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February 15, 2023



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Feinstein out?!?

It’s official…I think. California Sen. Dianne Feinstein will not run for reelection in 2024, although she seemed surprised to learn that herself, telling reporters she hadn’t made a decision yet hours after her staff had released a statement saying that she had.

There have been persistent rumors that at 89, Feinstein has been having cognitive issues that are interfering with her job. Not that she’s alone in Washington in that regard. It says something about both the state of Democratic Party leadership and the Senate in general that when an 89-year-old Senator announces that she won’t be seeking another six-year term, it’s actually news.

Democrat House members who are now scrambling to run for Feinstein’s seat include Reps. Katie Porter, Barbara Lee and Adam Schiff. Which raises the question, “Out of a California population of over 39 million, you can’t find anyone better than this?”

A Good Start

I’ve been telling you about the Washington Examiner’s expose of the “Global Disinformation Index,” the UK-based group that circulated secret blacklists of conservative media sites (including this one!) to advertising placement companies, claiming we were spreading “disinformation” to cut off ad revenues and drive us out of business. Well, now that daylight has been shone on their activities (spreading disinformation by falsely accusing people of spreading disinformation), Microsoft’s advertising company Xander announced that it’s suspending its subscription to GDI’s “services.” The accurate term for that would be “a good start.”

But one thing about these sneaky leftist groups is that there’s never just one of them. They are a many-headed hydra. Here’s a report from the Daily Caller about an (again) UK-based “think tank” that poses as a group fighting “extremism, hate and disinformation,” which they seem to define as “mainstream conservative speech.”

What makes this one particularly infuriating is that they actually received a grant for their insidious work from the US State Department, to “advance the development of promising and innovative technologies against disinformation and propaganda.” That’s right: they’re using our tax money to take away our free speech rights. And they’re doing it by “informing” platforms such as YouTube on their “content moderation” decisions, i.e., who to censor and deplatform.

Just as Democrats always accuse Republicans of what they’re actually doing themselves, these enemies of free speech always adopt names that convey the opposite message. This one laughably calls itself “the Institute for Strategic Dialogue.” I think it’s safe to say that dialogue is the last thing in the world that they want. They seek a media environment that's a 24/7 leftist monologue.

The Daily Caller reports that the State Department and ISD also partnered to create something called the “Strong Cities Network, a United Nations-affiliated initiative that seeks to combat ‘hate, polarization and extremism’ abroad.” It also gets funding from various other leftwing groups, including George Soros’ Open Society Foundations (what did I tell you about the names these groups adopt?)

It’s bad enough when you have privately-funded groups working in secret with media platforms to silence millions of people’s legitimate opinions and true news stories inconvenient to official narratives. But the excuse that private company censorship doesn’t violate the First Amendment goes out the window when it’s government-funded. As noted in the article, it’s unconstitutional for government agencies to outsource the violation of the public’s free speech rights to third party entities. When that happens, these entities become de facto arms of the government.

I know the GOP House’s list of things that call for investigation is getting longer than Santa’s “Naughty” list, but this naughty end-run around the First Amendment at taxpayer expense needs to be added to it.

Welcome sign

Another welcome sign that the mass delusion of “wokeness” and cancel culture is finally dissipating: In an interview with the UK’s Radio Times, Oscar-winning actress Cate Blanchett condemned cancel culture and the idea that works of art and literature from the past should be erased because their creators didn’t live up to current standards of wokeness.

Blanchett said if you refuse to look at a masterpiece like Picasso’s “Guernica” because of the artist’s behavior or to read older books “that are slightly offensive because of what they say in a historical context," then you’re failing to grapple with the ideas of that time and “so, therefore, we are destined to repeat that stuff."

Maybe this is why the people who have worked so hard to erase the real history of the great strides made in civil rights in America think they’re chalking up victories by sowing racial division and bringing back discarded ideas like judging people by their skin color and segregating college campuses. It's entirely possible that they never learned anything from history because they refused to study the real thing, only fantasy propaganda like "The 1619 Project."

I hope she doesn’t get the “cancel culture” attack treatment for daring to speak the truth, but the fact that a top Hollywood actress would even say it is proof that fear of the tiny but vocal mob that champions ignorance and censorship is finally evaporating. I’m happy to say that throughout their reign of error and terror, I never hesitated to repeat one of my favorite quotes from George Santayana, which is the essence of Ms. Blanchett’s argument:

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Some advice from The Beatles

I’m not unsympathetic to the Temple University Graduate Association in going on strike for higher pay than $19,500 a year. But having been raised in a bygone age when I was taught that if you don’t work, you don’t eat, I have to wonder how someone can attain the education level of graduate student and yet be shocked and outraged to learn that if they refuse to show up to work, they don't get their pay and benefits.

Some of the radical responses to that also show that they don’t even understand the concepts of socialism and capitalism. I have to wonder, have they at least ever heard the Beatles, who should have taught them that “if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain’t gonna make it with anyone anyhow.”

Biden's choice for the FCC

Meet the person President Biden wants to make an FCC Commissioner, overseeing our media and guarding your right to free speech, God help us.

If you wonder just how much damage Biden’s radical appointees are doing in regulatory positions that are supposed to be sober and bipartisan, listen to Christine Wilson, who just resigned as a commissioner with the Federal Trade Commission in protest of Biden-appointed Chair Lina Khan’s “willful disregard of congressionally imposed limits on agency jurisdiction, her defiance of legal precedent, and her abuse of power to achieve desired outcomes.”

Lest you think this is just a Republican complaining about Democrat policies, Wilson points to a survey showing that under Trump in 2020, 87% of FTC employees “agreed that senior agency officials maintain high standards of honesty and integrity.” Under Biden’s appointee, that’s plummeted to 49%.

Bless Her Heart

The group He Gets Us that ran commercials promoting Christian messages during the Super Bowl responded to AOC’s attacks on them as “fascist.” It was the perfect response, explaining the meaning of the ads while turning the other cheek and not attacking their attacker. They forgave her, for she knew not what she was talking about. You have to do that a lot with her, bless her heart.

MSNB-See The Bias!

Liberal pundit Krystal Ball told Joe Rogan that when she was working for MSNBC in 2014, she made critical comments about Hillary Clinton’s plans to run for President (“She sold out to Wall Street. People are going to hate this lady. She’s, like, a terrible candidate for the moment.”) She said that afterward, she was pulled into an office and told that the next time she planned to do any commentary on Hillary, it had to be approved by the president of the network first.

I know I should be outraged at this further proof of MSNBC’s obvious bias, but let’s be honest: who’s surprised? Besides, as I’ve said before, the echo chamber that the media has created that only says positive things about Democrats actually harms them in the long run, as denying reality eventually does. Look back at what she said about Hillary. What part of it was incorrect? She was a compromised, unlikeable, terrible candidate, yet everyone on MSNBC was shocked when she lost to Donald Trump.

I wasn’t. Know why? Because I don’t rely for news on outlets like MSNBC that exist only to tell the Democrats what they want to hear. That just makes them weaker, self-deluded candidates. It’s only dangerous when they tell the viewing public only what the Democrats want them to hear. Fortunately, they’re telling it to a smaller and smaller audience with each passing day.



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  • Jerry

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    Need a picture of of the Biden administration look no further than the train derailment in Ohio and railroad ownership where are the federal agencies to conduct air and water sources the entire community needs to be Evacuated animals are dead the confusion between state and federal government the evacuation should be minimum of 5 miles

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    Gov. Huckabee,
    Do you know of Reps or Senators who subscribe to your newsletter? You often remark that our leaders in Government need to be doing such-and-such. Do they ever respond or you about the issues you bring up?