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July 15, 2021

Since AOC and other icons of young “Democratic socialists” are being eerily silent about the Cuban people’s uprising against socialist tyranny, I’d like to call attention to this excellent op-ed that came out last month on from Humberto Fontova.

I didn’t write about it then, but it’s suddenly become incredibly timely. Fontova begins by quoting singer Debbie Harry of the rock group Blondie, who recently performed in Havana as part of a four-day cultural exchange that was made into a film being shown outside Cuba. I’m sure the Cuban leaders think it’s great publicity for their regime.

Ms Harry mouths the typical fashionable comments of a liberal US celebrity: having previously declared that “Americans are suffering at the hands of President Trump” and denounced him as a “racist,” she lauded Che Guevarra and Fidel Castro as “fascinating, enigmatic political heroes and antiheroes in the United States for the most part. It was always very attractive to me…”

The rest of the article goes on to detail what Cuba and those “fascinating political heroes” were really like. It’s nothing like the dreamy image of Che on dorm room posters. For instance, did you know that Cuba imprisoned more black political prisoners for longer and under worse conditions than South Africa jailed Nelson Mandela? Or that 10 times the number of Cubans have died trying to escape Cuba than died trying to escape communist East Germany? Or that under her idol Fidel, simply being caught listening to “imperialist” rock music like her band makes could get you thrown into a forced labor camp guarded by machine gunners?

So why was Blondie welcomed? Because, as an unearthed Soviet KGB document from 1981 explained, “Cultural exchanges with foreign countries are our most effective propaganda.” In short, Blondie was played, and I don’t mean the records because that could get you thrown into prison in Cuba.

None of this is intended to pick on Ms Harry, who merely repeated the kind of propaganda that most showbiz liberals have been spoon-fed. But with the truth about Cuba and the way its socialist dictators have oppressed, starved and abused its people finally breaking through into the public consciousness, this is a great time to pull back the curtain and learn that it’s nothing new. It’s not because of COVID, or Trump’s sanctions, as the media would like you to believe. It’s longstanding communist tyranny and rot, the end result of all socialist regimes.

It’s time for all the Che and Fidel fans to take off their blinders and face the truth. This article is a great, eye-opening place to start.

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  • Karen Murray

    07/15/2021 11:25 PM

    A discussion on “equity”

    “Equity” is a mirage perpetrated by the left to further their march toward socialism/Marxism. One cannot have “equity” and equality. Equality, in our country means equal right or opportunity to pursue; pursue education, happiness, employment, etc. “Equity” is equal outcome no matter what effort one puts into or doesn’t put into a pursuit.
    If 2 people have the same job and one works harder or longer hours, pursues more education on that particular vocation, and the other person does the minimum, maybe naps on the job or doesn’t show up to work, how is it equitable that they each have the same pay or receive the same raise or promotion?
    Further, how is it equitable that one person furthers their education taking years to acquire a degree, starts a business, working 80 hours a week, which is pretty normal when one is starting out in self-employment, yet another person has no interest in work or education of any kind yet is supposed to receive similar pay from the government as the aforementioned person.
    This is “equity,” rather socialism.
    As this occurs the government doles out how much one can earn no matter how hard he/she works. So, why would anyone continue to make the effort when there’s no incentive to improve or succeed? This is what socialist governments work toward. There will be no one left to oppose or confront them successfully because they have no more than anyone else and if provoked in any way the government withdraws even more from each citizen to galvanize their own power.
    If one goes to college “free” one only learns what those in power want someone to learn, never anything more. Students will respond and repeat what the “elite” professors teach. We’re already on the doorstep of that.
    Only the “elites” come and go as they please and have plenty to do as they please. Religion is deleted because it runs counter to these ideals. The government is everyone’s religion in order to keep getting that check, same as everyone else.
    Is this what we want for our country? Someone once said, Socialism breeds mediocrity.” Of course it does! Also, as Margaret Thatcher once said, “the trouble with socialism is the you eventually you run out of everyone else’s money.” (Maybe not a perfect quote?)