September 13, 2018

Trump and Hurricanes

I hope that wherever you are, you are safely out of the path of Hurricane Florence.  At this writing, the storm has yet to come ashore and it has weakened, but it could regain strength. Either way, it could cause major storm surges and widespread wind damage and flooding. 

Before it even approached the US mainland, some people, including the Washington Post, were already rushing to blame President Trump (I suspect they also blame Trump when they get a nose bleed or drop their toast butter side down.)  Somehow, hurricanes, which have been forming over oceans and coming ashore for millennia, are now the fault of a guy who took office 18 months ago. You know, I didn’t care for Obama’s policies, but when a Rangers game got rained out, I didn’t say, “Curse you, Obama!”

Apparently, hurricanes are now Trump’s fault because he pulled the US out of the toothless and one-sided Paris climate accord.  Never mind that US CO2 emissions dropped by 41.8 million tons from 2016 to 2017 anyway, according to a study by BP, continuing a long downward trend due to increased efficiency and more alternative fuels such as natural gas and renewables.  Meanwhile, other signees that assailed Trump actually increased their CO2 emissions. Canada’s rose by 17 million tons in 2017.   Say, maybe we should blame Canada for our hurricanes! Or considering that hurricanes need a big mass of hot air to form, maybe we should blame the liberal media.

One other thing worth noting that’s seldom taken into account when you hear about the escalating cost of property destruction from hurricanes: that doesn’t necessarily mean hurricanes are getting stronger or more plentiful. It could just mean that a lot more stuff is being built along the coastlines, right in their path, so there’s more property to destroy.  Ever watch HGTV and notice how many people refuse to buy a house unless they can see the beach from their front window?  All those people are paying extra for a front-row seat for hurricane season.    

If you won’t accept all those episodes of “Beach Front Bargain Hunt” as scientific evidence, then here’s a study by an award-winning NASA climate scientist and meteorologist that found pretty much the same thing.

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Latest news from the Trumpocalypse

According to the Census Bureau, during President Trump’s first year, US median household income (a measure of middle class economic health) hit $61,372, the highest ever and the first time it’s ever topped $61K.  In real terms, that’s a rise of about 1.8% from 2016. 

Meanwhile, the poverty rate (the number of Americans making at or below $30,750 for a family of four in 2017) fell to 12.3%, down by four-tenths of a point from Obama’s last year in office.  Middle class incomes are finally back to around what they were before the 2008 crash, and fewer American families are living in poverty.  Experts say the numbers indicate that more Americans are working, and those who are working are finding full-time rather than part-time jobs.

Remember, if you want to heed Barack Obama and end this “insanity,” vote Democrat in November!

Why nobody listens to the liberal media anymore in two examples…

President Trump gave a fist-pump gesture to supporters who met him at an airport in Pennsylvania before he departed for a 9/11 memorial ceremony: It’s an outrageous, offensive, childish gesture that shows a lack of respect for American heroes and is completely inappropriate!!!

Colin Kaepernick refuses to stand during the National Anthem: He’s a hero whose face should be in Nike commercials.

 Google's political views

Now we know why Google didn’t send anyone to Washington for the recent hearings into alleged bias against conservatives among the big Silicon Valley Internet companies.  Their leaders were all probably still so shell-shocked by Donald Trump being President that they were out medicating themselves with craft cocktails and legalized marijuana. 

Breitbart News (ironically, one of those “untrustworthy” conservative news sites routinely blocked by social media companies) obtained from an anonymous source a video of top Google executives holding a pity party meeting right after Trump’s election to share how shocked and offended they were by the will of the voters, and how they know all their employees feel the same way.

Here's my question: how do they know all their employees are anti-Trump leftists?  Do they screen out conservative applicants for their political views?  Or do they create a hostile work environment so that conservatives are afraid to speak freely?  Because I’m pretty sure both of those things are illegal under the very anti-discrimination laws that liberals claim to support.  Details are at the link, so decide for yourselves. 

Google claims this only shows their officers’ personal feelings but doesn’t mean their search results are in any way politically biased.  So I did a Google search for the phrase “Google executives Trump meeting.”  On the first page of results, the original story from Breitbart was the 12th link down on the page, and the 6th among direct links to news stories.  It ranked below articles based on it from such liberal outlets as the New York Times, CNN, the Washington Post, CNBC and the Guardian. 

Just FYI, this seems like a good time to remind you that is a free search engine that doesn’t track you, profile you, collect or share information on you, or filter its results.


