May 15, 2018

As the special counsel probe into still-unsupported allegations of Russian “collusion” with the Trump campaign enters its second year, this might be a good time to take a look at where we are with that. One problem, however: there’s suddenly so much news connected with the investigation that it’s hard to know where to begin without hopping on board the Information Overload Express.

The investigation appears to be imploding, but the mainstream press is trying very hard to avoid covering this. One story that just ran in the Washington Post (also picked up by AP) included input from, I think, five reporters but was written so narrowly that it essentially just contrasted the calmness and seriousness of the so-highly-organized Mueller team with the frenzied, chaotic reaction of Trump blah blah blah. Most of the budding Woodward-and-Bernsteins don’t seem all that interested in ferreting out the truth about Obama’s DOJ and FBI.

In contrast, there’s been fabulous reporting and analysis from out-of-the-mainstream journalists. Over the past year, we’ve learned that we have a much bigger problem than election interference by Russia –- we have election interference by our own intelligence community. In just in the last few days, we’ve addressed several breaking stories, including the most outrageous revelation of all (so far): that the FBI relied on a confidential “human source” (mole) within the Trump campaign and kept that information from Congress and the FISA court.

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The counterintelligence investigation launched by the FBI was fraught with conflicts of interest and outrageous political bias from the very start, and we’re only now learning just how dark its origins may have been. The Russian “dossier” on Trump prepared by the highly imaginative British ex-spy Christopher Steele and paid for by Hillary and the DNC was used by FBI agents in applications to the FISA court for warrants to spy on such peripheral figures as Carter Page and George Papadopoulos, and they didn’t bother to inform the FISA court of the dossier’s political roots. When that information became public, the story changed; it was no longer the dossier that was so important, but a report that George Papadopoulos had bragged drunkenly in a London bar about the Russians having thousands of Hillary’s emails.

The idea of the Russians or anyone else on Earth or even the galaxy having thousands of Hillary’s emails should come as no surprise, as she “carelessly” conducted all her State Department business through a nonsecure personal email server, something most officials would face jail time for. But we’ve just learned something startling about the Papadopoulos story: it was a set-up. A few “handlers,” including Peter Stsrzok working on background, got him to London, fed him information about Hillary’s emails being hacked by the Kremlin, and you know the rest. Thanks to Chuck Ross of the Daily Caller News Foundation, we even know the name of the operative who set up the London trip: Stefan Halper.

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The FBI probe was formally opened on July 31, 2016, three months before the election, when CIA Director John Brennan sent an email to FBI Director James Comey. We know this thanks to the persistence of House Intelligence Committee chair Devin Nunes, who finally threatened top DOJ officials with impeachment if they didn’t give him the unredacted document. They finally gave him access to a version that was still modestly redacted, hiding the identify of the source of the “raw intelligence” that Brennan had passed along to Comey.

Clarice Feldman at AMERICAN THINKER makes the case that this source is Stefan Halper. If you want to “go deep” on the details of how the FBI investigation was engineered –- and make no mistake, it WAS engineered –- and learn more about Halper’s background and his role in the whole shameful business, this piece by Thomas Lifson (with all its internal links) is a must-read…

There’s more breaking special counsel news even now, about a stunning conflict of interest involving Mueller himself and a RUSSIAN OLIGARCH (irony of ironies) named Oleg Deripaska, who spend $25 million of his own money and worked with the FBI to try to help them free one of their agents, Robert Levinson, being held in Iran. (He’s still there, incidentally. This is an outrageous story in itself, which we’ll take on as more details emerge. It involves Hillary Clinton acting as Secretary of State, and she does not come off well.) Two months before the election, and before the FISA application was made, three FBI agents came to see him at his home in New York to tell him they suspected Trump’s campaign was colluding with Russia to win the election, and they brought up Paul Manafort (with whom Deripaska had had a legal dispute), presumably in the hope that Deripaska would want to implicate Manafort in the collusion narrative. According to reporter John Solomon, Deripaska laughed and said, “You are trying to create something out of nothing.” Their reaction was along the lines of, “Let’s stay in touch. Keep an open mind.”

