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March 27, 2020 |

Remember the end of “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” where we learn that the federal government even has the Ark of the Covenant lost somewhere in a giant warehouse full of things they forgot they even owned? Why did I think of that upon hearing that the health workers division of the SEIU, the government employees’ union, suddenly located 39 million desperately-needed N95 surgical masks?



There's an article on Politico that's so dumb, I don’t want to reward it with any clicks, so I’m linking instead to this quote from it and comment by PJ Media’s Stephen Green. The original is by a liberal writer who derides President Trump as an “authoritarian weakman” because, after years of accusing him of being an “authoritarian strongman” who craves dictatorial powers, the left is now frustrated that he refuses to assume dictatorial powers and nationalize the private sector against the coronavirus. He prefers to take a less intrusive management role, believing that states, local governments, hospitals and private industry understand their local situations better and can deal with them faster and more efficiently if he gets Washington bureaucrats out of their way.


The left and its media mouthpieces are in a frenzy of frustration over the rising public approval of how Trump is handling this crisis (now at 60% according to Gallop, far above public approval of the media’s handling of it.) They’re trying to take his press conferences off of TV (after first criticizing him for not having enough of them)...


...ostensibly because he “spreads misinformation.” But I suspect it’s actually because many Americans who’ve spent the past few years hearing the media criticize, smear, attack and twist everything he says and does are at last getting an unfiltered look at who he really is (like the people who attend Trump rallies) and realizing they’ve been had.

As perhaps are some of America’s most liberal, outspokenly anti-Trump Governors…


Incidentally, here’s an example of the kind of innovation that can happen fast when Trump gets the government out of the way.



With President Trump on TV every day keeping Americans filled in on progress on the COVID-19 (Wuhan) virus (and his approval rising daily for it), and states postponing their primaries, which keeps Bernie Sanders’ campaign on artificial life support, Joe Biden is desperate to grab some attention. But probably the last way he’d hoped to get it was via an accusation of having committed a long-ago sexual assault on a female staffer.

WARNING: This story is disturbingly graphic and not for young and innocent eyes:


The accuser is Tara Reade, who worked in Biden’s Senate office and claims the incident happened in 1993, when she was asked to take a gym bag to him outside the office, near the Capitol. I won’t recount it. 


Our prayers and sympathies to the family of actor Mark Blum, who is the latest prominent person to die in New York of complications from the coronavirus. Blum was 69 and was known for his stage work and his roles in the movies “Crocodile Dundee” and “Desperately Seeking Susan,” and the Netflix series “You.”


Our prayers today also for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has been diagnosed with the COVID-19 (Wuhan) coronavirus. Johnson says he has mild symptoms and will self-isolate and use technology to continue working from home.



His British stoicism is a sharp contrast to former comedian Kathy Griffin, who now makes a living somehow as a full-time anti-Trump ranter and, apparently, celebrity hypochondriac. She was checked into a hospital in Los Angeles with “UNBEARABLY PAINFUL symptoms,” and took to social media to accuse Trump of lying about the availability of COVID-19 tests because the hospital refused to give her one, “because of CDC (Pence task force) restrictions,” even though she thought she might have been exposed in Mexico.


Griffin has already been sent home, and while I’m truly sorry she was in pain and pray she’s on the mend, as usual, her attacks on Trump and his team were misguided and hyperbolic. I searched for this story on Google News and found lots of accounts repeating her wild claims about Trump lying and likely COVID-19 patients being denied tests, but few included the hospital’s side of the story:

They didn’t test her for COVID-19 because the CDC doesn’t want to waste tests on people whose symptoms obviously don’t match it. Instead of acting on her layman’s fears, the hospital gave her an X-ray that showed she had clear lungs and an abdominal infection. That’s why she’s already home after one day and not in the COVID-19 ward on a respirator, which I don’t think connects to the abdomen (although, admittedly, I’m not a doctor.)

However, if they ever develop a test to detect terminal Trump Derangement Syndrome, I’d gladly endorse her being moved to the front of the line.


