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May 12, 2021

Good morning!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff! 

Today's newsletter includes:

  • Bible Verse Of The Day
  • House Republicans oust Liz Cheney
  • Texas: Former candidate for Mayor, indicted for vote fraud
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  • Was Hunter Biden targeted by Chinese intelligence?
  • Gov. DeSantis warns Antifa
  • Another stellar Biden Administration staffing pick
  • Report: Biden intelligence agencies plan to monitor Americans’ social media posts
  • A Reader Writes Back...


Mike Huckabee


“Thy faithfulness is unto all generations: thou hast established the earth, and it abideth.”

Psalms 119:90


House Republicans oust Liz Cheney

By Mike Huckabee

Not unexpectedly, in a closed-door meeting this morning, Rep. Liz Cheney was voted out as chair of the House GOP Conference, the #3 Party leadership position in the House.

Cheney left the meeting defiantly, still condemning President Trump, accusing him of telling “dangerous lies” about the 2020 election being stolen and of violating the Constitution, and vowing to keep him from ever returning to the White House. She might want to think more about her own chances of returning to the House at this rate.

This is a breaking story as we go to press, so I don’t know yet who her replacement will be. Stay tuned!

Texas: Former candidate for Mayor, indicted for vote fraud

By Mike Huckabee

A former candidate for mayor of Carrollton, Texas, has been indicted on 109 counts of vote fraud, with bail set at $330,000.

Read the story at the link to find out how this could be possible when all our top people have told us emphatically that vote fraud doesn’t exist.

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Was Hunter Biden targeted by Chinese intelligence?

By Mike Huckabee

Tuesday, we reported on Gordon Chang’s warning that there is no time to waste in dealing with China, which considers itself our adversary, even our enemy. He pointed out that there might be hundreds of Eric Swalwells --- political up-and-comers and influencers who are targeted by Chinese spies, just as Swalwell was targeted by Christine Fang, or “Fang Fang.” Now it seems likely that among those many Americans targeted by honeypots was none other than...Hunter Biden.

The British publication DAILY MAIL finds itself pretty much out there all alone with its report on Hunter Biden’s “flirty” 29-year-old Chinese-American secretary, JiaQiBao. I doubt you’ll see anything about this in the mainstream media.

This woman was working with Hunter in conjunction with his business venture with Chinese businessman Patrick Ho. In an audio recording of Hunter, heard on the abandoned laptop that Hunter doesn’t remember he owns, he describes Ho as “the spy chief of China.”

In 2017, Hunter and his uncle, Joe’s brother Jim, partnered with Chinese oil giant CEFC in a multi-million dollar deal that was anticipated to generate billions of dollars. It was after they went into business with CEFC that Hunter was “assigned” this woman as his secretary.

The joint venture went south when Ho, the secretary general of the CEFC, was arrested and convicted of bribery in a U.S. federal court. Ho had also been suspected of working with Chinese intelligence and was being monitored by federal officials under a FISA court order. (At last, a case in which a FISA warrant might actually have been granted for valid reasons!) The story about Hunter’s ties with CEFC is not new, as the DAILY MAIL reports:

“The Senate Homeland Security and Finance Committees issued a report in September 2020 scrutinizing Hunter’s business deal with CEFC, noting the company’s deep ties to the Chinese government and concluding that the millions of dollars transferred from the firm to Hunter and his uncle ‘raise criminal, financial, counterintelligence and extortion concerns.’”

Of course, Joe Biden was running for President at the time, with the election less than two months away. Let’s stop right here for just one minute and imagine that this had been a report about, say, Don Trump, Jr., at a similar point in the campaign. Picture the screaming headlines and the frantic, nonstop news reports. Now, did you see mainstream news screaming about Hunter Biden? Of course not.

Considering Ho’s suspected inks to Chinese intelligence, it seems almost certain that the Chinese-American secretary “assigned” to Hunter was an undercover agent. The relationship Hunter had with this women is hinted at through emails on the laptop. At first, she did clerical work, translated documents and scheduled airline flights, hotels, meetings and doctor’s appointments. But the messages became much more personal; in 2017 she calls him “the most amazing and understanding boss, and the most charismatic friend and co-conspirator-in-mischief.” There reportedly aren't any intimate photos of her on the laptop, but there are references to his dog tags (“your doggy chain necklace”), which somehow were in her possession in her New York apartment. Hunter is seen wearing the dog tags in porn videos that show up on the laptop.

