February 22, 2017

The chocolate giant Nestle is melting under the liberal policies of California and leaving Glendale for the sweeter environs of Rosslyn, Virginia. That will mark another 1200 jobs lost to Californians because of the state’s high tax, high regulation “progressive” leadership.

It’s become an all-too-typical story, but there is something remarkable about this version of it. If any company would feel comfortable under California's liberal government, you’d think it would be Nestle. In fact, they’re so “progressive” that their CEO inspired Jonah Goldberg’s landmark book, “Liberal Fascism.” Goldberg told National Review that he went to Switzerland to hear a talk by Nestle’s CEO. He said, “It became very clear to me that he had little to no interest in free markets or capitalism properly understood. He saw his corporation as a 'partner' with governments, NGOs, the U.N., and other massive multinationals. The profit motive was good for efficiency and rewarding talent, but beyond that, he wanted order and predictability and as much planning as he could get. I think that mindset informs the entire class of transnational progressives, the shock troops of what H. G. Wells hoped would lead to his liberal-fascist 'world brain.'"

Obviously, Nestle couldn’t find any brains running California, so they’re hitting the road. It’s a perfect illustration of how far off the leftwing deep end California’s government has become when even the company that inspired “Liberal Fascism” thinks the place has become too darn liberal.

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  • Penny Harrison

    06/24/2017 02:01 PM

    Thanks for once again bringing to light the sad state of California's government. I am a native Californian, a boomer - teenager in the sixties who did not buy into the hippy free love movement - I guess because I had wonderful God fearing parents who raised me to believe that I could achieve anything I wanted to, that the only thing holding me back was me. They also taught us that for every action there is a reaction, in other words, depending on the choices I made there would always be responsibility or consequences that I would have to own up to. Unfortunately the unions and corruption took a foothold about the time that Gov. Edmund Brown was governor - the father of our current Governor Moonbeam (sins of the father. . .thank goodness Jerry has no children) Enuf said. There are many many good people living in California who have no interest in being in the media spotlight, and I view these people, myself included, as similar to the Hebrews during the Babylonian captivity. We live out our faith day by day, and eventually the bonds of "slavery" will be broken. Another way I view it is as a parent of a strong willed child - that child has to hit the wall to be convinced, but I do not have to accompany them there. My husband is also a native Californian (high school sweetheart!) and we left California somewhat not by choice when he was drafted during the late years of the Vietnam war and chose instead to join the USAF and become a fighter pilot (moving to Canada was never an option)! Is was sort of a Robert Frost, "the road less traveled. . .and that had made all the difference" moment! We retired back in California partly to take care of elderly parents, and mostly because it is a naturally beautiful state, the weather is wonderful, and there are so many really fine people who also live here out of the spotlight! We have lived in tornado country, hurricane country (we'll take earthquakes any day!), and foreign countries including Turkey where we experienced an earthquake while in our 7th floor apartment (kinda felt like home!), terrorism first hand in Europe and at the edge of the Mid-East during the 70's and 80's - made memories of a lifetime, given our daughters the opportunity to live among other cultures and religions - raising them as our parents did us - they have wonderful children and all now live in California too because there is something unseen and very special about the land and the people below the spotlight of histrionics (the fruits and the nuts!!!) Yet when good people such as you bring the histrionics to light - Satan's evil is brought into the light and he is defeated.
    Well, thank you for letting me sort of prattle on as a native California girl and unlike many of the other comments here there is the California that still exists below the current evil and corruption of the far left. They will not take all of us with them when they hit the wall!

  • William Johnson

    02/25/2017 12:01 PM

    If anyone plans on living, visiting or Starting a business in California you might as well forget about it because alot of businesses are leaving California for other states.California is the worst state in the nation to do business with because the state of California has a Anti Business attitude.Alot of big businesses have left California due the overtaxation and overregulated.Nestle will do better in Virginia like other companies who left California like Toyota moving to Plano Texas.Nissan moving to Nashville Tennessee and so on.

  • B. Jennings

    02/25/2017 02:35 AM

    California was once the most beautiful of states. It's criminal what it's become. What concerns me is that these companies will go to red(or redder) states for economic reasons and infect them with their nasty blue-state values. I'm looking at you, Colorado.

  • William Johnson

    02/24/2017 03:59 PM

    California is the worst state in the nation to do business with because it is overtaxed, overregulated,and overlitigate everything. The state of California is a one party Government state lead by Jerry Moonbeam Brown as well as Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein all Ultra Extreme Liberals. The state of California is for certain people only 1.illegal immigrants 2.LGBT 3.Extreme Radical Muslims 4.Criminals 5.Criminal Enterprises and Liberal Politicians. The City of San Francisco should change its motto from City by the Bay to Gays by the Bay.The Hollywood sign should be changed from Hollywood to Whorewood. The state of California is a lawless state as well as an anything and everything goes state. If anyone plans on living, visiting or Starting a business in California you might as well forget about it.

