September 15, 2020


September 15, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee


I hope you will continue to pray for the two Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies who were shot at point-blank range by a cowardly assailant while they were sitting in their parked police car. Those prayers are working: despite multiple bullet wounds in the head and torso, both are now listed in stable condition. This link has more details and information on how you can help the officers and their families.

One of the victims has been identified as Claudia Apolinar, a former librarian, and mother of a 6-year-old son. At the link, you can read about and see her incredible courage as she stumbled out of the police car and, despite multiple bullet wounds, risked putting herself into the line of fire again, made sure civilians were safe, radioed for help, and tended to her partner until paramedics arrived.

The $100,000 reward for the identity of the shooter (described as a dark-skinned male in black clothes) will soon be increased by $75,000 from outside donors. L.A. County Sheriff Alex Villanueva on Monday challenged NBA star LeBron James to match that reward, following his outspoken criticism of the police and a lot of incendiary rhetoric meant to convince blacks that the police are “targeting” them. At this writing, he’s yet to respond.

On that subject, what could possibly make anyone think it’s justifiable to try to murder police in cold blood? This is the end of a long and twisted path of lies stacked on top of lies, and passions deliberately inflamed to achieve political ends. “Fox & Friends Weekend” co-host Will Cain took to Twitter and wrote a must-read thread that traces how we got here and how we can end this madness and reclaim our humanity.


Please pray for those in the path of Hurricane Sally, which is now expected to make landfall in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

If you are along the Gulf Coast and in its path, keep a close eye on the weather news and be prepared for violent weather or to follow evacuation orders. And to help those who will be first on the scene in the storm’s aftermath, please consider a donation to Samaritan’s Purse at


President Trump visited California Monday for a roundtable discussion with Democrat Gov. Gavin Newsom on the wildfires ravaging the state. Giving a tantalizing glimpse of what could have been accomplished over the past few years if Democrats hadn’t launched a giant “resistance” tantrum and refused to work with Trump, Newsom told Trump, “I want to thank you and acknowledge the work you have done to be immediate in your response.” Last month, Trump approved Newsom’s request for a disaster declaration and directed federal funds to California. Newsom said the aid from FEMA has been “profoundly significant.”

Even more shocking, while he still partially blamed the wildfires on “climate change,” Newsom actually admitted that “we have not done justice to our forest management. We acknowledge our role and response.”

“The Party of Science” is trying to claim that California’s wildfires, like its water shortages and power blackouts, are not the result of decades of mismanagement of resources by far-left radical environmentalists in Sacramento but because “Mother Earth is angry” (Nancy Pelosi.)

Somehow, they believe that preventable fires are due to our lack of sacrifices to Gaia, but real church services are “nonessential.” Mother Earth is angry that Donald Trump, despite having been in power for only 3-1/2 years and having Democrats fight everything he does, still has not yet changed the weather.

Joe Biden even called Trump a “climate arsonist.” Memo to Biden: you are correct that the California wildfires are largely the doing of arsonists. But not “climate arsonists;” actual arsonists, the kind who go around deliberately setting things on fire. You should be familiar with the concept since Democrat-run cities are filled with them these days. Here are just a few. I hope Mother Earth will direct her anger at them in the form of lightning bolts.


Our commentary on Michael Anton’s warning about the Democrats’ possible attempt at a military “coup” brought this response on Monday:

From Chip:

Mr. Huckabee,

Sheesh... Your comments are little more than conspiracy theory-driven hysteria, conjured up to get hits on your website and fool the naive and the foolish. Seems it works for a few of your readers now and then, though, who seem to lack any semblance of discernment or critical thinking skills.

From the Gov:

Thanks for writing, Chip, although not for insulting my readers. I don’t know how closely you’ve been following this story, but evidence of what you call a “conspiracy theory” has been coming out of Democrats’ own mouths for months. My goal is not just to preach to the choir and tell readers what I think they want to hear, but to reach a wider audience with solid information that most major media do not cover.

I can assure you, 100 percent, that as this particular commentary was being written, getting hits on my website was not the ultimate goal. Readership is important as the means to an end but is not the end in itself, which is, in this case, to issue a serious warning: be prepared for anything when it comes to this election. If you don’t understand that, you haven’t been paying attention.

You should use the words “naive and foolish” while looking in a mirror and waving hello.