Solomon is highly confident of his sources for this story, saying that both Deripaska and his lawyer have gone on record. Deripaska has even offered to come testify before Congress, without immunity. Gee, I’ll bet the FISA court judges would have appreciated knowing about all this. And surely Paul Manafort would have liked to have it as well, to push back at the charges made against him. At least now he’s got it.



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  • Day

    05/16/2018 01:32 PM

    Mike -
    Two issues to comment on:
    It just doesn't seem like anything is under control in DC.
    The insane Mueller investigation especially. An article online yesterday called it a slow coup, which idea has validity. An end needs to be made of it and soon - like 9 months ago.

    So much of the Platform has not been implemented, and while I think American voters for Trump were happy to know Prez Trump had negotiating skills - they didn't elected him to negotiate, but rather to implement change. This is going to affect the 2018 elections. Here in NE FL, we elected a man for Congress who had online posted his platform which basically aligned with the Trump platform. After he went to DC, he did a total 180. It's like, what's the point ?
    Federally too - minor judges countermand the President of the US and he accepts that...Congress stonewalls. New gun regulations are enacted. The internet is being severely censored(and its importance in the last election cannot be overstated). An insane budget is passed and signed.


    No wall. (And there are HEALTH LAWS that Mr. Trump could use to stop ALL BORDER TRAFFIC by declaring a National Health Emergency. (and it would not be false, look at the rise of exterminated diseases that have resurfaced in the US with NO VETTING of the health of border crossers).

    There are many - millions probably, of various laws, which could be used to circumvent Congress and the Courts...but NONE are being used. Use these laws, use the power the Congress gave Obama to the advantage of the US citizen!

    We have some decent new appointments in the judicial - though the Supreme Court pick has ruled against Mr. Trump 2 out of 3 times. Many people before his appointment did not believe he was reliably conservative Constitutionally.

    We have the X-Y-Z contingent (LBG..............) basically setting the moral tone and laws for the entire country -elementary kids are being foribly indoctrinated into it - where is the Justice Dept. ?? And the Boy Scouts aren't BOYS any longer ?

    We have colleges, TAXPAYER FUNDED refusing all manner of service and implementing all manner of punishments against WHITE PEOPLE...THEY FUND THE COLLEGES ! Where are the Anti - Discrimination charges by the gov't against these??

    They are spraying toxins on the US population 24/7 and have officially admitted it ! Isn't that an attack on our citizens ? No one cares ??

    The economy is said to be better, but my husband, a small businessman, is contracted to a company where he makes a modest salary. ONE HALF of his salary goes to taxes, worker comp, insurance, etc (I am only counting actual federal, state and county taxes and requirements- NOT operating expenses) which leaves our family of three at the poverty level. And he works 16-18 hours days to do it! And we have NO health insurance ourselves ! We don't see the economy has improved.

    We take comfort in knowing this state of affairs is prophesied, but as voters - we may sit the next one out.

    It is wonderful that the Embassy was moved - that one goes down as a 5-star accomplishment. Though I do have to say that in all the thrilling online articles and videos, the Dedication and night before Reception,(and we watched them in their entirety), I NEVER heard or read it said stated that THANKS are due to the AMERICAN CHRISTIANS, WHO LONG AND HARD POLITICALLY FOUGHT AND PRAYED AND NEVER STOPPED IN THEIR INSISTENCE THAT JERUSALEM BE RECOGNIZED AS THE CAPITAL OF ISRAEL. Yes, I do realize and appreciate that Christians were represented at those events (Hagee and Jeffress particularly). I know as Christians, we do not seek praise, we give glory to God. That said, with so many Jews, especially in Israel, not feeling especially "warm" toward Christians as a whole, it might have been a wise point to make.

  • Mac Moody

    05/16/2018 09:07 AM

    When are the crooks going to be imprisoned???? Based on info from you and Fox News there is enough crookedness that someone should be indicted and put in prison now. Why does it take so long?????

  • David Stinson

    05/15/2018 11:06 PM

    Mueller has nothing to worry about. After the blithering-idiot American electorate hand the Congress over to the Democrats in November, he'll get everything he's been after, a book deal and a cozy retirement. He, Obama, the Clintons and all the other "big crooks" Sessions helped escape justice will all throw a party and laugh at the "little people," standing in their mess and wondering what happened. Never in the history of Mankind has a nation and a people so completely deserved what's happening to them.