 More desperate attempts to villify Kavanaugh

I tweeted about this yesterday, but here are more details on how top liberals such as Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren and Hillary Clinton and the abortion rights group NARAL went on a public diatribe against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, attacking him for being an anti-abortion zealot who is going to turn America into (say it with me) “The Handmaid’s Tale” – and all based on "fake news": a misleadingly edited video that distorted his comments into the opposite of what he actually said.  In Hillary’s case, her diatribe came after the story had already been debunked by Politifact and the Washington Post.   

I get that to liberals, abortion is their sacred totem. They claim to be on the side of science and rationality, but no amount of ever-increasing data about the development of children in the womb will ever convince them that it’s a human being, not a clump of cells that magically turns into a baby at the very moment of birth. I am fully pro-life, but I’m at least able to listen to their arguments for keeping abortion legal (that banning it will force women into dangerous underground abortion mills, etc.).  I happen to think there are far better solutions to help women in that situation than making it more convenient to kill babies, but I can at least acknowledge their concerns as being sincere. 

Yet most on the other side seem unwilling or incapable of conceding that pro-life people honestly believe that abortion is the murder of innocent unborn children.  When you look at these over-the-top reactions to what wasn’t even a real quote, it seems inescapable that they actually think anyone who opposes abortion really just wants to roll back the clock on women’s rights and chain women in the kitchen. How that explains the millions upon millions of pro-life women is beyond me.  I’d be happy to have a real discussion on this issue with them, but until the other side is capable of recognizing the science of reproduction and admitting that people who hold differing views are sincere in their beliefs and stop twisting their words and ascribing the worst possible motives to them, that will sadly remain impossible.



Muslim group wants to ban Graham

In the latest skirmish in the war on Christianity, the Muslim Council of Britain is trying to have the Rev. Franklin Graham banned from the UK for allegedly promoting “hatred” because he refuses to bend his preaching of the Christian Bible to accept homosexuality and Islam.  The full story is at the link, but all you need to know is contained in this fatuous and sanctimonious statement from the ultra-PC Blackpool, England, Council, which is considering barring Graham from an event later this month:

“The council’s position on these matters is robust and clear. We want to tackle discrimination, promote equality and increase respect and understanding between people regardless of their race, religion or sexual orientation or any such matter that can be subject to prejudice in our society.”  

And you’re going to do that by banning a Christian leader because you don’t like his religion?  I think maybe they should grab a dictionary.  I have a feeling the words “discrimination” and “respect” don’t mean what they think they mean.


Improving travel security

Utah Sen. Mike Lee will be my guest soon on “Huckabee,” and as a frequent (constant) flyer, I’ll have to remember to ask him about this: he plans to introduce a bill called the Screening Partnership Reform Act, to make airport security more efficient.  More details are at the link, but in a nutshell, it would make it easier for airports to use private security contractors instead of the TSA, which has an abysmal 5% success record at detecting credible threats; and for those private companies to submit recommendations to the TSA on how to improve screening efficiency and the TSA’s success rate.

It’s about time we did something to improve the screening process that’s turned into a time-consuming, intrusive ordeal for little discernible purpose.  When travelers have to arrive hours before their flights to stand in long, slow-moving lines, waiting to be half undressed and groped by a stranger in public, it’s hard not to have the thought that the terrorists really have won. And when you hear that in tests, 95% of banned objects got through anyway, you have to wonder how much good this expensive security theater is really doing.

I have a friend who hates to waste food, and he recently tried to bring half a (plastic) jar of peanut butter and a small, unopened container of yogurt home in his carry-on bag, only to be forced to throw both away by the TSA screener because they fell under the banned category of “gels and creams.”  He admitted that it was, indeed, creamy peanut butter, and wondered if chunky would have been deemed less threatening.  He also told me that he assumed some terrorists must be diabolical geniuses, but he had no idea they were such MacGyvers that they could hijack an airliner with a cup of yogurt and half a jar of peanut butter.



 Durbin says Republicans are to blame

Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the US and it’s been run by Democrats since 1931, but Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin knows who’s to blame for the epidemic of shootings there: Republicans. That went over on Twitter about as well as you’d guess it would.



 Money to burn

I’m not really surprised that Nike announced it sold out of its Colin Kaepernick-glorifying shirts within hours of putting them on sale.  In the current atmosphere, anything that you can position as something that President Trump doesn’t like will attract the support of rabid Trump haters (i.e., the Stephen Colbert Strategy). There’s a good reason the saying, “There’s a sucker born every minute,” has been around since long before this current political situation.

I’d just like to point out that if that many people can afford to buy overpriced shirts just because they have an overrated leftist quarterback’s name on them, then the economy must really be firing on all cylinders.  On behalf of all those people who can now afford Nike shirts, let me just say, “Thanks, President Trump!”

