July 9, 2020

In commentaries over the past couple of days, I’ve illustrated how quickly freedom can be lost --- Hong Kong is the current real-life example --- and shown the true nature of the threat our country faces, as we need to know what that is before we can combat it. Turns out, it really is very much like the Chinese Communist Party that clamped down on Hong Kong, with the same Marxist underpinnings as the CCP.

For example, let’s take a look at Black Lives Matter, which has shown itself NOT to be as much about black lives as many thought. Thanks to Tucker Carlson for bringing attention to a CNN interview segment with “America’s Got Talent” host Terry Crews criticizing BLM’s indifference towards black-on-black shootings. Host Don Lemon said this: “The Black Lives Matter movement was started because there was talking about police brutality. If you want an ‘All-Black-Lives-Matter’ movement that talks about gun violence in communities including, you know, black communities, then start that movement with that name, but that’s not what Black Lives Matter is about.”

Never mind that BLM’s campaign to “Defund the Police” has direct bearing on the safety and security of black people in violent neighborhoods. Some black residents of Minneapolis are definitely disenchanted with the attack on police, as they know they NEED COPS. “It’s time to tell the city council that utopia is a bunch of B.S.,” said one violence prevention advocate. “We are not in Mayberry RFD; we are in the wild wild west.”

(By the way, Carlson also aired a very different clip of Lemon from 1991, in which he lamented that “more than 72 percent of children in the African-American community are born out of wedlock --- that means absent fathers. And the studies show that lack of a male role model is an express train right to prison.” He goes on to blame “the hip-hop and rap culture that many of you embrace.” How “un-woke” is that?? This was one of the few times I’ve ever heard Don Lemon make sense, but CNN will have to fire him immediately for his past failure to blame white people for problems in the black community. But I digress.)

Anyway, we’re finding out just what BLM really is about. Since it’s billed as a “grassroots group” and not legally organized, it doesn’t report where its money comes from and how it is spent. But it’s the project of a 501(c)3 promoting “alternative economies” and “climate justice” called Thousand Currents, and, as Carlson pointed out Wednesday, the vice chair for fundraising of Thousand Currents is Susan Rosenberg, a convicted terrorist who spent 16 years in federal prison until she was pardoned by...wait for it...Bill Clinton on his last day in office. (She’d been sentenced to 58 years.) As former NYPD commissioner Bernard Kerik said, Black Lives Matter is “a revolutionary Marxist group...a group that wants to overthrow this country.”

Kerik said the DOJ should be looking into BLM as a terrorist organization, and he’s right. The founders of this group were inspired by a woman who is now in exile in Cuba after assassinating a New Jersey state trooper and being involved in a number of bombings and executions of NYC, New Jersey and San Francisco police. That should tell you all you need to know about BLM.

Such activity has been going on since the 1960s and ‘70s. BLM isn’t the kind of organization that U.S. corporations should be supporting or even paying lip service to. Yet they’ve been so intimidated by “cancel culture” and cries of “institutional racism” that they’ve gone along. But, as Kerik says, “If ‘Black Lives Matter was truly, you know, working for black lives, they’d be marching tonight in Chicago, or Baltimore, or Cleveland, and I can give you 20 other cities.”

Most media will ignore this, of course. In the four months leading up to the next election, we’ll have to work overtime beating back lies from the media, which can be counted on to spout nothing but DNC talking points. The people who suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome are not going to be cured in the next few months, but we can help inoculate others against the lies.

As for “Republican” officials suffering from TDS and vowing to “burn down” the Republican Party by supporting Democrats, Kurt Schlichter at TOWNHALL has some choice words for them.

"GOP dummies,” he asks them, “what is your excuse? I want to know the thought process by which you slack-jawed nimrods who make up a startling proportion of the Republican Party’s political cadre got the idea that we sent you to Washington to rename army bases and switch-up holidays...You want to be ‘reasonable’ --- stop that!...You simps are staggering into the world’s most obvious ambush.”

It goes on, with a long list of things our elected “Republicans” need to do. We’re going to have to get angry at those do-nothings and communicate our immense displeasure directly to their offices. The Republican rank-and-file have to make their voices heard, now.

Schlichter has a brand new book called THE 21 BIGGEST LIES ABOUT DONALD TRUMP (AND YOU!), and it is fabulous, full of inspiration for the fight ahead.

Schlichter is really funny, especially when you’re in that mood I increasingly find myself in, the one that says “I have had enough!!” So read it, enjoy it, get out your yellow highlighter and study it, and use it to make the case whenever you can for Trump 2020. It’s not enough just to savage the Democrats, although, heaven knows, there’s plenty to be said there, too, and organizations such as Black Lives Matter must be exposed for what they are. But voters need reasons to vote FOR someone. They’ve been lied to nonstop, and it’s up to us to be the antidote for the poison. Some will tune us out, but others won’t. This book looks to be the greatest defense of Donald Trump, warts and all, that anyone will see.

