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June 12, 2021

Good morning!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff! 

Today's newsletter includes:

  • Bible Verse Of The Day
  • "Huckabee" Preview
  • Must-Read Article
  • Inflation Hits
  • DOJ Will Target State Voting Laws
  • Day Off
  • Liberal Media Peddles False Texas History
  • A Reader Writes Back...
  • America the Beautiful


Mike Huckabee


But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.

And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace.

James 3:17-18 KJV


"Huckabee" Preview

By Mike Huckabee

Join me tonight on TBN for another great new episode of “Huckabee!” I’ll talk to the new Chair of the House Republican Conference, New York Rep. Elise Stefanik. You’ll meet some father-and-son Huck’s Heroes who can climb any mountain. Dr. Erwin Lutzer has some must-hear advice to Christians on battling cancel culture. Amazing comedy juggler Ivan Pecel is back, plus I'll have more laughs with “In Case You Missed It.” We'll also take a visit to “Our Kind of Town.” And then kick back for some music from country legend Clint Black.

It all starts tonight at 8 and 11 EST, 7 and 10 CST, and Sunday at 9 EST/8 CST, on TBN. To find out how you can watch TBN, from local cable and broadcast channels to streaming, visit and click on “Channel Finder” on the top menu. You can stream previous episodes, highlights and online-only “Digital Exclusives,” including extended interviews, “In Case You Missed It” and “Facts of the Matter” segments, and extra performances by our great musical and comedy guests, all at You can also find past shows, highlights and digital exclusives on YouTube and my Facebook page.

Must-Read Article

By Mike Huckabee

Mike Davis of the Internet Accountability Project has a lengthy but important piece advising Republicans on how to get back to their roots and start reforming and enforcing antitrust laws against Big Tech.

Davis traces the history of how antitrust legislation has been warped and diluted over the years by theories such as “consumer welfare” that are treated as if they’re the law of the land when they really aren’t. The tech giants have used these unofficial exceptions to antitrust laws to pose as pro-consumer (“Why, Google gives away their service for free!”), all the while amassing tremendous amounts of data, wealth and power that they're using to control both consumers and the politicians they elect to represent them (not to mention the very elections themselves.)

Their defenders also claim that they aren’t monopolies because anyone can launch a new data start-up and challenge them. Tell it to all the social media platforms gobbled up by Facebook. Or to Parler, which was falsely accused of being the planning platform for the January 6th Capitol incursion and given a death sentence by Google, Apple and Amazon. Crushing competitors is what monopolies do, along with trying to control entire governments. Is there any question that the Big Tech companies are doing those very things? If not, then why is there any question about them being monopolies? And if they’re monopolies, why don’t we start treating them like monopolies and apply our antitrust laws to them?

Inflation Hits

By Mike Huckabee

Inflation is already starting to be felt by Americans. This week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the consumer price index jumped again in May, bringing the inflation rate over the past year up to 5%, the biggest jump since 2008. Economists had been expecting it to reach 4.7%.

Inflation is essentially a tax that hits the poor and middle class the hardest because it makes everything you buy more expensive. People who were already worrying about how to cover the bills will now have to stretch the food budget a little further or try to cut down on driving (you might have especially noticed the leap in gas prices since Joe Biden became President and declared war on the domestic fossil fuel industry.)

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and the Fed assure us that this is just a temporary price spike caused by pent-up demand and reduced supply, due to the pandemic coming to an end. And that might be part of it. But inflation also happens when you flood the economy with dollars by running the printing press 24/7, like trying to stimulate the economy with trillions and trillions of dollars the government doesn’t actually have. The more of anything that exists, the less it's worth, and that’s true of dollars as well.

During the election, Biden infamously declared, “Milton Friedman isn’t running the show anymore.” Since becoming President, Biden has doubled down on his defiance of the Nobel Prize-winning free market economics icon, just as he’s defied reality on a number of other fronts, from border security to energy. But as I predicted even before he took office, his biggest opponent would not be the Republicans, it would be reality.

Simply declaring that Friedman’s wisdom about how money works (and has always worked and always will work) no longer applies and that America can now print money out of thin air and hand it out to everyone without creating hyperinflation and crashing the economy, won’t make it so.

I fear that Biden’s arrogant defiance of the unalterable facts of economics that Milton Friedman so brilliantly explained will prove as foolish as defying the old, dead, white guy Sir Isaac Newton and his outmoded ideas about gravity by leaping off a 20-story building. I also fear that the US economy will suffer the same fate.

The economists at Deutsche Bank are also not convinced that Joe Biden has rewritten the laws of economics and can flood the country with paper money without reducing the value of the dollar until we’re using them as toilet paper because it will be cheaper than buying actual toilet paper.