If, for some mysterious reason, you don’t want to purchase either Nike sportswear or Colin Kaepernick’s own personal brand, here’s an alternative: Army veteran Tyler Merritt has launched a line of shirts with the slogan “Just Stand” on them.

Finally, there have been plenty of great suggestions of people who would have been better choices than Colin Kaepernick for Nike’s “sacrifice everything for what you believe in” campaign, but Mike Rowe offered what might be the best yet.


Socialism talk 

A lot of very well-heeled politicians and rich celebrities such as Jim Carrey are coming out in favor of socialism these days, apparently not realizing that it means they’d have to share their vast fortunes with everyone else (well, the government, really) and let a lot of those smelly peasants who shop at Walmart move into the 14 or so guest rooms in their mansions.

So why are these wealthy liberal elites so gung-ho for socialism?  Maria Elvira Salazar, a Cuban-born Republican Congressional candidate in Florida, has an answer that sounds plausible:  “Because they have no idea whatsoever what they’re talking about.” 

Click the link for more, including her delightfully simple solution for curing their insane infatuation with socialism in just one week.



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  • suzanne Schwartz

    09/15/2018 01:50 PM

    So true. Burnett is a true hero and made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. God bless his family and thank God for people like Burnett and the others on that plane that made a true sacrifice, as well. i pray we never have to lose more people that are willing to sacrifice so much for ALL people in this country. Our first responders, firemen and women, police, and, of course, all our military potentially lay their lives on the line 24-7. We should thank Almighty God for them and pray for them daily.

  • Vernon H

    09/14/2018 01:00 PM

    In one way I'll be glad when this election is over with. But I seriously doubt that will change the left in any way, they are so determined to destroy Trump they are willing to destroy the country along with him. This morning an article that was in The Arkansas Democrat Gazette that a Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee wants to open an investigation on Brett Kavanaugh for some alleged sexual misconduct between him and some woman when he was in High School. They are sure grasping at straws, this is getting about as low as you can get.

  • Amelia Little

    09/14/2018 07:02 AM

    It never stops amazing me about the left and their definition of tolerance. There are liberals/democrats in my little world--but at least they don't come at us wearing their masks and with their bats and other weapons. At least I don't hear as much (but there is still some) screaming that defunding planned parenthood is to deprive all women of all health care, including mammograms--when pp has never provided this service. I'm pro-life but I'm not going to block any doors to abortion clinics but I don't want my tax dollars to fund them.

    As for the hoolywood elite who think socialism would be fantastic--I am sure they would think they are exempt from all sharing of their wealth and property--and who knows, they might be. HOWEVER, it might get to the point of people not being able to support that box office by going to the movies as much as they do now. The hoolywood income would be affected, I am sure. If it would get to the stage of where Venezuela is now--I'm betting NO regular people would be able to go to the movies. I want to buy some TP, or go to a movie? I wonder if there would be fewer politicians--certainly all that disagree with socialism would be pushed out of power.

    I also get most of my news from your newsletters, I have to pass on even some of the conservative sites. I used to watch Hannity more than I do now, and Tucker and Laura Ingrahm--but I can't sit all the way through the interviews with some of the ultra-extreme people they have on. And, more and more, there are montages of what the msm was saying for the day--if I wanted to listen to their idiocy, I would have tuned in to their programs. I have never heard of CBN another poster referenced.

  • Emmett M. Shutes

    09/14/2018 12:56 AM

    Hello, Mike! Isn’t it a fact that Muslims detest homosexuals, and actually can execute them under Sharia law? Why aren’t the leftists hammering the Muslims for this; and for their terrible brutish treatment of women?

  • Tenney Singer

    09/13/2018 11:33 PM

    "Remember, if you want to heed Barack Obama and end this “insanity,” vote Democrat in November!" I know this is sarcasm, but I think there are a lot of people nowadays that don't get it and might think you are telling them to vote Democrat for a good reason instead of reading the whole article. It just kind of hit me the wrong way suddenly.

  • Gary Stilwell

    09/13/2018 11:06 PM

    Reading your side notes on Sen. McCain--I am unsure of why this Country calls this man a hero--yes, he prob suffered a little while in prison(the recently aired documentary he was a major part of displayed a fairly civil incarceration--they even had a bathtub!!!) Not so with the majority of other POWs(I know one of them-a high school friend)he didn't seem to get this kind of accommodation from the gooks.
    The really nasty part is mccain caved in and confessed(to whatever they were accusing him of) --last I heard, you gave name, rank, and serial number and that was it--regardless of what the enemy did to you--I entered the Armed Forces with this same mantra, and was certainly prepared for the worst--I find this man's actions traitorous at the very least.

