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September 17, 2021

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff! 

Today's newsletter includes:

  • Bible Verse of the Day - Matthew 5:3
  • Grand Jury indicts Michael Sussman for providing false information to the FBI
  • Biden Administration blocks the media along the border
  • Sen. Paul wants Milley to testify
  • Politics and the Court
  • Ainsworth Commentary: Yet another close-up look at irrational fear


Mike Huckabee


“Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

Matthew 5:3

Grand Jury indicts Michael Sussman for providing false information to the FBI 

By Mike Huckabee

The report that special prosecutor John Durham was, at long last, going to indict someone in the Russiagate investigation was confirmed Thursday when a grand jury indicted attorney Michael Sussman of the powerful Democratic-linked law firm Perkins Coie. The charge is providing false information to the FBI to smear Donald Trump and then lying by denying that he represented the Hillary Clinton campaign.

The New York Times now admits that Sussman was the source of their fake story about the Trump Organization having a secret web server to communicate privately with Alfa Bank, a Russian bank connected to Vladimir Putin. That story was trumpeted by Hillary Clinton, and naturally, picked up and flogged like crazy by other liberal news outlets that demanded an FBI investigation.

The Conservative Treehouse has a good untangling of this web of lies…

For an even more succinct recap, read Glenn Greenwald’s blunt Twitter thread:

Greenwald calls this “Russiagate in a nutshell”:

“A DNC-linked lawyer, partners with Clinton lawyer Marc Elias, fabricated a Trump/Russia leak, fed it to DNC operatives masquerading as journalists, had Hillary trumpet it, then lied to (the) FBI about who he worked for.” He adds, “Along with the FBI lawyer who previously pled guilty for lying to the FISA court to spy on ex-Trump campaign official Carter Page, it's clear that much of the criminality of Russiagate was not from any Trump/Russia collusion but by those who fabricated this conspiracy theory."

I’ll have more about this story as it develops, but for now, let me just make one observation: for four years, a duly-elected President was relentlessly slandered as a Russian agent by the media until millions of Americans believed it, undermining trust in their own government and in the electoral process. His agenda was hamstrung; innocent people who worked for him were hounded, harassed and bankrupted; and qualified people who might have made great contributions to America were frightened away from public service for fear of being targeted by the FBI.

And all over a story that was a complete lie. A fabrication designed purely for the purposes of ensuring that Hillary Clinton achieved her lifelong dream that she had a divine right to be President, whether the voters agreed or not.

How much expense, damage, division, turmoil, and distrust in government has been inflicted on this nation by one woman’s insatiable ambition and the utter lack of scruples of those around her in achieving her goal? And who do the Democrats blame for “lowering the tone of political discourse” and undermining faith in the electoral system? Why, Trump, of course.

Biden Administration blocks the media along the border

By Mike Huckabee

Sen. Ted Cruz went to Del Rio, Texas, to highlight the massive surge of illegal immigration. Fox News reported that the number of people trying to cross the border doubled from 4,000 to 8,000 in one day. Cruz said when he arrived, there were an estimated 10,503 illegal immigrants gathered under the Del Rio International Bridge.

But don’t worry, the Biden Administration is doing something about this. Fox News reported that “for special security reasons,” the FAA declared a two-week temporary flight restriction over the bridge, so Fox can’t fly its drone cameras overhead and show viewers pictures of the massive crowd of illegal entrants.

And that should stop the coverage, since liberal outlets certainly aren't covering the border crisis.

Problem solved! Well, Biden’s problem. Not America’s.

Sen. Paul wants Milley to testify

By Mike Huckabee

Sen. Rand Paul wants to order Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley to testify before the Senate about allegations that he attempted to usurp President Trump’s military command powers and promised to tell the Chinese if Trump were planning to launch an attack.

And here’s a new wrinkle all the liberal outlets that are hailing Milley as a hero have overlooked: Paul explains how Milley’s (alleged) treasonous meddling might have caused China to misinterpret a satellite launch as an attack and inadvertently started a nuclear war.

Politics and the Court

By Mike Huckabee

All the cries from the left to expand and pack the Supreme Court for not giving them what they want have led to a rare flurry of public responses by members of the Court from across the ideological spectrum. Over the past week, Justices Steven Breyer, Amy Coney Barrett and Clarence Thomas have all spoken up against politicians and the media pressuring the Court to be more political or reading political motives into their decisions.

Liberal Justice Breyer said judges are not “junior league politicians,” while Barrett said the Justices are not “partisan hacks,” and she sometimes doesn’t like the results of her own decisions, but it’s not her job to decide cases based on the outcome she wants. Last night, Justice Thomas voiced agreement to an audience at Notre Dame University.

