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July 27, 2021

I’m seeing some encouraging signs of life on the right, with more conservatives fighting back against the left’s assumption that they get to play Big Brother and determine the limits of OUR conversation. As long as we stick to facts --- not facts as determined by leftist “fact”-checkers but real, verifiable information --- it’s time to fly over the target and bomb away. Especially, we need the courage to ask questions and demand real answers. That’s true most of all when it comes to the 2020 election.

Former President Trump is right out in front on this and sets a great example. He DOES NOT CARE what the left says about him, and this weekend, he spoke out in Phoenix at Turning Point USA about cancel culture and the need to speak up about the election. Self-censoring is exactly what the left wants us to do. Regardless of what we’ve able to determine thus far about the security of Dominion Voting Systems, there’s much that leftists did to turn the 2020 election into a legal and logistical --- and unverifiable --- mess, and much they continue to do to keep us from looking at it.

“Just so you understand, you know, we talk about cancel culture,” Trump began. The biggest thing that they want canceled, is they don’t want you talking about the election that just took place. Because they say, ‘Holy sh**, they caught us! [wild applause] They caught us. [even wilder applause] THEY CAUGHT US. And you know, we’ve seen it: the scandal, the likes of which we’ve never had. But the only way you get away with the scandal, is if they don’t talk about it. They don’t want to talk about it.”

But Trump said –- and he’s right –- that they won’t be able to avoid it. They talk in general about banning speech, “but what they don’t anything having to do with the 2020 election.”

Another fighter who refuses to be cowed is attorney Sidney Powell, best known for representing another deeply wronged individual, Michael Flynn. We don’t see much of Powell on TV right now because of legal saber-rattling by Dominion Voting Systems, which is acting on the theory that the best defense is a big, blustery offense. But that’s okay; the legal stuff will work itself out, and it might actually be better for Powell to fly mostly under the radar right now.

Readers have asked what she’s up to, though, and I’m happy to be able to answer that question, at least partially. Powell happens to be in the news this very day, concerning a desperately important matter: the treatment of those who “breached” the Capitol Building and are still being held without bail.

Last Thursday, conservative radio host Pete Santilli announced on his show that Powell will be involved in helping the January 6 detainees, who are called “political prisoners” by many (who have a point). Another attorney on the team, Cynthia Hughes, made the same claim on Steve Bannon’s show. “She [Powell] is really, really, really gonna get behind us,” Hughes said.

The announcement essentially coincided with the release of a letter from a member of the Proud Boys on the three-month anniversary of being locked up. I will not in any way defend the Proud Boys, who are labeled as by the media as being neo-facist and leaning in to white supremacy. But even if they are as evil and they have been reported to be, its members are still protected by the Constitution and are innocent until proven guilty and are guaranteed due process and not subject to unreasonable “search and seizure.” I’ll leave it up to you to determine if the treatment of this person is reasonable. It’s bad enough that he and others are being held without bail, but his description of the conditions he faces is shocking. “My body feels as if it’s aged so much,” he writes, as he can’t work out and suffers a lot of back pain. He sleeps on a thin mattress on a piece of steel welded to the wall. He gets very little protein to eat –- there’s some kind of soy-based “gelatin dog food looking stuff” –- and feels himself weakening, saying he can hardly walk.

Also, there is no privacy, ever, he says; even going to the bathroom is in full view. He has one small window in the cell, but it’s sandblasted to be opaque, so he can never see the outdoors.

If you break any rule, he says,, they put you in a brightly lit, freezing room, naked. Now he has panic attacks, “so bad I black out.”

He knows he’s not a white supremacist, he says, because he’s there with guys who really ARE white supremacists. In fact, they tell him they hate that the Proud Boys are being called white supremacists. “They all say I’m too nice,” he writes, “and nothing like the media makes me out to be.” And, in an ironic twist, the black guys he’s met there say that if the Proud Boys as a group are like him, they want to join!

He says he spends most of his time alone, reading the Bible and other Christian books. “The plus side to this [is] God was able to get ahold of me in this place,” he writes. “In the end I just pray people see the truth. I had nothing to do with that day. I never planned what happened. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

The man’s name is Joe Biggs. (In fact, he signed his letter “Joe Biggs, political prisoner.”) He’s a retired Army staff sergeant, a two-time Purple Heart recipient, and described by another of the Proud Boys as a “war hero” who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He’s also an online personality. If you know the story, Biggs is the man who simply walked in, took a few selfies to document his peaceful protest of what he believes was a stolen election, asked a security guard if he could use the restroom and was directed to it, used the restroom, and walked out.

He’s been in a cell in Florida’s Seminole County Jail for three months. If the report of what he did is accurate, and I’ve seen nothing to the contrary, this man shouldn’t even have been detained, let alone held without bail. The left has gone so far that we can’t even recognize our country. This is why we can’t be silent any longer.

Mark Tapscott in THE EPOCH TIMES has a story about four GOP members of Congress –- Matt Gaetz of Florida, Louis Gohmert of Texas, Paul Gosar of Arizona, and Marjorie Taylor Greene of Ggeorgia –- taking this issue to the door of the “Justice” Department Tuesday. They have questions for law enforcement authorities about what they knew and when, and why Congress wasn’t told. They also have “unanswered questions relating to the treatment of January 6 prisoners.”

For several months, they’ve received no response from Attorney General Merrick Garland. (The only bright spot about having this political hack as attorney general is that I get to thank my lucky stars he didn’t get on the Supreme Court.) His failure to provide answers is why they’re headed to the DOJ in person. Texas Rep. Gohmert, in a statement, compared what has been done to these detainees to what is done in “tyrannical third-world countries, not the United States.”