DOJ Will Target State Voting Laws

By Mike Huckabee

Friday, Attorney General Merrick Garland announced that the Biden DOJ will target “new laws that make it harder to vote.”

To finish that sentence for him, “new laws that make it harder to vote illegally.” Garland repeated the false claim that concerns about the integrity of the 2020 election have been “debunked” (as previously noted many times, liberals have a habit of declaring things “debunked” without ever going through the inconvenience of actually debunking them.)

States that are trying to keep their elections trustworthy should brace for this federal assault and be ready to defend their laws in court. Fortunately, many of these laws have already been upheld by courts, just as some of the vote rule-loosening changes Garland claims didn’t unfairly affect the 2020 election have already been ruled unconstitutional. That won’t stop them from trying to use the power of the federal government to intimidate states into changing their laws. I hope it doesn’t work, any more than it did work when Coca-Cola tried to intimidate Georgia or the NCAA tried to bully Florida.

Day Off

By Mike Huckabee

We’re reaching peak “cancel culture” in which people are so afraid of offending someone that they cancel literally everything and find themselves living in a blank void. It just happened in New Jerseys’ Randolph Township.

About 100 people showed up at the Board of Education meeting Thursday to protest the board’s decision to rename Columbus Day “Indigenous Peoples Day.” So, missing the point entirely, the board decided it would be best not to offend anyone who feels slighted by calendar dates that reference a person, holiday, or ethnic group. One member said, "If we don't have anything on the calendar, we don't have to have anyone be hurt feelings or anything like that."

So the board voted unanimously to remove the names of all holidays from the calendar, and those where there is no school, such as Thanksgiving, are just called “Day off.”

If the idea was to not offend anyone, they achieved the opposite. The meeting ended with the crowd shouting at them, and one incredulous man demanding, “What just happened?! What did you just do?!”

They just inched along a little further the “progressive” goal of destroying everything that Americans have in common and that brings us together. First, no genders. Then no history or common culture. Now, no holidays. But I refuse to knuckle under to this insanity, so let me be the first to wish our readers in New Jersey a merry day off and a happy new day off. And let me also wish those of you in Randolph Township a new board of education.

Liberal Media Peddles False Texas History

By Mike Huckabee

First, American history was distorted and denigrated by the 1619 Project. Now, there’s a PR push from liberal media outlets to do the same thing to Texas history by helping to hawk a book by revisionist historians tarring the Alamo and its defenders. I’m sure this will get a friendlier reception in New York than it will in Texas, or at least I hope so. Sadly, a lot of the major city newspapers in Texas are so liberal, they’re not fighting back, not even in San Antonio. The heroes of the Alamo who died for their freedoms would be ashamed of them.

At the link, an Alamo historian points out just a few of the glaring inaccuracies peddled by the people who are trying to claim the heroic story of the Alamo is a lot of myths. It’s being trumpeted by outlets such as Time and Vanity Fair. The idea that they represent journalism is an actual myth.

A Reader Writes Back... 

Thank you for your hard work keeping us informed and investigating our government "leaders".

Your piece on the chimera experiments reminds of an excellent author, James Byron Huggins, that wrote science fiction on scientists playing "god" and experimenting. I wish and pray that these people wake up and realize there are territories in science one should not "play" with. There is no sane sense in this. Plus what a sinful waste of taxpayer money! They are playing around with the devil. Thank you and the Lord bless you!

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Kobuk Valley National Park, visit its website here.

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  • John Snell

    06/14/2021 10:04 AM

    I am reading this on June 14, 2021, which is Flag Day, and also my son's birthday.

  • Paul Vachon

    06/13/2021 09:54 AM

    Love your newsletter. It is so right-on with content, made even better by your sarcasm, backed up by actual facts. Its refreshing to read and share. Keep up the excellent and brilliant work. America is ever more dependent on you.

  • Joyce Kanlan

    06/12/2021 09:04 PM

    Liberal Media. ????????America, Now is the time for all good men&women to come to the aid of their country,NOW! Get off your back side,Unite, parents, guardians, foster parents&bombard the education system in every possible way&FIGHT FOR TRUTH! Open your mouth, USE YOUR Rights to speak! Freedoms are being stripped, day by day! Even Chinese Americans SEE IT! That’s why they LEFT China! GET UP????! Sweden now 2nd MOST DANGEROUS country, why? Like OUR OPEN Boarders folks coming in are NOT pledging allegiance to OUR ????Flag, our culture values beliefs morals&way of American life! For crying out loud ????GET UP! Don’t wait, expect someone else to, YOU DO IT!

