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June 29, 2021

Good morning!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff! 

Today's newsletter includes:

  • Bible Verse of the Day
  • SCOTUS Dodges Restroom Case
  • Update On Effort To Weaponize The Tax Code Against Christians
  • This Would Be Good News, If It’s Accurate
  • Biden Is Fact-Checked On The Second Amendment
  • Tucker Carlson Receives Alert: GOV'T IS SPYING ON YOU


Mike Huckabee


One night the Lord spoke to Paul in a vision: “Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent.

Acts 18:9


SCOTUS Dodges Restroom Case

By Mike Huckabee

Monday, the Supreme Court once again dodged a case that would have required them to affirm that biology is real. The case involved a transgender high school student (born male, identifies as female) who sued for the right to use the boys’ restroom, having refused a gender-neutral option, claiming feeling stigmatized. The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the student, and the SCOTUS took it up in 2016 but sent it back to the Fourth Circuit. The Court again ruled in favor of the student, who is now 22 and long out of high school. The SCOTUS refused to take up the case, signaling a win for the transgender student, but it doesn’t set a national legal precedent.

All of this was played out against a background of federal government transgender bathroom guidelines switching back and forth between Obama, Trump and Biden, which shows the need for the SCOTUS to step in and settle the issue, hopefully with respect for common sense, the right to privacy and basic biological science. But once again, they punted on a controversial issue. Justices Thomas and Alito rightly said they should have taken it up. There are more details at the link, but this is surely not the end of this controversy, whether the SCOTUS likes it or not..

Update On Effort To Weaponize The Tax Code Against Christians

By Mike Huckabee

Tyler O’Neil at PJ Media has an informative round-up of the latest efforts by leftist Washington elites to weaponize the tax code against Christians.

It’s important to know what they’re thinking, saying and doing so we can be prepared to fight back. I also appreciate that this article includes some background on the Southern Poverty Law Center, the once-reputable civil rights group-turned-leftwing attack dog and donation generation machine. Its so-called “hate group list” is used to justify many of the attacks on Christian groups by government, media and social media.

It’s good to have this reminder of what the SPLC really is and what that bogus “hate group list” is: a “cynical fundraising scheme” described by one of their own former employees as “a masterstroke of the founder’s marketing talents.”

This Would Be Good News, If It’s Accurate

By Mike Huckabee

The International Institute for Strategic Studies just completed a two-year assessment of the cybercapabilities of 15 nations, and they believe that China has been exaggerating its power and is at least a decade behind the US.

The study ranked nations in three tiers, and the US was the only one that ranked in the top tier with “world-leading strength” in all categories. The second tier of nations with world-leading strength in some categories included China, Australia, Canada, France, Israel, Russia and the UK. The third tier of nations had strengths or potential strengths in some categories but significant weaknesses in others. It included India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan, Malaysia, North Korea and Vietnam. For more details of those categories and which strengths and weaknesses different nations had, click the link above.

The study warned that since the early 2000s, China has been engaging in “industrial-scale espionage” to acquire cyber technology and is likely to catch up to the US by 2030. So this report offers no reasons to get complacent and every reason to shore up our cyber defenses and not trust China. We also have no reason to get complacent about the non-cyber capabilities of China when it’s engaged in an aggressive military build-up while our military leaders seem more concerned with promoting transgender rights, driving patriotic conservatives (who are traditionally the backbone of the military) out of the ranks, and planning how to defend America from its #1 threat: straight, white Trump voters.

Biden Is Fact-Checked On The Second Amendment

By Mike Huckabee

Mark this day on your calendar: the media have finally started to realize that Democrats sometimes lie! The Washington Post fact-checker gave President Biden 4 Pinocchios for the string of blatant whoppers he came out with in promoting his latest gun control proposals.

Biden declared, “The Second Amendment, from the day it was passed, limited the type of people who could own a gun and what type of weapon you could own. You couldn’t buy a cannon.”

WaPo said the cannon claim had been debunked during the campaign and they have no idea why he’s still repeating it (maybe he just forgot, the way he keeps repeating the "very fine people" hoax about Trump.) There’s no evidence that the Founders ever banned Americans from owning cannons. In fact, the Constitution gives Congress the power to allow private citizens to act as pirates on behalf of the US against nations at war with it, and if they’re pirates, surely they can own cannons. Parrots, too.

Other experts told the Post that absolutely everything in Biden’s statement is incorrect: there were no federal or state limits on the kinds of guns that citizens could own. And certainly, the Second Amendment doesn’t limit gun rights; it protects them.

I guess they didn’t bother checking his claims that guns are to blame for skyrocketing crime in Democrat cities that have defunded the police, or that more gun control will solve that problem, or it would have been six Pinocchios.

