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September 2, 2022



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Bombshell report

In a bombshell report that should have led the news if President Biden hadn’t decided to jump the shark in jackboots, Republican Attorneys General Eric Schmitt and Jeff Landry released documents obtained in their lawsuit against the Biden Administration. They show that dozens of federal officials across multiple executive agencies colluded closely with tech platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to censor alleged “misinformation” and offer talking points to counter alleged “false narratives.” You know, like that Hunter Biden’s laptop was real.

Strip that of all the weasel words and it means that dozens of Biden officials were directing social media sites to censor and deplatform users and even entire Facebook groups that were saying things the White House didn’t want them to say. As Constitutional law attorney William Olson tweeted, “The Biden Administration converted private businesses into government agents to spend its corporate money to elect Democrats and defeat Republicans. Wonder how many federal crimes were committed by this arrangement. If we only had a functioning Department of Justice!”

The attorneys promise more to come. In the meanwhile, it might not be necessary for Biden’s DOJ to finally start acting like a law enforcement agency. If they won’t take this to the criminal courts, there are still the civil courts. And if we now have proof that the social media giants were secretly acting at the direction of the White House in censoring users, then they could make a strong legal case that these were not acting as private entities but as arms of the government, which would make them subject to lawsuits for violation of users’ First Amendment rights.

And will those tech companies just clam up and take a tsunami of lawsuits, or would they spill all the beans about how they were pressured and by whom to try to wriggle out of responsibility? 

Pop some popcorn, this could get interesting.

More information

We were expecting to have a detailed report on the judge’s ruling on former President Trump’s request for a special master to review the documents seized in the FBI raid of his home. But after listening to 90 minutes of arguments during Thursday’s hearing, she declined to make a ruling, saying her decision will come “in due course.” She ordered the DOJ to provide a more detailed inventory of what they took (I’m sure we’re all interested to learn what sort of dire nuclear secrets they took out of Melania’s shoe closet.)

Here’s some more information on the hearing and the ruling, and we’ll have more for you once there’s more to report.

In the meantime, here’s an article on why the DOJ is unlikely to indict Trump before the midterms, if they ever dare to indict him at all.

Biden’s speech

There have been a lot of mean “old man” jokes about President Biden soiling himself. Last night, Americans got the chance to watch that process play out over half an hour on live TV. Biden managed not only to soil himself in front of the world, but also to soil Independence Hall, the American flag, the US Marines, the Democratic Party and the Presidency of the United States.

I called it the speech that will go down in history as the “GET OFF MY LAWN!” speech when I appeared on Hannity with guest host Tammy Bruce. For someone who hates fossil fuels such as our plenteous supply of natural gas, Joe Biden used up about 10 years’ worth of our supply by “gaslighting” the 74 million people who voted for Trump. I had NO idea voting for someone other than Joe Biden made me an “extremist, un-American, hate-filled, and an enemy of democracy.” It was truly a disgraceful abuse of the Presidential Seal. But the reason most people won’t hold him and his hate-filled Democrat party accountable is because ol’ Joe has a willing partner in the media. They will mostly cover for him, defend his bile-filled screed, and justify it.

This may be the first time in history that a presidential speech could be considered an impeachable offense all by itself. Some of the more charitable terms used to describe it, across the political spectrum, included “dark,” “divisive,” “demonic,” “menacing,” “appalling,” “bitter,” “un-American,” “hate-filled” and “Mussolini-like.” At no time in American history, even during the lead up to the Civil War, has any President stood before the nation in his official capacity and slandered tens of millions of his fellow Americans as evil for disagreeing with his political views. Biden said, “I believe America is at an inflection point” as to whether it will be “a nation of hope and unity and optimism, or a nation of fear, division, and darkness.” At least he was right about that. He then went on to prove it by making the sales pitch for fear, division and darkness.

To their credit, the major TV networks that normally have no problem with ceding prime time to Democrat campaign commercials masquerading as “official government business” just said no to Biden's State of the Abomination Address. I don’t know whether that was because they realized that his scurrilous demonization of half the US population was clearly unfit to air, or they realized what damage it would do to the Democrats’ electoral prospects and were trying to save Grandpa from himself.

