democrats who backed Biden who are reeling over his order to end oil and gas leases on federal land, an order that will reduce US GDP by $700 billion and devastate their states’ economies. They’ve sent him a letter urging him to rescind it. Good luck! Should've thought harder before you filled out your ballots. Or read this newsletter.

If even Congressional Democrats are already starting to feel queasy about Biden in the White House, imagine how average Americans feel. Well, you don’t have to, because the polls are already coming in.

Since taking office, Biden’s approval rating has been consistently dropping in the Rasmussen daily tracking poll, from -2 to -4 to -5 points. This is unusual since Presidents normally start out with a honeymoon period. And while Biden has enjoyed fawning press and a refusal to fact-check even his most stunning claims, Trump came into office with viciously hostile press yet saw his approval rating rise early on from +2 to +13 points. Maybe it’s because Americans saw that his executive orders were actually meant to help America. Or maybe they just finally saw him and realized he didn’t have horns and cloven hooves, the way the press claimed.

So far, the White House response to criticism has been “shut up or else,” but I don’t see that as a winning strategy for the 2022 elections. I would urge Republicans to keep up the criticism, the refusal to be “canceled” and silenced, and the pressure on state and local officials to clean up and retighten election integrity laws. I have a feeling that with polls tanking this fast, if Congressional Democrats realize they’ll be facing fair and honest reelection campaigns in 2022, they might become almost as big an obstacle to Biden’s destructive agenda as the Republicans are.


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