Tucker Carlson Receives Alert: GOV'T IS SPYING ON YOU

By Mike Huckabee

Tucker Carlson, on his show Monday night, told his audience that a whistleblower from inside the U.S. government reached out to his show with a warning that the National Security Agency has been spying on his show –- specifically, their electronic communications –- with the goal of taking him off the air.

This is a claim that should be met with skepticism, of course, no matter how capable we know the NSA is of doing this. It’s supposed to be illegal, even though we know for a fact they’ve done it before. But according to Tucker, this whistleblower, “who is in a position to know,” repeated to them information about a story that they are currently working on. This “could have only come from my texts and emails,” Tucker explained. “There’s no other possible source for that information.”

“The Biden administration is spying on us,” he said. “We have confirmed that.” And he noted that if the government is doing it to his show, they are surely doing it to others as well.

It was done without the show’s knowledge, and for political reasons. This, according to Tucker, is beyond any doubt. “They are definitely doing it to us,” he said. On Monday morning, they filed a Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request asking for all information that the NSA and other agencies have gathered about TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT. He says they did this “mostly as a formality,” and that they also contacted the press offices of the NSA and FBI, although they “don’t expect to hear much back.”

“Only Congress can force transparency on the intelligence agencies,” he said. “And they should do that, immediately. Spying on American journalists is incompatible with democracy.”

Very true, but tell that to Sharyl Attkisson, who has maintained for years that her computer was hacked while she was investigating the Obama-era Operation Fast and Furious while working at CBS NEWS.

And tell it to former FOX NEWS Chief Washington Correspondent James Rosen, who was also spied on, while he was reporting on North Korea. To get an FBI search warrant, they falsely said he was a criminal co-conspirator in an alleged violation of the Espionage Act.

Carlson dropped his bomb quickly and moved on to other news, but not before saying he’d have more. In the meantime, let’s take a look at what this means. already has a report on this, which points out that this appears to be the first time since Biden became President that someone within the administration has leaked information to a news outlet about illegal and/or objectionable actions taking place inside government. Leaks happened to a ridiculous degree while Trump was President, with Trump-hating officials within the intel bureaucracy regularly leaking into to THE NEW YORK TIMES and the WASHINGTON POST. This scenario is different.

The RedState piece clarifies a couple of Tucker’s claims. First, they say it’s not quite correct to say his show has been singled out for spying by the NSA, because “the NSA ‘spies’ on everyone all the time.” (That should make us all feel better.) It monitors and records just about every form of electronic communication and stores it in massive database locations. The NSA, as they describe it, “rides the structural ‘spine’ of the internet, copying data as it passes through.

So that’s not really the “spying” part. Data collection is just what makes the spying possible. The actual spying happens when intelligence agencies request specific information to be retrieved and given to them. Of course, when they want to spy on an American citizen, they’re supposed to go through a legal process to do this, like falsify information to include in a FISA warrant so they can get court approval, haha.

It’s possible that some intelligence agency went through the FISA process to gain access to Tucker’s communications, but as the RedState piece says, “It’s hard to come up with any kind of plausible ‘legal’ scenario involving a subject matter that might involve [spying]...The fact that a whistleblower reached out to Carlson to alert him to what was happening and communicated to him that the motives behind the acts are political lends substantial credence to the idea this is an illegal enterprise being conducted for political goals.”

One topic that might cause the FBI to want to spy on Tucker –- and find out what he has --- is the story he was reporting right before dropping this bomb. It was about receiving confirmation from inside the FBI that the FBI had “sources” or “informants” in the crowd on January 6. That’s really nothing to be surprised about, as of course we know they did, but Tucker concluded on the air Monday that “the FBI knew what was going to happen.” RedState points out that it’s impossible to conclude that unless one knows what specific information the FBI had received from their informants, but maybe Tucker DID know that. And maybe the FBI was looking at his text messages to find out if he did. Of course, they’d also look to find out who leaked.

The intel bureaucracy is back to being pretty much what it was under Obama, as it’s by and large the same old crowd. At the same time, there are bound to be career FBI officials who are disgusted with the way they see it operating today –- people within the ranks who are quietly just as anti-Biden as the leakers during the Trump administration were anti-Trump. They want to be able to take pride in that institution, and they don’t like what they see the Obama and Biden administrations doing to it. So, in this case at least, they’ve sent out a warning to one targeted reporter.

Now we have to find out what this operation is and who's been involved. It’s possible Tucker knows this, and if he doesn’t, he likely will soon.

Victoria Taft at PJ MEDIA has a piece on this as well, in which she reports that there actually were two whistleblowers involved in warning Tucker. She also notes that his show “is indisputably the top program across all cable stations in the time slot.”

