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January 23, 2021

The Biden Administration kicked off its tenure in predictable style by changing the official White House website so that it simultaneously claims to stand for science and scientific facts, and also implies that basic biology doesn’t exist.

And that’s not the only assault on logic and clear and correct English that this Administration is undertaking…

As promised (or threatened), President Biden has issued a flurry of executive orders, undoing many of Trump’s policies, and apparently with zero regard for how they’re going to harm America, our allies, and American workers.

Canadian leaders, labor union heads and even many Democrats are furious over his axing of the Keystone Pipeline project, which immediately killed 11,000 union jobs and set the stage for rising fuel prices and re-empowering Russia and OPEC. His immigration “reforms” and cutting of funding for the border wall virtually insure a new massive wave of illegal immigration that will kill American jobs, depress wages and force Americans to pay higher taxes for all the social services they’ll be given. I’ve already written about him trying to rejoin the Paris Climate Accords and the disastrous Iran nuclear deal, which hopefully will be challenged by the Senate or in court, because they’re both clearly treaties that require two-thirds Senate ratification.

I know how angry many Republicans are at Sen. Mitch McConnell right now, but he did hit the nail on the head with his comments yesterday about how Biden is beginning his Administration by immediately hurling America off in the wrong direction, one that is destructive, dangerous, and that most Americans don’t want and didn’t vote for.


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Comments 1-15 of 15

  • Hirene

    01/25/2021 04:52 AM

    Good. The unions are dirty criminals that rob the public

  • Brenda Lege

    01/24/2021 05:44 PM

    Lord help us all...

  • Nicholas Tazza

    01/24/2021 03:01 PM

    I can’t believe that’s what America voted for.

  • Keith Doughten

    01/24/2021 02:55 PM

    It hadn't yet been a week and already feels like an eternity in Hell

  • Carol Richey

    01/24/2021 02:52 PM

    Why does every new administration have to undo the decisions of the previous administration just for show of power? stupidity prevails

  • Lisa Cook

    01/24/2021 11:53 AM

    Throwing us off in the wrong direction? More like he's throwing us off a very tall cliff, which will surely and absolutely kill our country, as we know it. This man shouldn't be sitting as the head of our country, and we all know that he's being "handled"! His puppet master is China! I'm pretty sure that he'll continue to support the impeachment of President Trump because I believe that he is hoping that the American People, specifically those who support President Trump, will keep their eyes on the Impeachment, instead of keeping their eyes on him and the deliberate damage he's doing to our country!

  • Ronnie Bergquist

    01/23/2021 04:01 PM

    Ño he's not really taken insulin away from us.

  • Daniel F Drake

    01/23/2021 03:28 PM

    Satin filled bidone distroying America. For satins king; Obomba.

  • Lori Henry

    01/23/2021 03:14 PM

    Will any more of the election fraud come to light and prove majority of America did not elect Biden or is it continuing to be ignored? This just isn't fair that we all have to accept this.

  • Dean Barto

    01/23/2021 01:19 PM

    So, they have a VP "woman of color" even though they refuse to recognize gender. The party of magical thinking and outright hypocrisy.

  • Dawn M EybsJohnson

    01/23/2021 12:52 PM

    The democratic's keep voting them in office expecting something for nothing. They watched all summer long while democratic run states were saying they are just protesting they find they showing their frustrated, they burned state businesses, local small businesses, saying Trump was to blame. Trump wasn't to blame he offered help they declined. I'm disabled and now I fear I will lose my disability because Ah Biden wants to give it to illegals that have never worked and don't respect our country. I worked for mine. Biden is the worse he is being lead by other doesn't have his own thoughts. A concern citizen.

  • Kenneth Colbert

    01/23/2021 12:22 PM

    Part of the plan and show. It’s a movie. US, Inc filed Bankruptcy in May 2020 in Tallahassee, FL. Biden is a fake President. The Constitutional Republic was hijacked in 1871; we’re back!!!

  • Carolyn Hacker

    01/23/2021 11:33 AM

    Thank you for factual information.

  • Ray Lister

    01/23/2021 11:22 AM

    Once again Mike Huckabee hits right on the head and clearly points out the disaster that America is headed for. Unfortunately, the Americanpeople are getting what they voted for.

  • Paul Capone

    01/23/2021 11:00 AM

    We need more people like you mike watching out for this country. Thank you