We don’t know that some version of the “coup” scenario will take place, but it’s a likelihood unless Biden clearly wins (what does that tell you?), and I don’t think he will, so get ready. Look at what has already happened this year. Assess the level of hatred towards President Trump. Listen to what Hillary and even the candidate himself have said. Consider the future Supreme Court nominees at stake. Notice how violence is increasingly being used in place of reason.

We weren’t prepared to stop the destruction of statues and other historic monuments, and now they’re gone forever. We weren’t prepared to shut down the looting that started this summer and the unprovoked slaughter of our police, and now we have lives and cities ruined and an increasing number of dead cops. It’s not Trump supporters doing these things. I am saying we need to be prepared for the possibility of Democrats doing everything possible to keep Trump from a second term, as they have made it crystal clear they will. And if they manage to get Biden inaugurated if/when it’s clear that Trump would’ve had victories in enough battleground states to win, what then?

The “hysteria” as I see it is on the other side, the one doing the burning, looting and cop-killing. (Biden’s comments on the most recent cold-blooded cop-execution were stunningly tepid.) I am trying to use documented evidence and reason to reach people who have never seen anything like this and might not recognize it for the organized power-grab it is. I hope we have a peaceful transfer of power in January, but we have to be prepared for anything. And I do mean anything.

Think I’m making this up? The Orwellian-named “Transition ‘Integrity’ Project,” which I talked about last week, is a real thing. You can read their report. Here’s a good analysis of what John Podesta and company, funded by George Soros, were doing over the summer.

Thanks to Dan Bongino for calling attention to this piece. I link to this conservative site only because mainstream media are largely ignoring the story.

News flash: Trump is not the one talking about a "street fight.” It’s the left who are planning to do that, after first accusing Trump of the very thing THEY plan to do. Even if the President wins re-election, they want to use mass protests as “leverage” to negotiate “a package of structural reforms to the democratic system” for their own political power, including making D.C. and Puerto Rico states, abolishing the Electoral College, and forcing Supreme Court justices to retire at 70.

"Large, base-building groups on the progressive side will need to anchor this strategy,” the Transition “Integrity” Project says, “but their success will likely depend on supporting and resourcing new and emerging racial justice leaders, many of whom are not affiliated with formal institutions and coalitions.” Note that they are specifically enlisting self-appointed “racial justice leaders” as part of their “strategy.”

And social media is getting into the act big-time. Check out how involved Twitter plans to be in the weeks leading up to Election Night, and the night itself.

This would all sound well-intentioned if we had confidence it was going to be applied even-handedly, but we know it won’t be.

Finally, about Michael Anton’s piece in AMERICAN MIND that sparked my commentary in the first place, that publication has posted a follow-up editorial called “Stop the Coup.” It addresses the predictable backlash from the left to Anton’s accusations. This is another must-read, especially for you, Chip.

The editors want to see pressure applied to the left --- in particular, to Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and certain governors who are key to their strategy --- to denounce the plans of the Transition “Integrity” Project, including the appointment of alternate electors, the demand for drastic constitutional changes, and using the threat of secession as a weapon (though I still say, if the West Coast does this, call their bluff and let ‘em go). But I’m not sure that putting these people on the spot is enough, given that they will say whatever they need to at any given moment and then turn on a dime. (Exhibit A: Joe Biden, on virtually any issue.)

Anyway, Chip, this is all real stuff. My readers know that what I tell them is well documented and not “conspiracy theory.” If you have a problem with something I’ve said, take it up with me without insulting them.


Over the weekend, President Trump held rallies in Michigan and Nevada. Here is some info and video on the Michigan rally from Megan Fox at PJ Media:

Megan makes the great point that Trump is the most entertaining President ever, and a great stand-up comedian. People who come to his rallies get the jokes, but the left is so filled with quivering, white-hot rage over losing in 2016 that they take every joke literally, claim it’s a “LIE,” and never see that Trump and his supporters are laughing at them. And these are the people who think they’re the only ones with a sense of humor. No wonder the state of late-night comedy is so dire.

Trump also held a rally in Nevada, an indoor rally in defiance of the Democratic Governor’s ban on indoor gatherings of more than 50 people. This link is to Trump’s speech…

…And this is an article by Wayne Allyn Root, who lives in Las Vegas and is watching his beloved city and state being destroyed by the capricious and intellectually indefensible coronavirus rules handed down from the Governor.