Of course, MSNBC aired it, and some of their Democrat Renfields actually praised Biden’s horrifying rhetoric. But while CNN aired it, even they were critical of some aspects of it, like the two Marines forced to flank Biden, an obvious attempt to co-opt and politicize the military.

How could any President be so utterly clueless as to not only think that this kind of slanderous demonization of his fellow Americans would appeal to anyone but the most unhinged leftwing extremists, but not even to consider how he was encouraging those deranged nutjobs to commit violence against Republicans? Because despite the blizzard of lies he was spewing, he can’t be dumb enough not to know that the main source of dangerous, violent extremism in America today is not patriotic, pro-life, churchgoing, working class moms and dads in red MAGA caps.

In Biden’s fevered brain, what makes you a dangerous extremist and threat to democracy is believing that we shouldn’t have millions of illegal immigrants pouring across the border, along with the human trafficking, violence and deadly drugs that entails; that we shouldn’t be kowtowing to China and Iran, or begging Saudi Arabia for oil; that criminals should be behind bars and not law-abiding citizens who are cowering in their barricaded homes; that schools shouldn’t brainwash small children with indoctrination in socialism, transgenderism and graphic sexual practices; and that babies in the womb shouldn’t be brutally dismembered right up to – and perhaps beyond – the moment of birth. Funny, I seem to recall a time when believing that any of that stuff was good made you a dangerous extremist. Now, those are his official policies and you’re a dangerous, “semi-fascist” extremist if you oppose them.

A handful of angry Trump supporters rioted for a couple of hours on one day in 2021. Despite Biden’s claims, I don’t know of a single Republican, myself included, who didn’t condemn the January 6th violence and call for the perpetrators to face the full legal consequences (the ACTUAL perpetrators; not grannies who wandered through an open door of a public building and took a few selfies.) The true danger from radical violent extremists is 99.99% from the left, as witness the 570+ BLM/Antifa riots that ravaged America’s cities in 2020, injuring over 1,000 police officers and doing more than a billion dollars in damage. The reaction of Biden’s VP to that was to contribute to their bail fund so they could get out and do it again.

Or witness the illegal protests at SCOTUS Justices’ homes that Biden’s DOJ refused to stop. One of his unhinged followers even tried to assassinate Justice Kavanaugh. Biden’s reaction to that was no reaction. He couldn’t even bring himself to condemn an attempted assassination of someone he disagrees with politically. Did he even think about how this speech was going to be interpreted as a call to arms by genuine violent leftist extremists like that, or like the masked goons of Antifa, who have recently started toting AR-15s? And he calls Republicans “dangerous extremists” and a “threat to democracy!”

Normally, I reject out of hand any attempts to tar political opponents with comparisons to the Nazis or Hitler. It’s usually a disgusting and cynical belittling of the true horrors of the Holocaust (and sadly, one that the Democrats have embraced wholeheartedly.) But many commentators couldn’t help pointing out how frighteningly Hitlerian this speech was, with Biden angrily denouncing half the citizens of America in terms that sounded eerily like Hitler’s demonization of the Jews (“they live in the shadow of lies!”) while shaking his raised fists in front of a flag bathed in blood-red light and flanked by two soldiers at attention. It might as well have come with a credit reading “Cinematography by Leni Riefenstahl.”

All meme makers had to do was add a couple of swastikas and a toothbrush mustache and their job was done.

For those who did want to avoid invoking Nazi references, I saw comparisons of it to Vladimir Putin’s demonization of his political opponents, and to Darth Vader, the dictator imagery in the movie of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall,” and the infamous “Two-Minute Hate” speeches in George Orwell’s “1984.”

As much as I disapprove of foul language, especially on TV, I have to admit that the only moment of true American spirit during that entire speech was when an unseen heckler yelled, "F--- Joe Biden!" It was a well-timed reminder to Biden that the First Amendment does still exist.

Astoundingly, Biden also called for “unity” in this speech. Well, he accomplished that. All but a tiny handful of radical left wackos are today united in universal condemnation of what could easily be the single most cringe-inducing public appearance by an American President since this nation was born. And yes, I'm including the time President Bush threw up on the Prime Minister of Japan.

