May 31, 2017

While in Europe, President Trump once again broke with protocol, giving several world leaders his personal cell phone number and telling them they could call him directly if they needed to talk. And as happens with everything he does, it sparked outrage and criticism from Democrats and the media. What about national security?! Their high-level phone calls might not be secure!

Their concern for national security is touching but unconvincing, considering the way they shrugged off Hillary Clinton’s unsecured email server. And just as a reminder: we already know that world leaders’ cell phone calls aren’t secure because the Edward Snowden leaks revealed that Obama’s NSA bugged the cell phones of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and 34 other unnamed leaders.

Besides, to quote Hillary, at this point, what difference does it make? Whether or not anyone knows what Trump and the other leaders actually talk about, the Washington Post will just cite “unnamed sources” and print their alleged conversations anyway.


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