The Biden administration has a huge stake in maintaining the lie that Trump supporters who attended his January 6 rally or who question even slightly the 2020 election are “white supremacists” and “domestic terrorists.” Anyone whose reporting challenges or complicates that phony narrative is a threat. And that’s just what Tucker is doing, throwing a big wrench into the works with his suggestion that the FBI was actually involved in encouraging the January 6 “insurrection.” He insists that the FBI had prior knowledge of the riots at the Capitol that day.

This is a developing story; we should find out more this week.

For more political news, visit my website here.

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Comments 1-10 of 18

  • George W. Trever

    06/30/2021 07:54 AM

    Easiest transgender bathroom guidelines (for those who are confused about biology) should require the use of portapotties.

  • Joyce Kanlan

    06/29/2021 07:59 PM

    Tucker Carlson. Hitler caused havoc, doubt, fear&confusion&HE would saunter in saying he’ll fix it. (The mess he caused, he’ll fix) because, as he hoped,the people( blind,deaf&dumb sheep&ostrich) were not paying attention or listening. So goes it for the FBI, infiltrated Antifa& Marxist trained BLM as they like WOLVES in sheep’s clothing run with Republican Conservative Christians & do their dirty work. This is NOT rocket science. One example; last year democrats domestic terrorists Antifa&BLM destroyed,looted rioted& Murdered 4-5 MONTHS! On Jan6, citizens “Trespassed” with NO WEAPONS &it was a cop who murdered an unarmed female veteran. 2 different thought processes; left, Marxist, socialist dictatorship, right, safety&security law&order God&Country. It’s easy to see light from darkness. PRAY America for our One Nation Under God!!

  • Joyce Kanlan

    06/29/2021 07:26 PM

    U.S. world leading strength. Why? Because we ARE still,One Nation UNDER God! A country blessed by God,protected,receiving His Mercy&Grace like NO OTHER! THIS is what democrats want to erode,our Churches,our protection, our ability to pray&worship, so we can rank on the bottom, just like the 3rd world country ??holes! And China exaggeration is just like democrats. ????is what they push, socialist propaganda 24/7! America, YOU must fight FOR your freedom, liberty&rights! A handful of Anti-America ??following democrats are feverishly working to dismantle ????. STOP IT NOW&Call,write email visit bombard your representative&DEMAND they Protect support defend our Country & our Citizens! God Bless America!

  • Joyce Kanlan

    06/29/2021 07:14 PM

    Dodges common sense& morals. Come on man! What are we doing here? Take all restrooms in every government building, start with the Capitol, the WH& every other building a mayor, a Senator or Governor uses and ALLOW Biological MEN IN the ladies bathroom, showers, locker room! Today! Demand it& SEE how quickly the Supreme Court & Satan following democrats STOP the Bologna! Come on Patriots SOUND OFF!!

  • Paul Kern

    06/29/2021 05:30 PM

    It is time the RNC get out of the sandbox and take off the kid's gloves and become real men
    Too few real men left. Now that Moralistic Therapeutic Deism is the new religion we only have the psychiatric cult in charge!
    Our government is quickly becoming another CCP entity. They have taken over large parts of America's infrastructure and laugh at the soyboys in the military. Only God and His remnant can save us. Like in Nehemiah's time

  • Aaron Woien

    06/29/2021 05:17 PM

    Thomas and Alito are the only worthy SC justices. Roberts was a bad pick by GW Bush. Heck, Harriet Miers looks highly qualified by comparison.

  • Twila Flowers

    06/29/2021 05:07 PM

    Thank you for all you do for us. I so appreciate your commentary and the Bible verses. Some of th is is heart breaking as our country has fallen so far into the pit. What can one person do? Pray and I surely don't belittle that, thankfully our Lord is in control but we are accountable to Him for our words and actions.

  • Jerry

    06/29/2021 04:42 PM

    In my opinion lawmakers that want men and boys competing against girls and women in todays sports are missing links in the Human chain. These people may not have any desire to have daughters or children of their own and do not have the restraint to trample on the laws of nature or the love of children or women. The chance, for not sure what gender they want to be, a new group sponsored by that group can start a division of their own and let that group's competition evolve does any of that make sense nobody gets a label as the Left likes to put on groups. True sports events by fair participants in fair competition.

  • Stephen Russell

    06/29/2021 04:30 PM

    Trigger words: vs Brandeis Univ choices:
    Mind B Gone Joe
    Mind Control
    Lock & Load
    Im Not Joe
    Dem Minded
    Narrow Minded Dem
    Police State.
    DC Morons
    The Man with Bidens Mind
    Dual Justice system

  • Stephen Russell

    06/29/2021 04:26 PM

    Govt spying: been so day 1 since 1-17??
    Or earlier.
    May effect TBN CBN NewsMax, OAN, too.
    Unite to combat?
    Big Tech involved
    & Yes FB involved in human trafficking too
    Take down