Since this latest round of “Pack the court” screeching was sparked by the SCOTUS not blocking Texas’ new abortion law, Thomas said the media make it sound as if the Justices always go to their personal preference; for instance, if they’re personally pro-life, they’ll always rule that way and become like a politician. Thomas said, “We have lost the capacity" as leaders "to not allow others to manipulate our institutions when we don't get the outcomes that we like." Because of this politicization, he said, "The court was thought to be the least dangerous branch, and we may have become the most dangerous."

One of the main reasons leftists want to pack the SCOTUS is their fear that Roe v. Wade will be overturned, and for the record, Thomas has called on the Court to do just that. But it’s not because he’s personally pro-life. As he explained in 2007, the Roe v. Wade decision has "no basis in the Constitution." And last year, he said Roe is "grievously wrong for many reasons, but the most fundamental is that its core holding -- that the Constitution protects a woman's right to abort her unborn child -- finds no support in the text of the Fourteenth Amendment. "

It’s ironic that the very people who are accusing conservative Justices of acting politically are actually terrified that a conservative majority would overturn decisions that were based purely on the Justices’ liberal political views.

Ainsworth Commentary: Yet another close-up look at irrational fear

By Laura Ainsworth, Staff Writer

Several days ago, I related a story about my personal experience with someone who exhibited blind, irrational fear of a non-vaccinated person (me), even though the non-vaccinated person had already had COVID-19 and as a result possessed natural immunity that studies increasingly suggest surpasses the protection provided by vaccines.

The reason for telling this story in the first place was to show that we really are living in a time of mass hysteria --- a time when facts don’t much matter because everyone believes he HAS the facts and “the science is settled” –- and that in many cases our fears are being exploited to achieve desired behavior. How does the government get everyone to do what it wants them to do? By scaring them half to death.

We received numerous reader comments, a few of which we highlighted. One we did not include but that I’d like to address now came from a reader named Chris who identifies himself/herself as a “pediatric technician.” Chris is about to become famous as “Exhibit A” in my case that logic flies right out the door when fear climbs in the window. Here’s the letter, with slight editing...


You and the Christian Broadcasting Network are totally immoral and irresponsible. You all claim to be "Pro-Life" and you are all miserable hypocrites in the eyes of the world. You don't follow scripture or read your own revised Bible.

Kids are dying daily by the thousands in America and the Pediatric wards are packed with kids who have COVID. YOU ARE KID - KILLERS AND THAT IS HOW YOU WILL BE REMEMBERED. Infants are dying. Toddlers are dying. Small children are dying. You are not pro-life. You are anti-science and anti-fact. You are ignorant and stupid! You can't fix stupid. Too much inbreeding in your own family.

COVID is preventable by a simple vaccine but because you want money from the Trump base, you keep quiet while many children are being killed by their parents and their miserable stupidity. Pure GREED. This is not your finest moment. Maybe your grandchildren will be waiting on a ventilator soon....possible, because of the stupidity that runs in your family.

By remaining quiet you are executing are kid - murderers and kid - killers. No different than serial killers and rapists but you all claim to speak the "truth" and follow Jesus. What a joke.

You are weak and cowardly and you will be judged on this by the big guy in the sky. BURN IN HELL.

You can take that banjo and Bible of yours and shove it up your a--.


Okay, where to start? Do you sense the terror that has transported this person to Crazy Town? First of all, in his (her?) rage, Chris directed this abuse at “all” of us “miserable hypocrites,” including Gov. Huckabee, when I’m the person who wrote the piece. I guess if anyone is going to be judged by “the big guy in the sky” and “burn in hell,” it is me. Though I’m tempted to say this person is not guilty by reason of insanity, I think he or she or xi owes the Gov. an apology. The individual who wrote this also owes the “Christian Broadcasting Network” --- does he mean Trinity Broadcasting Network? --- an apology. Gov. Huckabee, CBN/TBN, the pro-life movement, Christian believers in general, and the version of the Bible the Gov. prefers to read (I have no idea) have absolutely nothing to do with the commentary on vaccines and virus-fear, which I wrote, would write again, and proudly put my name on.

So, Chris, let’s talk about what has inflamed you so and how much truth there is to it. As you are an irrational person, this analysis will not change your mind at all --- probably just anger you more, if that’s possible --- but there are other, sane readers who might benefit from the discussion. Let’s look at a few things you claimed in your letter:

1. “Children are dying daily by the thousands in America and the pediatric wards are packed with children who have COVID.” This is wildly incorrect. Can you even imagine what it would be like in our country if this were actually happening to our children? The total number of children who have died of COVID-19 in the U.S. since the pandemic began is just over 400. Of course, that’s a terrible tragedy, but it’s not thousands of deaths a day. A Johns Hopkins research team looked at records from 48,000 cases in young people under 18 from April to August of 2020. At that time, they found zero deaths that didn’t involve a serious comorbidity such as leukemia. More here…

So, who fed you that lie about thousands of children dying every day? Someone has an interest in making you believe this. And if you’re really a “pediatric technician,” it stands to reason that you would know it’s false. You certainly haven’t witnessed it on your job, because it isn’t happening.