Conservative pundits also had fun comparing the scolding comments from the media about the Trump rally attendees allegedly being “superspreader” events with the same reporters’ previous tweets praising the anti-cop/BLM mass protests with nary a word about the virus hazard. So the virus only spreads if you go to church, Trump rallies, live shows or bars that don’t serve substantial food, but not if you attend left-wing riots.

I think at this point, most Americans have realized that every time these people open their mouths, it’s a superspreader event.



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  • Robert and Denise Wright

    09/17/2020 06:10 PM


    LOVED it!
    Your response Governor Mike was superb!
    You and your staff work so hard and help keep us up to date and informed about the REAL NEWS.
    God bless you and your family

  • Thomas Wenndt

    09/16/2020 12:58 PM

    Sir. Did I miss something or did it not pass enough of a fact-check? But I'm surprised you didn't mention, regarding the police shootings, that of all the bystanders, not one tried to help - not one called 9-1-1. And as if the fact it happened at all isn't bad enough.

  • Johnny Abrams

    09/16/2020 04:40 AM

    Why hasn't Kamala Harris addressed the murder of those 2 deputys?

  • Marty Kury

    09/15/2020 08:57 PM

    Governor, I Signed up for your email daily updates A week or so ago. I have thoroughly enjoyed them. I greatly appreciate your style of writing, your sense of humor, and your sincerity. Each one contains valuable information. I just want to say thanks and God Bless.

  • james randolph

    09/15/2020 07:39 PM

    Hey Mike -
    The cop shooting video did not indicate any bullet-resistant glass. WHY NOT?
    Why are the police cars not equipped with "bullet-proof glass"?
    Several manufactures provide the stuff ... How about a grass-roots GOFUNDME to add this?
    GOFUNDME raises money for all sorts of **** (see Jacob Blake) ...
    (1) Pick a police department.
    (2) Get their approval for "no cost to them" citizen contributions.
    (3) Retro-fit their police cars to protect our beloved officers.

  • Joyce Birch

    09/15/2020 07:33 PM

    Governor, I hope I'm not too late for my comment. Wow! What a great response to Chip! Very well said! You're the best.

  • Dan Klaffke

    09/15/2020 07:29 PM

    Hello Mike, I found an excellent podcast recording made on December 21, 2018 that speaks to where we are in approaching the 2020 election. The person being interviewed is Os Guinness (you may have heard of Guinness Beer) about his book "Last Call for Liberty". Here is where it can be heard: This is an interview by Hank Hanegraaff. Everyone needs hear this and be aware that America may fall like the Roman Empire if we do not take action. Thank you, Dan Klaffke

  • Cheryl Henderson

    09/15/2020 07:04 PM

    Just a simple question. Does GOD not control our weather Everywhere? So is it the scientists getting everybody worked up about Climate Change and Global Warming?

    Just wondering

  • Reba Barfield

    09/15/2020 06:16 PM

    This has nothing to do with anything you've written but I can't wait to hear your comments about Biden's presser from the wheat field. Poor guy was trying to talk but was plagued with insects swarming around his head. And you naysayers said Biden couldn't draw a crowd! I don't know who his strategists are but I strongly suspect they've had something to do with SNL cause everything he does looks like a skit.

  • Robert Carter

    09/15/2020 04:09 PM

    My local paper had an editorial today about CA wildfires, partly as criticism for not doing some fundamental things to reduce CA global warming contributions, risks and fight fires more effectively.
    I responded with the summary article covering letters I wrote to fire officials, governors and presidents (Trump in May). I'm including it here, so maybe Trump will get a feather in his cap before the election for researching, then promoting it:
    From: Robert Carter, Torrance, CA (310) 542-2261

    Re: Daily Breeze editorial, 091520, “Wildfires tied to California policymaking”

    There should be no issue regarding California's "all-year fire season"; the issue is how to effectively combat the threats and actual events. This I’ve not much seen of to-date.

    Several years ago, I began sending letters and emails to fire agencies, the CA governors and presidents on effective combat equipment.

    The first was when Boeing C-17 production was nearly complete (they’d have been a perfect water dropper due to load capacity, trained pilots, availability in CA – only needed tank modules and controls for firefighting).

    Next came he opportunity for Boeing 747 acquisition/ conversion (and pilots) in late 2017 and early 2018, when two airlines discontinued their use.

    There was just one 747 conversion flown beginning in late 2018 – a powerhouse ! This plane drops a swath nearly 200’ wide and a mile long in one drop!