  • Linda Windebank

    02/23/2017 08:02 AM

    I had no idea about Nestle CEO and his leftist leanings. Hershey's for me from now on. Thanks for sharing this.

  • Richard

    02/23/2017 07:14 AM

    What an excellent point Mike ! Much appreciated!

  • Myron Pennington

    02/23/2017 05:45 AM

    It is so nice to open a Facebook post and not see ads and unpleasant pictures. Thank you Mike.
    Nestle is just one more in a list of companies leaving CA. As a 60 + native Californian, I have seen the best of my state and now the worst. California relies heavily upon the high tech high income taxpayer to float the sinking government ship. Low tech companies, those that require real labor and machinery to make products, are leaving. It's my belief that the high tech "intelligence based" companies can better afford to be liberal progressives, at least for now. If the high tech community ever leaves here, we are doomed.

  • Tina currie

    02/23/2017 02:36 AM

    After reading this you know California has gone off the deep end! I found this priceless but, sure it went right over Browns head!

  • Amy Dehner

    02/22/2017 09:27 PM

    Can't wait until they run them all out of California! Come to Michigan Nestle. I like the comment that you couldn't help yourself. Is that true? Like the melting away pun also!

  • Anita A

    02/22/2017 08:48 PM

    Agree with you as always Governor.

    You should have been our president in 2008. Too bad the evangelicals weren't awake back then. Still bemoaning that.

    Keep sharing and impacting the US.

  • Curtis Duncan

    02/22/2017 07:39 PM

    It's fascinating to actually see someone shoot themselves in the foot. But it's alarming to see so many people willing to do it. People don't thrive under socialism. Countries don't thrive under socialism or communism. The idea that everyone is going to do their share without facing poverty and starvation is ludicrous.

  • Darrel Lemke

    02/22/2017 07:00 PM

    Glory in the Cross
    “The 22nd and 53rd Day”
    If I am not mistaken, then this is The 22nd Day of February and the 53rd Day of 2017: Consider Reading Psalm 22 and Isaiah 53.
    February 22nd, 2017 – Darrel Lemke

  • David F. Miller

    02/22/2017 06:27 PM

    The only thing I can think to say is those of us who do not feel as the ultra-liberals do can but pray. Pay, a lot. California is headed down a steep and rocky path. Please God bring it all back under control.

  • Carolyn Rubio

    02/22/2017 05:35 PM


  • Darrel Lemke

    02/22/2017 05:02 PM

    Glory in the Cross
    If I am not mistaken, then the prophet Muhammad is The False Prophet.
    February 22nd, 2017 – Darrel Lemke

  • rebecca d

    02/22/2017 04:30 PM

    And let us not forget that it was Nestle who was bottling water, during California's drought, and not reporting their water levels. I wouldn't be surprised if "the wells run dry", which also contibuted to their decision to leave Venezuela...I mean California.

  • Elizabeth Bennett

    02/22/2017 04:23 PM

    Yes that is sad since we have 1/3 of the state population on welfare, that's about 13 million, and their state retirement fund is 77 Billion dollars under funded. I wonder, with 1 million people coming in to this country legally, 54 million on welfare, kids graduating from High School, 2 and 4 year colleges, refugees coming here, it seems like we would have to create 500,000 jobs a quarter, and they say we need people from other country's to fill what jobs? Be interesting to know the true number.

  • carol Galvin

    02/22/2017 04:05 PM

    YOU actually read them? So you obviously do not sleep either! But I just want to thank you Mike for being one of the men who has actually made me have a deeper (although frightful) understanding of what is going on around us. Plain talk works for me as I spent to darn many years trusting our leaders without really understanding what they were up to or even really what their roles were/are! It is deeply interesting for me to realize that even at my age (79) I can continue to learn and participate in topics that mean something to me. My life matters!
    Carol Galvin, Roswell, GA

  • Russell West

    02/22/2017 03:44 PM

    There is an anti-capitalist sentiment in America by those who are sucking off the teat of what capitalism, free enterprise and innovation built. If "Liberal Fascism" succeeds, the teat is going to dry up, and the cow is going to die. And the America that we know and love will be gone

  • Richard Phifer

    02/22/2017 03:40 PM

    Thanks Mike. Your articles are always informative.

