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January 26, 2022

One of many reasons why most Americans no longer trust news media outlets is that so many of them make the story not about pursuing the truth but all about them: their beliefs, their political biases, the media reactions to the media reactions to the media reactions. And we got a perfect example of that yesterday.

As the Dow was plunging by a thousand points (thankfully, it did recover by the end of the day) and the world worried about Russia sparking World War III, there was a media frenzy over President Biden’s rude reaction to a question by Fox News’ Peter Doocy. During an event Monday, Doocy attempted to ask Biden if inflation was going to be a major issue in the November elections, and Biden ignored him but was heard on his open mic mocking the question and calling Doocy a “stupid son of a b----.”

Granted, this raises legitimate concerns. One of Biden’s big campaign points in attacking Trump was to claim he would always respect the press.

Trump sparred with the press, but reporters were often just flat-out nasty and harangued and attacked him to his face (I know, because they did it to his spokespersons, too, and I am quite close to one of those.) But Biden scolds and curses reporters just for asking legitimate questions.

It also raised alarm bells with those who worry about Biden’s mental state, as flying into rages is common among elderly people suffering cognitive decline. Biden did later call Doocy to “clear the air” (notice Doocy wouldn’t say he apologized.)

But then, this is the second time in a week that he’s attacked a reporter for asking a reasonable question.

To their credit, Doocy and most people at Fox News laughed off the incident, but the reaction at other outlets was as disturbing as Biden’s own outburst. The same outlets that would have gone ballistic over this “assault on the press” if Trump had said the same thing rushed to downplay or even celebrate Biden’s outburst. For instance, CNN’s Brian Stelter said Biden “deadpanned” the comment, as if it were a witty jest.

Stelter also predicted that Fox would turn it into 48 hours of furious outrage, which is what CNN would have done had it been Trump, but the opposite of what Fox did, since conservatives still have a sense of humor.

And some liberals went into a fit of rage at the fact that Republicans still have a sense of humor and didn't go into a fit of rage.

So while the jury is still out about what Biden’s profane outbursts against the press say about Biden’s mental processes, the reaction of the media to them makes it very clear what’s going on in their heads, and it ain’t objective journalism.


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  • Kerri Adams

    01/26/2022 08:28 AM

    Over and over I read (and hear) where so many are disgusted with our nation’s current status. But then I think, as just a common working class person, what in the world can we do to help? To change it? To make a difference? All I know to do is pray for an eye-opening revival to sweep across this nation and grip the hearts of people. “God, please FIX our country!”

  • Nicole Sewell

    01/26/2022 08:23 AM

    I am so appalled at the media in the last several years and their bias. During election year I couldn’t believe how horrible disrespected our president was and what they were able to get away with! I am raising four kids in the south. They are all in the public school system and because I really care about what kind of toxic media my children are being fed I have had to “fight” to get CNN ten removed from two of my children’s classroom! Totally worth the time! If people don’t think they are trying to brainwash our kids they better get proactive! It is an active fight daily to make sure my kids are learning that just because the media says it’s so doesn’t make it truth! Thank you for your real reports, they are some of the few I still read???? Also I loved your daughter and her reign! She was truly amazing with holding her own ground and so much fun to watch! Thanks for keeping up the good fight and keeping us informed during this time!