“Hey, Hunter! How are you?” Bao writes to him. “I just got a message from Mervyn about your inquiry of your necklace. I still have it locked in my drawer in my NY apartment, as promised to safekeep it for you. I’m out of town at the moment. I will reach out and return it to you along with the garment bag I had prepared for you as soon as I get back to NYC. Take care and catch up soon :). Miss you, JiaQi”

In a letter she marks as confidential, she refers to Jim Biden, Hunter’s uncle, as “Uncle Jim.” This email was written as the company was being dissolved, and she has very interesting, private advice for him about keeping as much money from the company as possible, saying that it’s “nobody’s money.” She says she’s hesitant to advise this because she might be thought of as “a messed up bad girl,” but she goes on to advise, “So take whatever money you can take, as long as the money is available to claim in U.S., or you guys (you, Mervyn, Kevin) figure out a way to have the money transferred to the right U.S. account before any restriction levied by Chinese regulators or appointed new boss in charge of manage the enterprise Ye left behind...and just try to keep + take as much money as possible...Please note, I did not say anything to you ;)”

She ends the note with a hope for future contact: “As I said, I will always think of you as a great friend and happy to help when you need me, regardless of whether I work for you or not. Don’t be a stranger. I still owe you a home cooked Chinese dinner; hold on to your rain check ;p”

In another letter about a year later --- March of 2019 --- she reaches out to Hunter again in a much more personal letter, speaking about how “Uncle Joe” will be “one of the best presidents in our country’s history!” She even helpfully includes some oppo research in the form of negative stories about Trump for Biden to use in the campaign, putting key words in red.

She stresses that she wants to communicate with Hunter directly, not through a third party. “I have already cut any association with such third party/person,” she says. She still has his dog tags and wants to deliver them, but not through anyone else. She cryptically speaks of a “misunderstanding clouding over us” that she wants to “sweep away.” Then she offers a stream of personal advice.

I encourage you to read the correspondence from her in the DAILY MAIL story, as it shows how insightful this assigned secretary was into Hunter’s character and family situation. For someone who started as a clerical worker, she insinuated herself into his personal life. (It's important to say that we do not have conclusive proof she was working undercover for "spy chief" Ho, but this is how agents work.) “You have such a charismatic personality,” she wrote to him, “and I know you are a super nice person that I’m naturally drawn to, so you know, I have your best interest at heart and I want to do something for you to show my appreciation.”

In earlier messages, Bao encouraged Hunter to add his personal bills into the expense reports. And she also paid for some things: “Don’t worry about our drinks, it’s on me, no need to be included with this report.”

Bao currently has a LinkedIn page, but it doesn’t list any work experience with CEFC or the Bidens. It says she has worked as “an analyst and assistant in finance and private equity in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and New York since 201l. She has a Chinese- American family based in Arizona, and she studied at Arizona State University before getting her masters at top Beijing university Tsinghua.

Gov. DeSantis warns Antifa

By Mike Huckabee

In what could become a daily recurring feature called “Two Americas,” while armed Antifa gangs are being allowed to roam freely in Portland, terrorizing and beating citizens, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis just issued a warning to them: Don’t even think about pulling that leftwing thuggery in Florida.

During a press conference, DeSantis said that if anyone tries to burn something or harm someone, particularly a police officer, during a violent assembly, “there will be consequences. They will be swift, and they will be severe, and they will be such that people who see that happening will know that’s not something we want to do going forward.”

DeSantis said the reason the violence is still going on in Portland and other blue cities is because the perpetrators face no serious consequences, and if they are arrested, they’re quickly released to do it again. He said he’ll protect legitimate First Amendment protest rights, but “the minute you harm somebody else, or you harm somebody’s property,” there will be “very swift penalties for it.'”

He’s not just blowing smoke (that's actually treated as a crime in blue cities.) Last month, he signed an anti-rioting bill that imposes harsh penalties on people who protest violently, travel from another state to participate in a riot or vandalize a monument. It also protects motorists who harm rioters who block traffic, if they believe their lives are in danger.

Naturally, leftist media outlets accused DeSantis of “fascism,” but when you defend armed gangs of radical thugs who pull people out of vehicles and beat them within an inch of their lives, I don’t feel like listening to a lecture from you about how bad you think fascism is.

Another stellar Biden Administration staffing pick

By Mike Huckabee

Susan Hennessy will be taking a position in the National Security Division of Biden’s “Justice” Department:

As reports, Hennessy was a writer for the Law Fare blog who supported Obama’s expansion of surveillance powers over American citizens, including letting 16 other intelligence agencies access private communications that the NSA intercepted. She apparently thought this was so vitally important because she believed all the crackpot oppo “research” in Christopher Steele’s so-called “Russian dossier” used to justify spying on Trump and his people. In fact, Hennessy was such an adamant promoter of the phony “Russian collusion” yarn that liberal journalist Glenn Greenwald called her “one of the most deranged Russiagate conspiracists of the last four years.”