2. “You are not pro-life. You are anti-science and anti-fact.” Chris, you are stating opinions that are not based in any fact at all. To say Gov. Huckabee is not pro-life is like saying Dr. Kevorkian was not pro-death. And nothing makes a real scientist cringe like the phrase “follow the science.” That is a talking point; you do not understand how science works. Instead of discussing the research, you stoop to crass personal insults.

3. “COVID is preventable by a simple vaccine but because you want money from the Trump base, you keep quiet while many children are being killed...” Chris, the vaccine can provide a lot of protection and lessen the severity of symptoms but it does not PREVENT infection. Gov. Huckabee has said numerous times that he personally has been vaccinated, and he advises everyone to seek their doctor's advice. He would never tell someone not to get vaccinated, and neither would I.

Again, though every death from this virus is tragic, it’s not true that “many children are being killed.” This is true though vaccines weren’t even approved for children until very recently, and then only for kids 12 and older.

Ah, and we see from your reference to “the Trump base” that it really does come down to politics. Chris, this has nothing whatsoever to do with Trump or his base. You are off-base. But I would say the current administration has worked hard to make you believe it does, so that you'll associate your fear with Trump, and they have succeeded.

4. “Maybe your grandchildren will be waiting on a ventilator soon.” Chris, I can tell from this remark that you are one of those compassionate liberals I’ve heard so much about.

Finally, what was that banjo remark? The Gov. plays bass. Facts matter!

Chris, your letter is so out-there that at first I thought it might even be an attempt at satire. Satire is very challenging to do well –- and even to recognize in this age when real stories can be as crazy as made-up ones. If you were just impersonating a crazy person, you succeeded. Be well.

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    09/18/2021 10:44 AM

    This Chris person needs some help-mental and spiritual.A good dose of the Holy Ghost will make him/her see what a REAL hypocrite looks like.And speaking of killing kids,Chris,what's your stand on abortion??

  • Michael A Kamrath

    09/17/2021 11:35 PM


    The border patrol took Fox journalists up in their OWN helicopter after the FAA refused them to fly their drone. Good coverage from up there. Thanks, FAA! The picture quality was excellent.

  • PAUL Schaber

    09/17/2021 07:31 PM

    Since 20 January 2021, this administration and all of the Democractic and Republican
    Congressional personnel has stepped into one after another doggie poop pile mess and cannot
    smell the odor as it follows them everywhere they go.

  • Paul Kern

    09/17/2021 06:34 PM

    An ancient Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times" We are there. With the Afghanistan disaster, upcoming questioning of Millet and the disaster that kept Newsom ruling a dying state
    Still much going on about the virus
    Communicating with a Belgian doctor in Syria. Soon leaving and will never work for the UN after what he saw! I sent links to legitimate sources to understand the virus. At this time the side effects I would not wish on my worst enemy! Better studies out of Europe, Israel, and India. All rejecting the mRNA injection! Using Ivermectin and Hydroxyquine cocktail with much better and safer results. Now reports coming that vaccinated people are infecting the unvaccinated! Food for thought.
    At this point no federal agency can be trusted to be honest.
    I have a real minister. His team researched and now all can get a religious exemption letter at my church.
    Sad that most denominational leaders are leading their sheep to absolute obedience to corrupt leaders who love war and death. Shaking their fists in defiance to God and His laws.

  • William Fuhrer

    09/17/2021 06:34 PM

    Indicators that a Catholic has gone from Democrat to socialist or Communist. He or she believes that abortion and not a heinous crime against humanity

  • James J Ferrari

    09/17/2021 05:12 PM

    Why would Gen. Mark Milley contact China about a possible nuclear launch from U.S.A.? This could have been his FIRST VICTORY In his entire military career. I wager those ribbons on his chest are from flyovers after a combat zone was free and clear.

  • Helen Nees

    09/17/2021 04:56 PM

    Oh but wait-Ted Cruz can give us updates on what's going on under the bridge. Biden Admin must really think we're all stupid by issuing a flight restriction of drones. There are other ways we can see the pictures. I can't believe this!!

  • Nancy Ann Hilton

    09/17/2021 04:00 PM

    The difficulty with a person or persons like this is, that they have already made up their mind and it is written in concrete. As someone once said "Don't confuse me with facts I already know the answers."
    How sad that people can prejudge others and have no actual idea of the other persons beliefs or reasoning behind their attitudes. Now everything seems to be about politics and almost nothing about science or compassion.

  • Floyd A Unger

    09/17/2021 03:40 PM

    Thank you. Yes I blame the Democrats and the left for all the disasters happening to us……no….??……I blame us on the right for letting them happen.

  • Carl T Smith

    09/17/2021 03:34 PM

    I hate when my Computer decides the proper word I desire to use and substitute their own verbiage instead. In my post which I cannot edit! I wanted to convey Full Monty & Renown.