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July 27, 2023

If you’d like to see what former President Trump is up against when he’s facing all these indictments by rogue prosecutors both in Biden’s DOJ and in deep blue pockets of America, then read this essay from the Karlstack Substack account. It examines in detail the federal prosecution of Douglass Mackey, the young man who was charged with “election interference” by Biden’s DOJ and convicted by a New York jury, and who could be facing years in prison for the heinous crime of…sharing humorous memes about Hillary Clinton on Twitter (sure, Hillary; THAT’S why you lost.)

The DOJ claims this is a crime because joke memes telling Democrats to vote by text or on Wednesday, etc., amount to attempts at election interference since some people might actually believe them. Well, I guess they know the intelligence levels of their voters better than I do.

Read it and be shocked and infuriated at the looooong list of acts of prosecutorial and judicial misconduct that it took to convict and railroad Mackey into prison on circumstantial evidence of conspiring with people he never talked with to allegedly alter the results of a national election by posting some humorous memes on social media that he didn’t even create. It aptly describes his trial as a “totalitarian nightmare.” If for no other reason, read it to learn the jaw-dropping justification they cited for holding the trial in the deeply biased Eastern District of New York, even though that area had nothing to do with the alleged “crime.”

As the author makes clear, this is a (so-far successful) attempt to expand the government’s power to police speech on public forums and to prosecute and even imprison Americans for exercising their First Amendment rights. Let us all hope and pray that the appeals court sees this for the Orwellian power grab it is and slaps it down hard.

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