I hope you’re continuing to support small businesses during the shutdown, like ordering to-go from local restaurants. A new online documentary series called #Cheetah4You has been launched to help some of these business owners tell their personal stories of what they’re going through and the tough choices they’re facing as they struggle to survive. At this link is the latest video featuring Cary Hodson, owner of Intrinsic Smokehouse and Brewery, an independent barbecue, craft beer and music venue in Garland, Texas, that was really taking off before the unexpected hammer fell. As Cary puts it, his hope for his team is the hope for all of us: “We’re going to be here on the other side.”


If you’re a restaurant owner, or know someone who is, check out the notes below the video to find out how you can share your story, sign up for the National Restaurant Association’s mobilization effort to help, and donate to or apply for aid from the James Beard Foundation’s relief fund.


Watch the Democratic Governor of Nevada giving a real-time display of how well government control over medicine works, as he defies President Trump by limiting doctors’ ability to prescribe a promising coronavirus treatment, setting the stage for shortages, hoarding, black market purchases and potential deaths from both the virus and people trying to self-medicate. He’ll sure show up Trump, though.



Hilarious Video! I don’t know how they produced this piece so well under current conditions, but the Onion has a mock “news reports” on a lobbying effort by America’s girlfriends to combat the potential recession by getting Congress to force their reluctant boyfriends to give up their bachelor apartments and move in together to save expenses. It includes a rebuttal by an overpowered representative of the boyfriends of America.


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  • Robin Rebhan

    03/29/2020 10:44 AM

    Correction to my previous post. The Former Old Ann Lee Nursing home was closed in 2008 not 1988.

    In addition to my post the following hospitals have been closed in recent years;
    Saint Clares, Schenectady, NY
    Saint Marys, Troy, NY
    Leonard Hospital, Troy, NY
    All closed for consolidation reasons based on political reasons. All a short drive from the State Capital in Albany, NY and the Governors Mansion in Albany, NY

  • Kim Yochum

    03/28/2020 04:36 PM

    Governor, I have turned off all newsfeeds except for you and the daily press conferences with President Trump and his team. No sense in listening to the rest of them. Thank you for syphoning out the garbage!

  • Tina Kinman

    03/28/2020 11:45 AM

    Thus does not really relate to these articles but I wish I could find out how many of those who test posotive for the virus are in the hospital and if those in the hospital how many are actually on resperiators. Also how many who have tested positive are now well.

  • Kris B. Lloyd, Sr.

    03/28/2020 11:07 AM

    The AZ governor is but one more graphic example that Dems don't give a d**n about their constituents, or the country! All they care about is getting Trump! Why? Because Trump is the biggest threat to their cushy world of living high on the hog by abusing their duties to defend the Constitution of the United States!

  • Janet Underwood

    03/28/2020 10:20 AM

    Do you remember the scene in Zorba the Greek where crones line the walls of the widow, waiting for her to die? When she finally obliges them, they shriek and start fighting over her things.

    I've had a glimpse of the future here in my own neighborhood, and I fear this is what's coming if this coronavirus can't be contained and people are able to get back to work. I am disabled due to being hospitalized for 6 months last year recovering from endocarditis. Most of that time was spent on a ventilator because I suffered both heart failure and respiratory failure.

    At that time, the mayor of my city saw my plight and provided me with his yearly gift to residents in need. In my case, that was paying my house payments and utilities for five months. I was deeply appreciative and have tried to do whatever I can to let the city know of my appreciation. I sensed, however, that there were some in my neighborhood who resented that I had received this assistance. Mind you, I didn't ask for it. In fact, I was in no shape to ask for it as I was heavily sedated in the first two months of my illness and don't remember anything from that time.

    That resentment that I sensed boiled over a couple of days ago as all of a sudden, a neighbor who had been friendly toward me before and even a few hours before, lashed out at me for things she said others had said I had done to "hurt their feelings" three years ago. I have an idea of where her anger comes from--a neighbor who has never been friendly toward me, but expects me to fulfill a promise the prior owner of my house supposedly made to fix their sump pump discharge drain. It's crazy and illogical, and for that reason, very scary to me. I fear that this sort of thing can escalate into something even worse if things don't get back to normal soon. There is nothing so frightening as a mob that feels helpless to protect itself and wants to take out its anger on something, anyone who is vulnerable. Please pray for our nation and for those who are living in fear. Thank you.