And now, she’ll actually be in a position of responsibility over your private information as part of the Biden DOJ’s National Security Division. But don’t worry: before she announced the appointment, she deleted all her deranged Russiagate tweets. That’s just like wiping the slate clean and starting over, right?

Report: Biden intelligence agencies plan to monitor Americans’ social media posts

By Mike Huckabee

Speaking of putting leftwing ideologues in charge of national security, Biden intelligence agencies plan to monitor Americans’ social media posts to anticipate any future violent protests. But apparently, the only violent protest they think has happened in the past five years was the January 6th violence at the Capitol. So I assume this means “monitoring conservative free speech.”

If I could make a modest suggestion, it might be a more effective use of your time to monitor another group that’s far more likely to commit violent protests. You’ll find them all around blue cities, but especially in Portland. You should be able to recognize them by the fact that they’re wearing black masks, carrying AR-15s, setting government buildings on fire and beating innocent bystanders.

Sorry, but that’s all the “intelligence” I have for you now. You’ll have to figure out the rest by yourselves.

A Reader Writes Back... 

In response to a pro-life story:

We (my husband and I) are now great grandparents to 3 beautiful children. One is just 8 days old. To see those tiny fingers and toes, that cute little nose and her silky dark hair melts our hearts. How can anyone destroy a new life so precious made in the likeness of God? Tell me they aren't a child! So sad that people can do such a thing. So sad.

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  • Carmine Fea

    05/14/2021 12:54 PM

    Liz Cheney has no understanding of our Constitution or the rule of law but hides behind both. Cheney deliberately lies to the American people repeating the democrat lie President Trump instigated insurrection against our Capital and seat of our government when the evidence clearly indicates Trump did not. Cheney deliberately lies to the American people when she denies there were election irregularities in 2020, such as state legislatures, the people, were denied their Constitutional right to make election law in democrat run states, where legislature's and the people's election laws were overturned by democrat secretaries of state and activist judges which made election fraud easier.

  • Julie

    05/13/2021 11:15 PM

    I appreciate all your work from a spiritual and political perspective. I do have to ask why you would interview Bill O’Reilly. Has he ever taken responsibility or apologized for his sexual harassment of women and subsequent paying them off? He may have brilliant conservative opinions but I for one, do not care to hear of a single word he has to say.

  • Jerry

    05/13/2021 09:52 AM

    Biden’s BLM anfia supporters are cheering like Islamic terrorists cheered the bombing on 9/11 celebrating the defeat of decency and lower income earners a chance of getting a better lifestyle Biden is delivering a low lifestyle for everyone

  • Ann Atwell

    05/13/2021 09:23 AM

    I applaud the governor of Florida for his stand against terrorist groups in this country. If every state would stand up to these groups the violence they are causing would stop. If the elected employees (politicians) of these states aren't going to protect the law abiding citizens who voted for them, then the people need to stand up to these terrorists. I don't believe in violence , but I am not going to allow someone too sorry to work to destroy what I have worked all my life for.

  • Anita David

    05/13/2021 02:02 AM

    I can't even believe the words I'm hearing - is this happening in a democratic, civilized, law-abiding western society, is it? are we allowing this - torching government buildings??? 40 yrs in prison or public hanging.

    "If I could make a modest suggestion, it might be a more effective use of your time to monitor another group that’s far more likely to commit violent protests. You’ll find them all around blue cities, but especially in Portland. You should be able to recognize them by the fact that they’re wearing black masks, carrying AR-15s, setting government buildings on fire and beating innocent bystanders."

  • Ross Pittman

    05/12/2021 09:54 PM

    Thank you for keeping us informed on this "run away socialist administration " we are stuck with. God PLEASE HELP US.

  • Joyce Kanlan

    05/12/2021 09:24 PM

    American social media. This may sound far fetched, however, it may come to the point to STOP using social media. Crazy? Uncomfortable? Inconvenient???Probably, however, getting back to, returning to old school might be more beneficial. Slower maybe, but letter writing, yes, I said letter writing, put a stamp on it & mail it or use a phone. Not as a computer but as a means of communication. Skype, zoom etc., anything BUT Facebook,Twitter etc. Think about it before you laugh at me, make fun or get perturbed. It’s worth thinking about.