To quote Schlichter from his Introduction: “Lies have always been a part of politics, but today defamation has replaced actual debate. It’s almost quaint to see someone offer a coherent, thoughtful argument instead of spewing a spray of cheesy slander. When was the last time you heard someone provide a detailed, pointed critique of Donald Trump’s policies? Not of his character or his alleged personal failings, but his POLICIES?”

He goes on to point out that this is not what you hear. Instead, you hear lies about what a racist he is. There’s plenty in this book to counter that fake argument, and numerous others.

So we’ve got to get busy these next few months. Take advantage of every opportunity to get involved. With people you know, don’t be intimidated; speak up confidently with facts and reasoned argument. To some, your approach will seem refreshing and, yes, “almost quaint.” Others may call you names, but be like our President and simply decide, with so much at stake, not to CARE. We can’t change most minds, but we can change some, and some is all we need.


Postscript: Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler, co-owner of the Atlanta Dream, has refused to bow down to BLM. She's the only owner in any major pro sports league with the courage to call out BLM for what it is, Marxist and divisive. The WNBA players' union is calling for her to be "canceled" (removed). She will not be silenced. Good for her!

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  • t

    07/10/2020 10:01 PM

    As you know Mike, this fight has already been won for us at the Cross. That's the real story today, that Satan wants to bring forth his messiah who is the son of perdition. Our focus today is to draw close to the Lord and be strong in our commitment as the enemy brings his plan to enslave the world. Then, one day, The Lord will come and that's the win-win. Some will inherit eternal life, the others--eternal condemnation. Daniel 12:1,2.

  • John Rennier

    07/10/2020 10:20 AM

    What you do not know is the “Black” described in the organization Black Lives Matter is not the level of pigment in the skin, but the level of adherence to the Marxist doctrine with Black being the highest level.
    What this means is those advocating protecting Black Lives are elevating the protection of Marxism & painting slogans on the streets.
    To further clarify, the doctrine of “white privilege.” is not a racial term, but is a somewhat modified Marxist term of the class struggle. The notorious “eradication of white privileges” is simply the standard Marxist wealth redistribution.
    When facing the enemy (Marxism) we must learn the Marxist vocabulary & definition which is not the same as an ordinary American.
    Haven't you wondered why the two paramilitary wings of the Democrat party -- the “white” Antifa and the “black” BLM -- perfectly understand each other ?
    The explanation is because race is not a problem. The main goal is revolution leading to a civil war which is the desired onjective.
    To defeat an enemy you must 1st identify the enemy & understand its purpose & goals.

  • John Grant

    07/10/2020 09:15 AM

    Marc Carings National Civilian Army is coming since the police are afraid to enforce the law for fear, since ever how its done, can be criticized and for any error the officer can be prosecuted and serve time. The risk to the officer and their family is just too high.
    I'm 81 and we in the old days had the civilian army that could do to criminals, black or white and what I saw was to by far more whites for breaking laws. The police could not legally stop the well known criminal activity so the civilians did the correcting themselves. The crimes were mostly a husband, father, not working, usually too drunk to feed his family and after correcting went back to work to the delight of their family all the way to murderers. Corrections came in degrees according to the crime, warnings first, then whippings with a buggy whip at various degrees all the way to hangings, It worked!
    National Civilian Army is just another name for an old organization that is protracted very wrongly and badly as even most law enforcement and political members belonged to it but it was called the KKK back then.
    What I see in the KKK now is a bunch of crazies, tough guys, totally embarrassing, nothing like the Christian men of old times.
    Names change but purposes do not. Today AK 47 will take the place of hangings of those trying to take over our country and helmets, bullet proof vests instead of hoods.

  • W.B. Phelps

    07/10/2020 07:58 AM

    My friend, Bro. Mike, may I suggest that you help us with specifics on how the common class can respond, besides writing our congressmen...who seldom listen anyway. I am tired of getting these "surveys" from all the names in our country whcih are not much more than disguises to attempt to make us feel guilty if we do not contribute. I get many of these every day via snail mail and email. I have contriubted to your Huck Pak for the reasons you illuminate, but I continue to get scores of request for funds with your endorsement, your daughter's, and practically every politician that deems themselves conservative. To me this is overkill and may be counterproductive to the success of the elections to come. Encourage pulling us all together at "The Return" as mentioned recently by Dr. Dobson; maybe flying the American flag at our homes and on our vehicles, which seems to be rather incinerary today. I am considering walking to D.C. from Marianna to hopefully gather "Positive Patriots along the way, but now that "The Return" is scheduled for Sept. 26, the mileage is too prohibitive for that date. There's my "rant" for the day. I do support you and your ideas. God bless.