    Finally, this year, other airlines discontinued 747 use (and pilots) – making way for the trained pilots on the sole 747, already converted, to retrain airline retirees/ layed-off pilots to fly more of them – if only someone would convert more planes!

    In addition, these aircraft would be perfect for re-seeding drops and seed watering drops, plus – standby for controlled burns, so they don’t get out of control.

    Financially, we’ve rented “Super Scoopers” from Canada for many years at a cost of many millions of dollars – by using 474s, we could completely turn that around - when we’re not fighting CA fires - for the benefit of other states (including Alaska) and other countries (e.g. Brazil, who can’t start fighting the big fire for lack of resources – a really serious global warming condition!).
    Also, financially, there is really no reason why insurance companies wouldn’t invest heavily in 747 acquisition and conversion, maybe underwriting part of the operating costs – it would save them billions of dollars in claims - every year!

    Let's do it now !

  • Leroy Chausse

    09/15/2020 03:51 PM

    On The Fires. Some basic information about fire:
    1. A fuel source is needed.
    2. Oxygen is needed.
    3. Heat: A source of ignition eg Lightening, arson activity, electric sparking, etc.
    Remove any of the above and the fire goes out! Trying to control a fully engulfed fire is like trying to stop a hurricane. It's dangerous and foolish. Environmentalists have the mentality that fire is bad. That couldn't be farther from the truth. Fire basically accomplishes two functions: First, it keeps the fuel at bay. Next it is a stimulant. Check out some historical fires viz the Tillamook Burn west of Portland, Oregon in the Coast Range in 1933. 350,000 acres burned and finally extinguished by rain on September 5th. That fire produced some of the best forage for wildlife. They "exploded".
    Next the Chamberlain Basin Fire in Central Idaho. Also started in 1933. Again, the results of this fire produced some of the best elk/deer hunting for many years to come. So many more fires that have the same effect. I just named two, but I've seen many, close up and personal.
    Analysis: Let fires burn. Do what is possible to protect property.

  • Janet Pingston

    09/15/2020 03:35 PM

    just watched a Biden for Pres add - condemning the violence in the protests.

    idea for trump: Play a clip of the ad - then list the following information.
    city........ days of violence....... $ of lost business........ Mayor or Leader in Charge (Party affiliate)

    I think Biden just blinked.

  • Jerry Korba

    09/15/2020 02:59 PM

    We have talked about the Unhappiness of the Left for over a year even durning the impeachment that was the high light of year if you are a lefty or a Socialist they really could not have fun even when Pelosi and Cuomo and half wit DeBlasio were telling all to come to the city and party come to the parades during pandemic and drink smoke dope let it all hang out and then get sick. It is the the Biden touch when the Left and Biden touch something a few get rich and the rest suffer to the leaders of the Left thats what they call humor and that's what they will bring they have started already.

  • Berry Mcalister

    09/15/2020 02:32 PM


  • Pat J Green

    09/15/2020 01:58 PM

    I am just so tired of all the stuff the left are doing in trying to go against the will of the American people, from burning, looting trying to kill police in anyway they can and now there is this stuff of stealing the election anyway they can if they don't win legal. One thing people all over keep talking about is how pelosi could be president, and I guess that would be possible if the Democrats keep the house. But the new Congress takes over around Jan 6 . So if the Republicans will get out there and work for the American people instead of setting back like they have been know to do we could make a clean sweep of the whole thing. But they need to get out there on the street now.

  • Leopoldo R Gutierrez

    09/15/2020 01:39 PM

    Dear Mike:
    Can you contact your friends in the senate to ask this? How are the States sending ballots to all registered voters will be sure that nobody votes by mail and in person? Do they have checks and balances? Can be JUST voting by mail to prevent the possibility mention above?

  • Carmen Price

    09/15/2020 01:30 PM

    Governor Huckabee:
    I was part of "fake news" over the weekend...........I attended the huge Trump rally in Minden, NV. All the news reports, TV and papers said 5,000 unmasked supporters attended, well let me tell you just how many were actually there.........over 25,000. I was part of the "check in" group and the bus loads just kept coming, hardly any seating inside where he spoke for a hour and a half,,,,,,,,,,great speech also.
    Fake News, doncha just love them?
    Loved your show also over the weekend, would love to see Infidel when it comes to a theater or TV near me.
    Carmen Price
    Reno, NV

  • Barbara Riefner

    09/15/2020 01:12 PM

    Yesterday Dan Bongino outlined some things that we should be doing to prevent this "street fight" lunacy that the Dems are promising. I would like to see you outline them also and let us know what we, as individuals, can do to try to prevent this outcome. Please Mike, we need you!

