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January 17, 2023

Someone needs to remind the YMCA in Santee, California (San Diego), that the “C” stands for “Christian.” It sounds as if the people running it no longer identify as Christian.

This story blew up after 17-year-old Rebecca Phillips complained to the City Council that she was shocked and frightened when a naked man walked through the YMCA women’s locker facilities while she was showering, exposing his male genitalia. She said when she reported this to YMCA staffers, they shamed her as a transphobic bigot because the naked man in the showers with teenage girls “identified” as female, or claimed to, which is all that the state of California requires under state law (granted, they do have some justification for claiming that they couldn’t do anything about it because…California.)

Other blue states have gone equally insane, like Washington, where the Port Townsend YMCA banned an 80-year-old woman for complaining that a biological male was showering next to her.

The Santee YMCA insisted that it was following all the laws and the guidance of “experts.” Correction: people who “identify” as experts. Personally, I think if you can’t tell the difference between a woman and a naked man, and can’t see anything wrong with letting naked men invade women’s bathrooms and locker rooms where underage girls are showering, then you aren’t an expert in anything other than possibly brain damage.

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  • Bobbi Foster

    01/25/2023 12:09 PM

    I thank God all the time that He pre-ordained me to live in a Red state. And also in the south, while we're at it. We have to remember that sexual sins are one of Satan's best things. It is such a powerful drive in us that it is too easy for him to get in there and manipulate it. It's a beautiful thing as God created it but also can be a powerful weakness.

  • Christine Golden

    01/23/2023 04:43 PM

    My daughter worked for YMCA in St Paul MN, back in the 90s. They told her that they were no longer a Christian organization back then.
    The Y in my city is Christian. I think the difference is red and blue.

  • Robert Bruce Holstein

    01/23/2023 03:38 PM

    my idea about Reparations - I think Republicans should support reparations and payment should be made by the guilty PARTY - Democrat. People need to hear that the Southern governors who supported slavery were DEMOCRATS. The Democrat party and their billionaire backers like George Soros have enough money to pay the folks in San Francisco $5 million each. Republicans need to name the southern governors. Lincoln and the North fought to free slaves. Please pass this along to the appropriate Republicans if you agree with me that Dems and their backers should pay reparations. Thanks.

  • Colleen Baldwin

    01/23/2023 03:27 PM

    How far down do we have to go before God intervenes, this country collapses, or turns around?
    I become so distressed with all that's been going on. It's affecting my faith in God and that he's just gonna let us go. Everyday I ask God to answer and help us. Especially our children.

  • Thomesa White

    01/23/2023 03:05 PM

    Thank you for this article. This view saddens me. As an 84-year-old great grandmother, I write elected officials to vote against this & I pray asking the God of this universe to change the minds of the people in the United States. Our children need the protection of all adults who know that this policy is wrong, even sinful.

  • Denise Small

    01/23/2023 02:37 PM

    If a male gender refers as a female then cut his/her penis off. No true girl/woman should have to be exposed to such things!

  • Sandra Feldmeier

    01/23/2023 12:30 PM

    They have been deceived and the common sense mind has turned into a debased one!

  • William

    01/23/2023 12:16 PM

    I could not agree more with you. These supposed to be transgender people are just getting their jollies looking at young girls with their penis hanging out.

  • Kurt P Beauchamp

    01/23/2023 10:31 AM

    It is completely disgusting to think, they would accuse a teenage girl of being a bigot, while not thinking this mentally unstable man, thinks he’s a women. This only proves the democrats are satanic minded individuals, who have no values or morality.

  • Sue Maddock

    01/23/2023 10:23 AM

    Just curious to know why a girl was at the YMCA. If she were at the YWCA then I think it would be newsworthy. I believe that at one time the "M" and the "W" were for Men's and Women's. ??????