So, at least some Republicans have a spine. It’s time to join them, and speak out in every way we can.

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  • Deborah Butler

    09/09/2021 03:52 PM

    I live in Oregon. The Proud Boys and other similar groups are very helpful in this area. They protect folks from antifa!
    A few years ago, we went to the hear Dinesh D'Souza and Brandon Straka #walkaway. I knew people who were afraid to go because antifa was threatening the event! We went and antifa was a disappointingly small handful of wierdies when we arrived, but we did pay extra to park in a locked lot. The event was alot of fun! The Proud Boy-types were waiting on the way out, escorting folks to their cars!! Very impressive.
    Last month, families with children were attacked at a prayer rally in Portland by antifa. The police just stood by--and may have facilitated antifa. There wasn't any protection because the group didn't think they needed it! The next night, when Sean Feuct had another prayer rally, the Proud Boys were there and outnumbered antifa, so there wasn't a problem. Although it was funny: Halfway through the rally Sean noticed there were people sneaking around in the crowd, pretending to be worshipping. He said, "There are people in this crowd who aren't part of our group. We are going to sing "Waymaker," and if you aren't singing this, we'll know you don't belong here!"
    I thought that was a cheerful way to handle antifa! Someone from antifa came to the Lord that night, I heard.

    A few weeks ago, there was a prayer rally called "The Church at Planned Parenthood." These groups are usually young families with children, and some of my family members were there. Antifa was at the rally screaming and cussing the whole time. Near the end, they threw a rotten egg, which hit a young family member!

    Keep up the good work, Mike!

    P.S. Generally speaking, the Proud Boy types defend Christian groups and they love to fight; antifa attacks Christian groups and they love to attack.

  • JER ZE

    08/24/2021 10:01 AM

    What can be done to help these prisoners. I can't believe they are treating them like that, other prisons have weight rooms, feed them the best meals and treat them like human beings. How can they get away with all of that. Isn't there some attorney on the conservative side that can help these guys that are being held for no reason? This is a everything else the left is doing.

  • Becky Myers

    08/06/2021 09:09 AM

    This is absolutely deplorable what is happening to these patriots in jail. I cannot understand how "We the people" tolerate the injustices and it is time many of the other side are thrown in jail for treason. Guess what though, on a better note, I'm a retired teacher in Douglas County in Colorado and am running for school board. This grandma's gloves are coming off.

  • John Newell

    08/05/2021 03:53 AM

    Thank you Governor for your Christian stand and leadership. Thank you for bringing us the REAL news. We as Christians need to stand up and speak up for our rights. May God give us the courage to do so. I would also like you to consider inviting the 3 Heath Brothers to your Huckabee show. They are 3 young brothers on fire for God. Google them. They are a REAL blessing ??. I know them personally . They will be a blessing to you and your audience. God bless??

  • Tommie hull

    07/29/2021 03:31 PM

    Best commentary on speak out follow Trump's lead. I sometimes don't know what's going on. I've read your newsletter for about 5 years. I like it a lot. We came to see your show in June. Loved it. Just didn't have time to greet you your first personal meeting with audiences since covid. But wanted too. God bless you and your family. Tommie from Texas.

  • Catherine

    07/29/2021 12:05 AM

    Concerning the political prisoners from Jan. 6th, where is the governor of Florida and why isn't he demanding answers to what is happening in his own prisons? He has been outspoken on so many other concerns in his state it seems to me this should be a priority for him.

  • Gerriann L Reko

    07/28/2021 05:53 PM

    Amen & Amen Gov.
    We seem to see our "formerly" amazing Country go to h*** in a handbasket! I do pray that we Republicans learn the lesson to speak out AND to stand for truth!

  • Michelle Clark

    07/28/2021 02:10 PM

    Regarding political detainees from Jan. 6th.
    We are told to step up, speak out.....
    Our representatives make formal requests time and again.
    Why don't they just show up at the door, in the name of the PEOPLE and take a personal tour? They disappeared months ago? Family, associates, employers... they must be missed. Where is the stop gap that cuts out the information? Who IS in charge?

  • Kirk Rushing

    07/28/2021 12:37 PM

    Hey Governor,
    It sounds like the left is terrified to let these folks out 1. Because of their bizarre treatment and 2. These people can truly discuss what actually happened in the hallways of the Capital building.
    The Left Can’t Handle the Truth.

  • Keith Byerly

    07/28/2021 10:25 AM

    My son Alan Byerly is in DC Correctional. Did not enter capital building. But had a confrontation with a reporter and policemen. But the charges ate of much greater was done. I do not know exactly what happened, becauseof phones being monitored in jail. Most Jan. 6th folks are some where else, there are only 2 in this jail. When they 1st arrived the population (mostly black) thought they were pedophiles and that is very dangerous to be one in jail (where did they get that idea?) Anyway Alan spoke up the next day and told them who they were and things simmered down although most were not happy about them being Trump supporters. He has not had a bail hearing in DC yet, and expects that bail will be denied. (Greg Kelly 7/22/21 reported on the miss treatment of Jan 6th people Alan was mention in that list of folks who read out) i guess if your are a Democrat you can burn a city or burn a federal building with agents inside, you may get arrested but are out the next day without bail. Sorry i had to vent. Since Alan was saved he is not the same as he was but the old mannis in us all. What he did was wrong and he's sorry for what he did. Thank you for the opportunity to express my frustration. God bless you and yours