  • Joyce Kanlan

    05/12/2021 09:17 PM

    Deleted deranged tweets....sounds like a typical liberal progressive socialist communist democrat move. Like Hillary, who even when ordered to turn them over, she deleted, whited out,shredded, bleached & hammered all Truth&Facts (evidence). Democrats like ??come to kill,Steal&Destroy loving darkness&hate the light because their deeds are evil!??

  • Joyce Kanlan

    05/12/2021 08:01 PM

    Warn Antifa. Democrats DEFLECT & DENY. Democrats follow ??the father of LIES! Democrats like ??roam to see who they can devour,loving darkness&hate the light because their deeds are evil! Democrats come, again, like ??to kill, steal& destroy! STOP lawlessness TODAY????????! Stand up, sound off all 70+Million Patriots & speak up loud&clear! FIGHT FOR your city,state! Fight FOR your safety&security law&order God&Country!????????

  • Joyce Kanlan

    05/12/2021 07:55 PM

    Hunter targeted. NO. He, his Uncle& his dad ( Commander in thief Biden) are not stupid, their not oblivious to what goes on! They, like former obama BIDEN plan, plot, prepare knowing exactly what is going on, what can happen & hopefully what will happen. What many Americans want to know is WHY this has gone on as long as it has & NOTHING has been done! NO ONE is in Prison! WHY is that?

  • Joyce Kanlan

    05/12/2021 07:45 PM

    Fraud doesn’t exist. Democrats SAY??????all the time, every day actually, day in day out. Democrats stand on, like former obama,BIDEN when they REMOVED God from their platform early on Obama’s Presidency, removed prayer,10 commandments,crosses all across America, pledge of allegiance & so help me God. If democrats like ??don’t believe God exists, it’s EASY for them to LIE,DISTORT,PERVERT truth&fact, like ????no fraud. IF you believe A SYLLABLE that flows from a democrat mouth, believe me, they’ll have a bridge somewhere for sale. ??&money grubbing con artists.??.

  • Joyce Kanlan

    05/12/2021 07:25 PM

    Liz. You are either FOR someone/something OR AGAINST. Simple, right? Folks like her & Romney are NOT for the people, didn’t, don’t support our Former President Trump&our One Nation Under God. Defiant is a great definition of democrats. Hate filled,intolerant intimidating bullies who use violence, who threaten like Waters,Schumer in PUBLIC,unashamed unapologetic. Good bye& don’t let the door catch you on your way out.

  • Floyd A Unger

    05/12/2021 04:58 PM

    Thank you

  • Marie Krause

    05/12/2021 04:56 PM

    Mercy, I better watch what I say if the government is spying on us now. I won't tell anyone on facebook that I'm still working on destruction of Hurricane Harvey almost 4 years ago, and had to buy a new mower because I wore one out, nor that I threw another chain on my saw, trying to cut a limb that slid off the trunk and landed on the shop. Or that the deep freeze this past winter damaged so many trees that I might have to hire someone to cut them down, before they fall on my well house.

    I don't like to be a spoilsport but it might be a good idea for politicians to know that there still those of us in the elder community, do not do cash transactions over the internet. I just recieved one for you, by mail, and will respond but there are a few others I would also like to let know that I am backing them when I have something left over from my social security after replacing tools. Just don't want to give up my talents at 'fixing' things at the age of 78. Keep doing what you are doing....and if you talk to Trump, tell him folks like me can't get on his new site because my printer quit too. I'm a mess.

  • Joyce Bonar

    05/12/2021 04:50 PM

    I always enjoy your comments, your honesty, and honoring our God and King.

  • David Colonna

    05/12/2021 04:33 PM

    Please call or send notice to President Trump to not support Elise Stefanick as new GOP leadership. Elise Stefanick voted against most if not all of President Trumps agenda when he was our best President ever. She is definitely not an American Republican supporter and should actually be thrown out of the party along with Mott Romney, McConnell, Liz Chaney and all others in the deep state or in bed with the Liberals. Please we pray you fore warn President Trump to boycott or stop the election as GOP leader Elise Stefanick!!!

  • Sharon Faulkner

    05/12/2021 01:45 PM

    Still think I am wrong to call the Biden Administration "Blue Reich" with all they are pulling?

  • William Fuhrer

    05/12/2021 01:41 PM

    The atmosphere of the political system as being SACRED versus system that can be manipulated. United States justice system of trying to keep judges and jury as pure as possible is the best in the world and to allow outside tampering and bulling should NOT be tolerated.