  • Mary E. Johnson

    03/28/2020 10:05 AM

    I have been inside my condo except for picking up prescriptions and a few groceries. My daughter picked me up a couple days ago and first we did what I just said in last sentence. Then we went for a drive around the outskirts of our town just for the fun of it, then stopped at one of our local restaurants that was offering to deliver meals brought out to the car and brought it home to eat. Next time we will go to a different one & support them. A list of those restaurants was listed in our local newspaper with the phone numbers to call, making it easy to do this.

  • Jimmy Humphrey

    03/28/2020 09:28 AM

    Where would America be today if these idiots on the left were running the show?

  • Crystal Humphrey

    03/28/2020 09:26 AM

    We have been a fan of you your daughter and of course President Trump from the beginning. You all are a testimony of the God we serve, the power of prayer, and the prayers of a nation answered. We trust He will continue His hand on you as we continue our prayers of gratitude forgiveness and praise!

  • Bernice C Buch

    03/28/2020 09:04 AM

    I live in Minneapolis and no longer hear the President's Daily Briefings. Also I receive the CDN daily email and I can't open their link to the President's Daily Briefings. I've forwarded that email to conservative friends and they can't get that video link to run either. Can you look into this for me. I get so encouraged by the President's Daily Briefings as I do from your daily emails. I trust what you have to report and thank you for your work and that of the people on your staff.

  • Kevin Turnbaugh

    03/28/2020 09:00 AM

    Gov Huckabee, So called comedians like Kathy Griffin and Michelle Wolf (who tried to lay out your daughter while Press Secretary), are in dire need of TDS treatment. The best treatment...simply ignore them, and give them no press. It will drive them insane. Many years ago, a 60 Minutes story by Leslie Stall, included an interview with the then Commander of the DLA Military Depot in New Cumberland, PA. In that story, they show surgical gowns that were WW II/Korean War era still in stock,and this was back in the late 90's. If they are still there, they could be used as PPE for EMS/Hospital personnel. Maybe someone from your researchers could check this out; and if they are still there, expose it.

  • Jerry Holland

    03/28/2020 08:47 AM

    Mike why are you and Fox News not talking about hospitals trying change policies on resuscitation.
    This is being discussed in major hospitals in liberal cities around the country.
    In effect, these would be death squads of doctors and administrative staff.
    I don't think I'll go to any hospital when this is being looked at.

  • Jerry Korba

    03/27/2020 11:47 PM

    So some people think government Healthcare is the answer? If not for the private sector the country would be up Schiff creek without paddle. State Government is so far behind the curve they are 17 days behind the existing issue. Neglect mismanaged programs misuse of funds by incompetence or just corruption use of funds. And some want more and bigger government. My take smaller Govt. less chance of beauties like DeBlasio and all the stooges in NY, Calif. Washington the mayors and Governors Senators and Representatives offices should be removed now the leadership has been missing for the last 10 years. The country needs business people in these positions wealthy business people that know what it takes to be successful and wants a country that can continue to be successful. People that can resist Foreign assets and keep America first our people our companies our way of life will succeed for along time to come. Most of the people on the Left can not meet that standard and a few on the right need to look elsewhere for a paycheck they can not meet the standard either.

  • William Scott (Moore) Anthony

    03/27/2020 09:05 PM

    Car fuel efficiency standards may have to improve in 2026. There may be a way to trade similar vehicles to have long distance high safety vehicles traded or leased for short range high safety vehicles. Please listen to the mathematicians who criticize me for posting this.

  • Bruce Wilson

    03/27/2020 09:04 PM

    Whether or not COVID-19 was created in a lab for biological warfare or if it somehow escaped from a lab in China, I sincerely believe the Democrat party and the media are using this virus for political gain. I believe President Trump had to do what he did to keep from committing political suicide, but now he is ready to start opening up the country again. I just read a disturbing headline that US governors have a pact with each other to keep the states closed which would thwart the president’s plan to open the country. I believe COVID 19 is serious especially for those at risk, I believe that the stay at home orders and extreme social distancing is going way overboard. I believe that each step these governors have taken and even the federal government have all been aimed at our economy and slowly taking away our freedom to do as we please. This process is designed to cause a recession and ultimately take down the president. The Democrats are getting most of what they want. The corona virus stimulus bill is taking us one more step toward socialism. The only glimmer of hope is that President Trump is not willing to issue a stay at home order for the entire country. I feel so helpless because I can’t do anything to stop what I see happening. I just continue to pray and remind myself that God is in control.