Further reading: Some more commentaries on last night’s low point in Presidential history, from Prof. William Jacobson at the Legal Insurrection blog…

…Paula Bolyard and Stephen Kruiser of PJ Media…

…Spencer Brown at…

Here are a couple of round-ups of comments from various sources about this “rancid” “disgrace to the office of the Presidency.”

Finally, although this was written before the speech about similar comments Biden already made this week, I know you’ll want to read what Kurt Schichter has to say about Biden and the Democrats’ desperate attempt to distract you from their catastrophic policy failures with their fantasies of dictatorial power and a one-party state.


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  • Jerry

    09/03/2022 01:06 PM

    In the past I have mentioned many times biden had been in control by the devil Satan Lucifer a serpent and probably held many pagan rituals I had seen recent clips of biden and its background it’s speech with military personnel barking as if a rabid animal had bitten him a week before is beyond disturbing biden need to be confined evaluated and put away for 30 days of observation this is a mentally disturbed person the enemy is watching and are saying today let’s attack America biden won’t know what hit America for a week biden is in a twilight zone somewhere we’re man has not gone before

  • dennis bates

    09/03/2022 12:21 PM

    This is one time I wish the network media had carried his speech and revealed Biden for who he is.

  • Rhonda Messner

    09/02/2022 08:50 PM

    Thank you, Sir, for sharing with us how Biden is further dividing this nation (even moreso than Obama did!) This current government is nothing but a lying circus and the clowns just nod their heads. So many of them are "bought". I cannot understand how they can lay their heads down at night and find ANY peace. We know God will take care of them in His time. But it certainly is tough to deal with at the moment. Please keep the information coming.

  • Jerry

    09/02/2022 08:16 PM

    Today I took advantage of a 3 day special at the Hy-Vee I bought the items knowing within a dime what the payout was doing to be I showed the clerk the sale and the total came with a overcharge so I pointed out the price was to much I let her see the ad again she rang up the same items wrong again the manager comes back again at this point I am a bit annoyed I mentioned loud enough my math catholic school education from the 50’s still is effective today, the much younger manager probably didn’t like the reference I didn’t care I thought the clerk may have wanted to take advantage of an elderly man a watermelon rang up for 2o54 dollars so I made another remark how many shares of the Hy-Vee comes with a 2054 dollar watermelon now I think they would give me my items for free to get me to shut up the extra charge of 15 dollars makes me feel untrustworthy of most transactions today it is the same feeling I have for today’s politicians RiNOS included does the GOP really in it to win it concept biden is the tool the Dems and RiNOS are trying to change America

  • Samuel L. Smith Sr.

    09/02/2022 07:38 PM

    Biden's hate speech was so bad even saying it was below the bottom of the barrel does not say how bad it was! I feel sorry for my to bothers in arm (Semper Fi) that had to stand there. There was one thing missing from his speech there was no Hitler style salute at the end!

    there was

  • David Kocsis

    09/02/2022 07:19 PM

    Well done, WELL DONE! This man is not only sick, he is totally demented. As President, I do not recognize him as such. If the people do not turn out all the sickos in Congress this November, then they that are left deserve what they have wrought!

  • robertdavidhummel

    09/02/2022 05:50 PM

    Respectfully' President Biden, "Your PUBLIC Oration, 09/01/2022, was concisely and precisely, a caustic and definitive ASSAULT on the Well-being, of Our CITIZENRY, of Our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC.

    President Biden, Your TRASH TALK' on the PUBLIC STAGE, and your DEROGATORY SHOUTING opines, that, "Republicans are a FASCIST-THREAT to Our Country, IS A FALLACIOUS INSULT to all of, We The People of America, that EXPOSED a a SERIOUSLY SIGNIFICANT, and ominous LIE."

    President Biden, "Ninety five Percent (95%), of your oration", DID INCITE more DIVISION, that literally DESTROYED, all your former ALLEGATIONS, cited in your Inauguration Speech, 01/20/2021, "That you will do all you can, to grow and promote, UNITY of all people of our republic."

    PRESIDENT Joseph R. Biden, I will leave it for you, to decide, that you will AGAIN ADDRESS, We The People' of Our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC, as immediately as you read this notice, "To sincerely Apologize to America, for your UNFOUNDED, very CAUSTIC, and EXTREMELY DIVISIVE Oration, on 09'01/2022!"