  • David Nielsen

    07/10/2020 05:52 AM

    Black lives matter is all about transforming America into a communist country. It's all about destroying GOD'S idea of marriage. It's all about them trying to be their own gods.

  • Carol J Mathews

    07/10/2020 01:28 AM

    Recently I was in my doctors office I had "the mask" on but not over my nose as I feel smuthered in it and with sinus problems sufficating. She said " put it over your nose". So when we got into the room, I commented politely. " I understand that the virus is spread through droplets from your mouth. She said yes. I said, then why do I have to cover my nose? So you want get it she said. My reply, it is my choice to get it or not so I am not hurting anyone, besides with everyone else covered mouth, little chance. Her answer to me was, " to be perfectly honest, I think we are being controlled. I have to wear one here to save my job, but I do not wear elsewhere unless I suspect their might be a problem carrier. I said, I had been tested and am negative and know of 2 people who were scheduled to take the test and did not go but 2 weeks later they received a positive notice. I have been told by a man who was in a meeting with the surgeon general that positive reports increase the bottom line for RX, hospital, etc. Other sightings I have heard from others. We are being controlled and following like sheep under the guys of massive numbers. Another doctor said to a patient who tested positive and her husband negative ( and she did not have it) that if you have any residue of normal flue, cold etc. that you will test positive because the test is not just Covid only. The yearly flue that goes around each year is still here and calling all flue symptoms Covid is false reporting, scare tactics and making all our lives miserable with great economic loss and maybe the loss of the Presidency. Tucker is calling it out nearly every night and a few others dotted about are standing their ground. A protest against mandatory mask wearing in Hamilton County TN is being organized and I personally hope a thousand people show up. The numbers are not adding up and while there is a "real" bad virus out there, it is not all the are calling and people with much worse health issues are not getting seen, treated and taken care of. BLM is just another arm of the control and while protestors can march close together, unmasked, burn buildings (which) is more there purpose than anything else since BLM do not matter if it is Black on Black, little children or black elderly caught in the crossfire. When is somebody going to start the push back of the citizens before it is too late. If only I were not a 76 year old women, I sure would like to have tried.

  • Doug Morgan

    07/09/2020 06:57 PM

    Governor, myself and many of my friends and acquaintances have been and are proclaiming facts and statistics with no reservations. I have experienced major vehicle damage from some who disagree with my license plate that supports law enforcement and first responders. I have had constant contact with my representative in congress (a republican) and my two senators (both republicans) and I rarely even a computerized response. I have spoken at local events, worked for local politicians and do all I know to do.
    Maybe it IS like you say, we may change a few. It is like presenting Christ to someone, we may not see immediate results, but I have to say I am so tired of do-nothing republicans. I blame them even more than democrats for our national dilemma.
    I'm tired of seeing the democrats make one accusation about our President after another, tying him up in false charges and chaos, all the while we are promised that AG Barr will be acting on the Durham report and justice is coming. I hear that democrats are shuttering in their boots about what is in those reports. It sure seems they haven't slowed their drive to ruin our country and we wait and we wait while Barr "investigates" and gets the "facts" together. He will get that done after November 2020.

  • Dean Cordell

    07/09/2020 06:23 PM

    BLM is a racist statement.

  • Betty Lou Schwartz

    07/09/2020 05:41 PM

    Lol-- sadly, Mr. Huckabee -- Google and Fb won't allow me to share your pages on FB!!! I get a fatal error each time, especially on articles that are full of truth, like this one!!
    SO , I will just go to fb, find your page for today and share it there!!
    By the way -- know any conservative billionaires that will fund a new 'facebook' for conservatives??? It would be an instant hit!!
    Thank you for your work and time, Sir!

  • Michael Chamberlin

    07/09/2020 04:26 PM

    I live in the Twilight Zone MN 5th. Vote Republican from the President to the dog catcher. Lacy Johnson must beat Omar. Turn MN Red.


    07/09/2020 04:20 PM

    People have to wake up and pay attention to what is really going on. Most of the major news services should be held accountable for what they report they lie all the time and just spread Gossip.
    I have respect for President Trump. He is for America and what it has always stood for. He has my support and all the people I talk to....