  • Marcia branca

    09/13/2018 10:10 PM

    Keep the articles with wealth of info coming. Love your info and the comedy you add to it.
    God Bless you and your loved ones!!

  • Peggy S Nelson

    09/13/2018 10:04 PM

    Hi Governor Huckabee, your statements are right on. Seems President Trump get's blamed for everything and now he controls weather how stupid the liberals are. I am happy that Rev. Graham has not bended to public pressure and still remains true to God's word. Keep up the good work

  • Pat Hopkins

    09/13/2018 08:39 PM

    With all that is going on in this world amidst the darkness, I loved this tonight........from the tongue in cheek commentary to the belly laugh out loud quips............keep it up of your readers.....

  • Linda Ignozzitto

    09/13/2018 08:28 PM

    Thank you Governor for being a steadfast, Godly example and expressing your opinions so eloquently. Would to God there were more such as yourself! Keep it up!
    America needs you!

  • Patricia Ford de la Tejera

    09/13/2018 08:15 PM

    Read The comment from God on hurricane Florence at

  • Michael Galloway

    09/13/2018 06:59 PM

    Another great newsletter. Certainly appreciate all the time and effort you put into giving us the facts, truth and the rest of the story. Outside of occasionally watching FOX, I do not seek out news from other sources, except you and CBN. I do not have any desire to watch the liberal left mainstream media and shut them off right after the 2016 election.
    Great article on Trump and Hurricanes. You are certainly right in that Trump gets blamed for hurricanes. Darn it anyway, just think if he hadn't been elected, Hurricane Florence or the one in Puerto Rico would probably never happened ! (thick sarcasm) But you could be on to something that these hurricanes have developed from all the hot air being spilled into our environment from the mainstream media.
    I very much support the President, but have found myself shaking my head and not understanding why he felt intrigued to tweet out what he did about Puerto Rico and the death toll not being what the statistics or reporting said it was. Is there more to this that we know ? That particular tweet as some others, but not all, keep going back to the President just tweeting positives, like the boost to our economy and no it isn't because of Obama! And other positives like the reduction in CO2 emissions and the list goes on and on.

  • Renata Melone

    09/13/2018 05:39 PM

    amazing that Hillary can deny that her daughter was a human being from the time of conception; wonder why she never had an abortion since she advocates to it so hartily, as well as Chelsea! Durbin, from Chicago, is a complete 8*^)^%&()^% and anyone who have lived there knows it. Open mouth insert foot! Surprised Obama doesn't want to run for Mayor of Chicago! I agree about Socialism - all these wealthy Hollywoodites who have so much wealth -- just see how quickly they will turn away someone who wants to invade their privacy or you think they are crying about President Trump being elected - imagine what it will be when they have to give up their money to some illegal Musliim immigrant!!!!
    On a more serious note - we need to pray for all the people who have had sense enough to board up their homes and leave - and to live so close to the beach is insane, but, that is their choice and now they have to leave it!
    Thank you for all the great reporting - when are you on TV? and what station or call letters?

  • Stephen Russell

    09/13/2018 05:30 PM

    Improving Airport Security:
    Automate, walk in 3D scanners, DIY entry, Improve sensors, Update data, share data with PD, FD.
    Speed TSA Global System more, Input from passengers, airlines.
    Automate X ray screening.
    Less TSA personnel per checkpoint.
    No more remove shoes, belt/
    Follow the El Al rule for security, Israeli mode.
    Less TSA DC bureaucracy OK.
    Merge TSA with DHS vs DoT.
    Militarize TSA.

  • Mike Pollock

    09/13/2018 05:30 PM

    Can you please address the reasoning behind why Al Sharpton and Congressman Cummings are not being brought up on charges of tax evasion. I understand that Al Sharpton owes around 5 million in back taxes. Thanks in advance for your comments.

  • Toby M Vincent

    09/13/2018 05:28 PM

    Thanks for your common sense commentary on all topics, you were my first pick for president

  • Ray Crews

    09/13/2018 05:21 PM

    How do get to I sure would like a server that I could trust.
    Your show is great.
    Tell Sarah she on my prayer list just below her dad.

  • Sarah Menne

    09/13/2018 05:11 PM

    You make my day, Gov. Huckabee. With a world gone mad and all the hate and fake press, your witty comments at the end of each article always bring an uplifting chuckle. We must remember to pray diligently for these who hate so deeply to develop a true relationship with Jesus Christ, so they can learn about love, since GOD IS LOVE. Keep on keeping on with the trustworthy news and witty comments as it keeps a smile on my face.