  • Marsha Barnett

    02/22/2017 03:34 PM

    Hi Mike. Thanks for sharing more depressing news about CA.
    I live here and NONE of the elected officials represent me or my friends.
    We talk about leaving the state but we live our ocean in Pacifica We pray that our Lird and Savior will reveal the truth and expose these horrible leaders. I pray every day the God will protect our newly elected and appointed leaders. I pray President Trump will remain courageous and be healthy and get enough rest to do this job

  • Bobby Aggarwal

    02/22/2017 02:57 PM

    If I am fan of Donald Trump, blame it on CNN. In India all we get to see is this news channel. So when US elections started polling in 2015 we watched how CNN abused Trump. But to my amaze I saw him winning primaries which made me sit back and suspect an agenda behind CNN coverage. I felt cheated so I went on Internet to get my fair share of info and rest is history. We were taught at school, there are 3 forms of earning livelihood- primary(agriculture), secondary (manufacturing), tertiary(services). No economy will be self sustaining or even surviving without these 3 and essentially these have to be in the same order. Liberals belong to tertiary class which is essentially the froth of the system. Strangely they live in their own world without realizing that they are an outcome of a large system under then and not a reason for anything ! The more they run away from reality the more Nestles will happen.
    But to undermine your President and call him a Scumbag on MSNBC just because you represent a liberal California city, well, you are anti American I guess. More nestles are on the way.

  • Joyce Taylor

    02/22/2017 02:28 PM

    Nestle is moving to Virginia for economic reasons - the bottom line. They will not change their philosophy. Look at the political landscape today. Look at all the seats Democrats loss, all the governorships they lost. This has not changed their philosophy. Demoncrats are digging the hole so deep they won't be able to climb out of it. You'd think that Donald Trump took the office of President by a military coup or something. They constantly remind us that HRC got the popular vote; it does not matter that Trump won more States and counties. They still call him an illegitimate President as if the people had no part in casting their votes. Nestle is moving to another liberal State that is not as liberal as California just to protect their bottom line.

  • Scott Walsh

    02/22/2017 02:18 PM

    Mr, Huckabee. My Mom loved you. She passed on this past November at the age of 86. My question - How does one become employed at age 57, in politics/government. I have a
    business background and no degree. I am stronger physically and mentally than the average 30 year old college graduate. I also am a speed reader. Are you hiring? Blessings Sir!

  • Shirley Koockogey

    02/22/2017 01:54 PM


  • Irene Jensen

    02/22/2017 01:37 PM

    A lot of people in other states see California as a bunch of liberal idiots. I wish they knew that there is a group here who do have the ability to see things correctly and we don't all agree with the horrible way things are done here. I am, for one, VERY conservative. I think much of what California is doing is wrong. I am a 14th generation Californian and I like the land, but if the state wants to change to "Their own country, separated from the rest of the United States" (which makes no sense) I am moving. They cry that they have to have those federal funds given to them and to friends and family who are not even citizens here, but they want to disassociate themselves from the Country who puts most of their food on the table and gives them their welfare checks. They would lose a lot! It seems like California as a whole has lost all their common sense and core values. Perhaps it is because they have embraced the values of people who had not lived in our glorious Nation all their lives. I just don't know. But the politics and values I have are not here. I LOVE my country. My dad was in the service over 30 years and fought for our freedoms all his life, and I refuse to live on this land under the rules of a country this State refuses to acknowledge. I pledge allegiance to the United States and to the One who founded us. Many people in California are confused and they are a canker on the butt of society. I miss the more simpler, grateful times we once had. God Bless the USA!

  • Ron Devrick

    02/22/2017 01:30 PM

    Interesting that Nestle announced they were leaving California and immediately a lawsuit against Nestle gets airtime by NBC for 'empty space in the box' of movie snacks even though the contents matched the weight printed on the box. Coincidence? I think not.
    I wish the empty space in the NBC box was filled with truth, justice, honesty and credibility instead of just fill the AIR-time. The public deserves better.

  • L Nye

    02/22/2017 01:04 PM

    I thought Nestle was in Burlington, WI!

  • Karen Pitchford

    02/22/2017 01:01 PM

    Gosh Mr. Huckabee, that means yet another liberal moving into Va! We're trying hard to get rid of the likes of McAuliff....a total scourge on the state of Virginia. Praying hard that we can replace McAuliff, as he is filled with such vitriol and contempt for the People's Choice, President Trump.

  • Chris

    02/22/2017 12:53 PM

    Well, California is getting a "flood" of disagreement from an almost unknown constituent of theirs. On the other hand, I don't hear the California Raisins complaining about it from a business point of view.

  • Michele Pennington

    02/22/2017 12:47 PM

    Love your posts and commentary on Fox! Hope to go with you and your group to the Holy Land one day.

  • Anna seeley

    02/22/2017 12:42 PM

    The bad thing about about people leaving California is they really have no idea; they come "south" and want to bring their liberal ways with them. If they left because they wanted change, I wish they would know , we do not want their change! Leave California, do not bring it to us. We can visit California and know we do not
    Like it.