  • James Evart

    09/15/2020 01:11 PM

    I think that our President needs to take steps NOW to insure that the election poles and the ballots are secure and without interference from the Left. As such I wrote the following to President Trump this morning over his White House site:

    Mr. President, Our country is becoming third world with its violence and censorship. I, for one, am becoming very aware of the Left's propensity and practice of violence and am fairly certain that they will practice harassment and intimidation at the poles with their ANTIFA and BLACK LIVES MATTER thugs and am becoming very concerted that the Left will try to drive away voters from the poles and some will not even try to make the poles because of fear from exercising their constitutional right to vote.
    This is a national and constitutional matter in the citizens be allowed to exercise their constitutional rights by being able to vote in peace without reprisal, without harm, secretly, on ballot, and in person. You have the right and obligation, based on the last four months of unrest by the Left to activate the National Guard to man EVERY poling station in the USA to guard our citizens exercising their right to vote and to let them know ahead of time that they will be protected while doing so in advance, as well as having the Guard accompany those votes to the counting places and to oversee the actual counting along with all mail in votes needing to be strictly monitored regarding proper handling.
    Many are afraid to go to the voting poles because of the riots and violence that has been happening the last 4 months. We are turning into a third world country and need to commission soldiers to insure that voting can and will commence properly and fairly as it has done in the past, especially when the Democrats thought that they already had the election won and did not need to resort to a violent overthrow of our government and constitution as they are doing now. This is actually insurrection. Deal with it with the powers that you have to halt it! NOW!!!

  • Floyd A Unger

    09/15/2020 01:03 PM

    Thank you. Did you notice that the media coverage of the LA Cop shooting left out the videos and comments by the witnesses?

  • Vrlma Ardis Marshall

    09/15/2020 12:51 PM

    we ne r d prayers for Oregon and Washington for the fires also. I live in Salem, Oregon. The skies are filled with smoke from the fires, and some of my friends have list their homes. Also, prayers are needed to stop the riots. There is a possibility that fires have been intentionally set. I can't believe that isn't true when all 3 states had the fites break out at the same time. Thanks for all of your daily messages!

  • Angela L Lawson

    09/15/2020 12:28 PM

    I posted this, just this morning Governor Huckabee, when I posted a link to the announcement of an arrest of two men in California who have been arrested for starting fires in California. "Here ya go, you bunch of "tree-hugging" Liberals! Here's your so-called "Global Warming Whine" for causing the fires in California....not only are you failing miserably for refusing to rid your own forests of underbrush and dead trees; but, I guess you have some "arsonists" among you!!!! Read it and weep, and you can go to Hell for blaming President Trump for your lousy arsonists; and for your highly combustible underbrush.........Democrats "all of you" are pathetic!!!!!"......I cannot tell you how sick I am of hearing about Global Warming causing these fires in California! Vote a straight Red ticket let's rid the US of these whining Democrats!

  • Sue Maden

    09/15/2020 12:15 PM

    I love you and your family. Always speaking the truth to people like Chip. Gave it to him perfectly.
    Knowing the truth will set us free and also preparing for what is to come.
    I am not sure about Chip. Some people are blind and deaf to what is right in front of them.
    Can only pray for Chip. Never seen anything like this in my life time and I am 72. The Dems have spelled it out for us, as to what they are going to do. So we know what we are going to have to do to combat what they think they will accomplish by this battle. The devil is in the details. God will make this right. He after all is in charge.

  • Debra Kines

    09/15/2020 12:13 PM

    Such a perfect, well written response to the dismissive reader re: “The Coup”...
    Thank you, Gov. Huckabee, and may God continue to bless you.

  • Rustin Rathbun

    09/15/2020 12:10 PM

    RE: California Fires.
    Everybody wants to keep shouting global warming. Just a thought here. Could California’s drought issue be connected to the fact that most of the water that falls in California is redirected to a direct path to the ocean through their storm drains, sewage treatment plants, concrete rivers and spillways, etc rather than into nature’s aquifer. Over the years they have literally drained their aquifer. Just thinking out loud here. I think a re design is in order here to replenish the aquifer and bring back the balance of nature.