    I want to be VERY CLEAR, Mr. President, "The Destructive, and Divisive IDEOLOGY' you cited in your PUBLIC ADDRESS last night, brings to mind that... "I' (And many others of our nation, that are a Christ-Servants, that "Cling to Our God, Our Bible, and Our Guns,' that you and your cabal, have identified as a DEPLORABLE DREGS, & EXTREME NATIONALISTS, as this Military Combat Veteran, and CONSTITUTIONAL PATRIOT of Our REPUBLIC, to the potential NEED for the balance and value, (SHOULD the NEED ARISE!), to " EMPLOY the 2ND paragraph, of, Our Treasured Foundational Document entitled, The Declaration of Independence."

    In closing Mr. President, I highly recommend that you URGENTLY CORRECT the HORRIBLE ATROCITIES in your very DIVISIVE Address, of 09/01/2022. For your failure to abide by the precepts of your Oath of Office, Our Constitution, and Our Rule of Law, may cause the DEMOCRAT LED, J6 EVENT, to akin to a Kindergarten->Recess event, compared to the OTHER POTENTIALS, "WE THE PEOPLE' MAY be coerced EMPLOY!"

    SFC, Robert David Hummel, U.S. Army (Ret.) Inverness FL 34452

  • Cherry Barberousse

    09/02/2022 05:16 PM

    I have never in my life seen such a tirade by a sitting American president against half of the We the People he took an oath to represent. He wanted to present "MAGA Republicans"-ALL Trump supporters and Republicans--as the "dark" evil on America. His background was not of hope, encouragement, peace. I have never seen such a depressing, evil-lurking background. I know a lot of people are offended by the use of comparisons to Hitler and 1930s/40s Germany, but that is all I could compare it to, reminding me of what that stood for--of what it could bring about. I have seen many photos/videos of Hitler's manic tirades, and the hanging of the huge American flag right behind Biden, flanked by two Marines on either side, the blood-red lights, his aggressive crescendo of voice just made me shudder. Hitler always had military present close at all events, letting the people know who was in charge, whose agenda was in charge, what the consequences could be for disagreeing. I got that message loud and clear for those voters who exercised their cherished American vote for Trump, for their views on abortion, etc., that differ from his and the Democrats. As president, he has alienated, insulted, ridiculed half of America, the most disgraceful, disrespectful to We the People and to his Oath of Office. As with the raid on Trump's Mar-A-Lago private home, I felt then like I did last night with Biden's attack that it is in hopes of working the Trump/Republican base up to commit acts of violence. I think they were disappointed that none were committed by the raid, therefore they have to scratch to come up with an indictment of some kind against him. I think he and the Democrats are hoping that from his tirade last night the same will occur. I pray all will act responsibly and peaceably, instead of reacting in violence from the divisive, dangerous, inflammatory rhetoric Biden used last night. This country has been through so much the last few years. He claimed that Republicans could not accept the "will of the people" in 2020, yet we watched as Hillary and Democrats said Trump was "illegitimate" and tormented him and his entire family/administration, put them and this country through so much turmoil in two impeachments, constant harassment and investigations, let alone the Covid pandemic, the overwhelming ILLEGAL immigration he never mentions, enormous debts he has burdened Americans with, cancelled their jobs. So sick of the constant lies, chaos, slamming/blaming Trump and Republicans for everything by him, Democrats, KJP. It is bad enough for Americans to see/hear this, but the World is watching, waiting. Yes, last night brought it to full light that our democracy is at stake, but he is certainly not the one to save it. Pray for the Republicans to regain control of the House and Senate in November. Thank you for this time. Pray you and all your family are well.

  • Paul Schaber

    09/02/2022 05:15 PM

    Biden's speech was nothing but a total loss of confidence in his leadership and those residing in FANTASYLAND (WASHINGTON DC) coming to the realization their cheating in 2020 is coming back to haunt them due to our enemies now know we are nothing but now a paper tiger and nothing else.

  • Marianne Dickinson

    09/02/2022 04:44 PM

    I think there is a mole in the White House, maybe even a whole team. Whoever wrote that speech and produced that Circus are definitely NOT working for Biden. Thank you, whoever you are.