  • Derrick Hachtel

    03/27/2020 08:36 PM

    The link to the Biden story is broken. Here is the correct link:


  • Derrick Hachtel

    03/27/2020 08:27 PM

    So, the lady that drank aquarium cleaner blamed President Trump...show me the picture of him holding you down and making you drink it!

    You chose to self-medicate with something with a similar chemical name, that is most likely labeled "Not for human use" or some similar warning.

  • Bob Kaschner

    03/27/2020 08:17 PM

    Why is this lunatic New York Mayor releasing prisoners? If he was doing his job, they would be safer than we are!

  • Robin Rebhan

    03/27/2020 08:05 PM

    Our Governor here in New York State has been looking for hospital beds. I sent an email but I got no answer.
    About 1 mile from where I live is the Former Old Ann Lee Nursing home at 25 Meeting House Road, Albany, NY 12205 which the " Baker Commission " closed back in 1988 in a move to consolidate medical facilities. It has a capacity of about 1,000 beds. It used to be a Tuberculosis Sanatorium, so it was built for handling contagious disease.
    Needs work, but I's sure the military, Army Reserves, National Guard or somebody could get it running again. And after this Corona Virus is all over, just turn it over to a group who could use it for Homeless Veterans or something.
    Beats just spending billions of our tax dollars!
    Oh! Governor Cuomo, just in case you don't know where it is. You drive by it on the way to the Albany County Airport. And it's also on Google Earth.

  • Lydia Prosnier

    03/27/2020 08:03 PM

    Watched the girlfriends video and shared with my adult daughters — isn’t it from May 2009 though?

  • Andrea Gilio

    03/27/2020 07:52 PM

    I'm done! Trump just SANK his $2 trillion economic rebuild with the wave of a pen! The Democrat Socialists broke the Republic's back and I hope EVERYONE CHOKES on it! The only option left for Patriots is the 2nd revolution! We must organize and take down this corrupt system that is like a terminal cancer eating away at what's left of the Republic! I don't care how it's done but it must be done before the Democrat Socialists retake the White House & Senate in November!

  • Joyce E Whittier

    03/27/2020 07:46 PM

    I had to go to a local hospital for a blood test. While I was waiting, I saw a woman pushing a large cart full of very large bags from one of Kansas City's best BBQ restaurants, Jack Stack's. I learned that Jack Stack's has been donating food to the doctors, nurses and other employees, as have other local restaurants. It is a great example of how people are supporting one another during this difficult time.

  • Jack Willis

    03/27/2020 07:38 PM

    Tried to access the story about Joe Biden but it just said error. Tried it twice.-

  • Jean Satterwhite

    03/27/2020 07:14 PM

    Thank you for 1. Facts 2. Funny 3. Just being you!

  • Michael

    03/27/2020 07:12 PM

    On the CBS nightly news (rarely watch nightly news) but saw just the last five minutes with a nice story of kids that wrote notes of thanks and have them to a truck driver, a mailman, a garbage man, a police officer and those providing public service. And Nora O'Donnell ended by saying " we can all learn something from this Coronovirus pandemic". But then I thought to myself, you Nora) say that, but what have you, the media have learned from this? You showed kids doing acts of kindness, but you, the MSM, you continue to smear our President, you continue to help create panic and fear, you continue to divide instead of unite. You continue with your constant TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) and you do not do or act like these kids doing acts of kindness. The MSM continue to be not only lacking any credibility, but true ENEMIES OF THE PEOPLE-even during a time of a concerning pandemic!!!

  • Mary Haggard

    03/27/2020 07:10 PM

    Can corporations refuse to pay back the loan given them with the 2T dollars? And if so, what can the government do about it?