  • Joyce Kanlan

    06/12/2021 08:58 PM

    Day off. COME ON MAN! Where in the heck is our BACKBONE? WHERE has your gumption gone? WHERE is your Fight to preserve, protect support & DEFEND America, One Nation UNDER God? WHERE ARE YOU? You rolling over on your back hands up,GIVING AWAY????, imperfect, yes, BUT A BEACON of LIGHT! You rolling over to hand over Rights, Liberties Freedoms, life, liberty&the pursuit of happiness over to socialism Communism?????. STOP this ??TODAY America! ????For ????Without ceasing daily! Pray without ceasing for our Leaders! PRAY America FOR Gods blessings, His Grace& His forgiveness! Chose you this day who you will serve! God, or ??godless secular materialistic irreligious self absorbed “man”. WAKE UP!!!

  • Joyce Kanlan

    06/12/2021 08:49 PM

    Voting Laws. ????????Your FREEDOMS are NOT FREE! Quit taking them for granted! Millions have served& DIED FOR????YOUR rights,Liberties&freedoms! MILLIONS! GET UP, open your mouth, be strong, be Courageous & SOUND OFF! Call, write email visit bombard your representative&DEMAND they PROTECT SUPPORT DEFEND ????&YOU&I!! DEMAND THEY DO! WE????ARE THE MASTERS of the CONSTITUTION! Take Charge, UNITE! Or end up like Sweden, China,N.Korea,Russia; UNDER??socialist communist control. You’re either FOR ????Or against. Chose you this day who you will serve!

  • Joyce Kanlan

    06/12/2021 08:42 PM

    ??Inflation hits. Absolutely NO surprise! If it’s ONE THING democrats WARNED everyone of even back to former obama Biden was Eroding,Dismantling, destroying, TRANSFORMING America from the inside out! You have Wide Open, unsafe boarders,you have unsustainable DEBT on hyper speed from BIDEN, democrats, raising taxes, killing,stealing& destroying our Country as you watched over 4-5 months from democrats bussing in domestic Terrorists,Antifa,BLM doing THEIR dirty work. Impeach the Democrats! Don’t allow them to do to us what Marxist communists did to Sweden or China! Stand UP????!

  • Joyce Kanlan

    06/12/2021 08:33 PM

    Monopoly. America, for the most part has been lulled to sleep. Lulled by”convenience “,instead of getting in your car&going to shop(my personal favorite), they lay around&use Amazon, read the ??????news on the internet. A sloppy, lazy, complacent world. Thank the Lord FOR YOU, your letters, News, Entertainment, Parler& some other “conservative “ stations to listen to& or watch. I pray Republican Conservative Christians continue to develop pod casts, news stations, TV shows FOR America loving, conservative Americans who want& EXPECT honesty,truth,integrity & a moral compass.????????

  • Rexford O. Ames

    06/12/2021 04:55 PM

    One Concern: Is there a agency or system that view the comments and holds the editor accountable for their comments? Facebook, Amazon, Parler, etc, etc?
    The reason I ask is that the Federal Government has been breached so badly that it is very hard to tell is they are Americans with accountability or agents, acting as Americans, and getting away with Murder?
    The Democrat party has changed their Collective Conscience and accountability for POWER.
    That power grab has weakened our Federal Government, so badly that , even the FBI, is useless except to do the bidding of it's leaders?
    Hoover took care of that back in the 20's but I guess the Rank and File are done with that!
    The Democrat arty has taken over Congress, Both the House and the Senate. I do no of a better way to squash investigations from even beginning than have , Congress Representatives use their appointed power, to destroy Honesty and truth. To the degree that the House Police force, the DOJ and it's affiliate the " F.B.I.", no longer do , the peoples work!
    If this remains, The United States of America is in peril. If the D.O.J. has the authority to investigate Individual States and their laws and prosecute. Then the Shit has hit the fan.
    Republicans, beware-if You are elected in the 2022, elections. You will receive tremendious pressure, to cease and decease and and all investigative actions with permission from the Democrat Parties Directorate!
    May God Bless America. We as a nation will need it!

  • Valerie Hills

    06/12/2021 04:14 PM

    I love reading your newsletter. Between you, Dick Morris and Bill O'Reilly I can get the truth about our country.

  • Paul Kern

    06/12/2021 03:38 PM

    It is time for ministers and real citizen's to "draw a line in the sand" and take back America trusting in God Almighty. No more "processing" feelings and then bowing to the Marxist takeover. In my area very few ministers teach the Bible anymore. Instead they are fighting outdated battles over the Holy Spirit and other subjects.
    The move to demolish monuments and change names comes out of Marxist writings and 1984. If you erase a nation's history like the CCP has done you can "legally" commit any atrocity in the name of the religion of atheism!