  • Hope Keefer

    07/09/2020 04:20 PM

    FACT: The darkest hour is just before the dawn. FACT: So it is with all the unrest in our Nation today. Our Nation has faced division before: Civil War followed. Too many lives were lost. Thankfully, slavery was abolished... but not without serious blood shed on both sides. Today, we're in a "showdown" between freedom for all, or socialist/communist tyranny for government. Black lives matter. White lives matter. Peace matters. LIFE MATTERS. If we Americans fail to rise up against all the "voices" of dissension toward America, which ARE the minority, we will have failed ourselves, our families, our Freedom, our Nation, and our GOD. Let's not allow the "voices" against our freedom and common sense to win! WWG1WGA is not merely a "slogan," IT IS A FACT. Americans, RISE UP AND SPEAK UP! Please! Our freedom and lives depend on it. Seriously... will we really let a few power mongers overthrow our freedom?

  • Sharon Faulkner

    07/09/2020 03:53 PM

    Sinister thought : is there a chance that as all this happens in blue cities and states this was a setup between the police unions and the left? If not why are the cops not responding to the violence? They were called Pigs in the 60s and 70s had Police Stations bombed were " executed " in the streets but still responded and how about those CHOP " war lords " folding after 8 minutes? Something smells ...

  • Patricia Howry

    07/09/2020 03:42 PM

    Has anyone noticed while all of this BLM stuff is going on the Liberals are in the background working on something very fishy? I had heard some stores will only take cards now and no cash. Their excuse is a shortage of coins. What? Well it is true. I just went to the grocery store and they had a sign that said the very same thing. Cards please, shortage of coins. People need to wake up. Maybe this is the time Jesus is getting ready to come for the church. Hope so..

  • Vernon Hinz

    07/09/2020 03:39 PM

    I worned everyone over 3 years ago that this was going to b the corrupet election year id the history of this country. Now with a Biden & Snders duo. this country will be on it's way to the gutter

  • Coleen Bane

    07/09/2020 03:09 PM

    Thank you for your information that keeps us from growing weary of current news happenings as being someone that can be trusted to keep us informed! We trust your information and appreciate your wit and wisdom in writing!

  • Duke Burnett

    07/09/2020 03:01 PM

    Am I to believe that the ultra liberal Lemon actually talked against BLM. Must be another Lemon

  • Patricia Seaman

    07/09/2020 02:58 PM

    I love reading your posts, it’s refreshing to read what honest people have today, it gives us hope, Thank you ??????

  • Angela STITH

    07/09/2020 02:49 PM

    Regarding defunding the police, I have an idea that may make everyone happy. Please have someone call me to discuss, I would prefer to talk to Mike Huckabee. 859-803-7558 Thank [email protected]

  • Ellen Klapperich

    07/09/2020 02:44 PM

    Perhaps red is the democrats new color....communist red that is.

  • Linda Olds

    07/09/2020 02:35 PM

    About the Trump taxes, how is it even anyone's business, especially a prosecutor in a state where Trump is not a resident, to look at them?
    And how long will it take to leak an "unofficial opinion" that Trump did something illegal? Hint: it will happen before Durham indicts any liberals.
    What about the corruption of the Bidens, with Hunter getting big bucks from China and Ukraine? What about the rest of the Biden family?
    I am sick of these attacks on Trump, and I'm sick of waiting for indictments of liberals who are the real criminals.

  • Elizabeth crouse

    07/09/2020 02:18 PM

    I try to make sure my taxes are correct, it is none of anyone’s business. Trump along with my accountant use all the things we can take.
    I cannot believe all the evil and lies on TV, newspapers, etc. I do my own research and ignore the lies.
    God bless America.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    07/09/2020 02:11 PM

    The way these establishment toads are folding like dinner napkins what messages are we sending to real tyrants and terrorists?

  • Alan Taylor

    07/09/2020 02:09 PM

    Mike, if the United States is a Democratic republic, why are communists, socialists or Marxists, etc., even allowed to run for any political office? And why are the militant 'black lives matters' thugs and others, who hate our country and way of life, allowed to assimilate in the first place, and wreak havoc on America and Americans? President Trump and conservative Republicans (if there are any left) need to start really getting tough on this assault against sanity, immediately! I'm afraid if they don't, that there might be a coup against the coup. And nobody wants to see another civil war. Mike, please help. What can we do as citizens who love our country?

  • Norman North

    07/09/2020 01:52 PM

    Our people need to understand that despite Trump's shortcomings, he is our best option to defend liberty.
    Leading expects claim we are entering a new Cold War with China. The Cold War has been going on for years. In the next year, I expect this war to go hot as China clamps down of free peoples throughout the world. I'm not expecting a nuclear war this year but I am expecting major military battles in the pacific. At home, I expect Marxist-Leninist indoctrination in our nation's schools to be clear and open with Maoist terrorists inflicting heavy damage on our monuments.
    Russia and China are behind this and they must be confronted, controlled and diminished if we are to ever regain the minds of our nation's children. If not, I'm afraid the future is bleak indeed.
    Some of my veteran friends tell me Hong Kong is not our fight. I say it is. Any attack on freedom is an attack on all of us.