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February 6, 2023



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10 Be still, and know that I am God:

Psalm 46:10


Here’s a double narrative-buster of a story. Remember how blue city mayors said border state Governors were horrible, cold-hearted racists for giving illegal migrants free bus rides to their “sanctuary cities?” Well, some of the migrants are disillusioned. They thought New York City would be a safe place where their families could pursue the American Dream. But they discovered it’s a dangerous place full of drugs, criminals and deranged homeless people (because it’s run by Democrats), and they want out. So (brace yourselves) New York City Mayor Eric Adams is offering them free bus tickets…to Canada.

I expect that after a few months under Justin Trudeau, they’ll be asking for bus tickets back to their home nations that might also be run by an oppressive dictator, but at least the weather is warmer.

Funny stuff

Eric Swalwell unwittingly shares a parody of himself. Or maybe he's always just a parody of himself.

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Omar out

This past Thursday, after the expected meltdown of Democrats crying and screaming “white supremacy,” Rep. Ilhan Omar was officially booted off the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Despite the histrionics, this had zip to do with racism, white supremacy or anti-Muslim discrimination. It’s because Omar is a rabid anti-Semite who won’t stop making slanderous attacks on our closest Middle Eastern ally Israel, which is why she has no business being on a committee that exists to strengthen ties with our allies.

Bonchie at has an entertaining recap of the childish and hysterical antics of Omar’s fellow Squad members, plus a reminder that this is nothing more than the precedent they created when they removed Republicans like Marjorie Taylor Greene from their committees actually being applied to themselves.

They are literally throwing tantrums because the rules they apply to other people got applied to them. I’ve seen two-year-olds that behave better in the Walmart candy aisle than these people do in Congress.


Democrats have a real problem on their hands

It’s becoming apparent that Democrats aren’t all that excited about Joe Biden running for reelection.  It’s also clear they aren’t sure he can go the distance in his first term.  His mumbling and fumbling and bumbling his every utterance, his alternating between yelling and then using a stage whisper, and having to remind us constantly that what he’s saying is “not a joke” because…well frankly…because what he says SOUNDS like a joke.

But as cringe-worthy as it is to watch the President of the United States shake hands with a ghost after his speeches or get led away by staffers dressed as the Easter Bunny, the Democrats have an equally big challenge on their hands…the person who it’s been said is one 80 year old heartbeat away from the Presidency is Kamala Harris, who word salads and gaffes make her boss look like the child of Shakespeare and John F. Kennedy!

Just recently, the Vice President tried to tell us what was in the Declaration of Independence as she promoted abortion and pretended that killing a baby in the womb is actually a form of health care and is as much a Constitutional right as going to church or writing a letter to the editor:

Did she appear to miss something here?  I couldn’t help but notice that the phrase she seemed to be quoting was, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

Hmm...Madame VP, it seems that you left off a couple of things pretty important—that the first unalienable right is that of LIFE.  But if she actually said we have a “right to life,” that would surely sound pro-life and no modern, socialist-leaning, climate worshipping, gender-confused, economically ignorant Democrat leader would ever say that.  So she just left it out and assumed none of us would know the difference.  And when she spoke of these being rights we are ENDOWED with, she forgot to mention that the endowment came from our CREATOR. 

I wish her ridiculous speech praising abortion was a one-off.  But as they say on TV commercials, “But wait!  There’s MORE!”

Sometimes she picks a phrase and just repeats it in the same sentence as if that will cause the nonsensical to make sense:

But she sure wants us to “work together”

And of course no Kamala Harris speech would be complete without a pitch for equity—whatever it means:

If she were to become President, then she would be in charge of foreign policy as well as being our current “border czar” who has spent more time at Borders Books and On the Border Mexican restaurant than at the southern border.  But in addition to standing at the 38th Parallel and confusing North Korea with South Korea,  she also seems to fail to understand that Ukraine is NOT a member of NATO:

There are more…many more…but you get the point.  To be blunt, the Dems haven’t really fielded a Super Bowl team for 2024.  I’m sure they will end up with a roster of people wanting the job, but the criteria might need to include a basic understanding of history, the Constitution, geography, fundamental math, and just for good measure, at the very least, a grade school capacity to understand, write, and speak the English language!



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