  • Peggy Siragusa

    05/15/2018 10:42 PM

    I love that you ended this days report with scripture.

  • Kevin Cook

    05/15/2018 10:12 PM

    Damn, our own federal government is more corrupt than Russia! The buck stops with President Hussein and he and all deep state Gestapo deserve prison or expelled from our county.

  • marvin w kruger

    05/15/2018 08:35 PM

    This is soooo unbelievable! This a sad time in our history. Keep up the GOOD work PASTOR. This country realy needs you to keep us informed.

  • James Evart

    05/15/2018 06:06 PM

    1. As expressed months ago, our president has won the vote, title, honor and respect that goes with the is PRESIDENT Trump.
    2. At a time when our President has worked very hard to bring the North Korean president to an historical summit meeting, is it a wise thing to start calling him "Rocket Man" again BEFORE we even sit down with him at the table????? WAKE UP Hannity !!!!!!!!
    3. The old saying that one can tell a man by his children is so very true as in the case of our President and yourself. A warm greeting to you and your daughter from myself and everyone on the side of the truth. Keep up the good work.

  • JQ Manos-Smith

    05/15/2018 05:34 PM

    Mr. Mike thank you for being a voice we can trust and believe. When I am trying to make a political decision I ask what does Mike think about this. Your reputation is golden in my book.

  • Bill Regehr

    05/15/2018 05:23 PM

    Mike, I love you and share many of your perspectives, but ... we've been hearing about an imploding Mueller operation for quite some time and about crimes committed by the Clintons and others during the Obama years. Still, we have yet to see the Mueller operation cease operations and there have yet to be charges filed against the Clintons or the Obamas. I love the fact that the Mueller team is imploding but when does it end? I've come to believe that our Republican leadership is an integral part of the swamp that needs to be drained, along with their sniveling Democratic counterparts. Can you help me understand this better?

    By the way, I was glad that you were able to attend the opening of the American Embassy in Jerusalem! A long overdue event!



  • Debbie James

    05/15/2018 05:02 PM

    If Hillary had been elected all of this would have been covered up. The "Deep State" would have just continued to violate the Constitutional rights of US Citizens and expanded their power in an unlawful way. People need to go to jail over this. It is so much worse than Watergate.

  • rodney burke

    05/15/2018 04:12 PM

    the more layers we pull back, the more there are LEFT to pull back. There aren't words to describe this mess. Appalling, and disgusting are only half the story. And if any "Establishment" republicans are implicated, man things ARE disgusting. There are multiple sources working to find that out and a few are already implicated. Heads need to roll. jail cells need to be filled and those who committed treason, punished to the full extent of the law. Scandal is no longer what this is. it is far beyond that. Mike you have a new word to describe this? I don't. I'd need to find a legal thesaurus.

  • Richard Featherstone

    05/15/2018 04:09 PM

    Have read and have followed a lot of the Mueller probe. HOW DO WE STOP IT?? I have written Senator McCain and get some garbage back not coming near to answering my question. Senator Flake who knows I am supporting Kelli Ward will not even respond. This thing is totally out of hand, way off base with spending money and when they uncover something on the Democrats - nothing happens -- they just move on to another angle of trying to dig up dirt. STOP THIS PROBE.

  • Judy Clemence

    05/15/2018 03:43 PM

    You couldn't write a spy novel with this much corruption! Obama and his cronies have tainted the DOJ and FBI for many years to come! Very Sad!! Can't wait until the day Rosenstein is FIRED! He is as deep in this sham as any one else! Shameful! Can't wait for the day all of these dirty people (if that's what you call them) are taken down!

  • Barbara

    05/15/2018 03:13 PM

    Even more terrifying than this attempted coup by anti-American scum in our FBI and intelligence agencies, is the question - have they ever done this before to get their preferred candidate in office and we never heard about it? They should all be charged with treason and hung in the public square. To think our tax dollars paid for them to undermine the vote of the people is one of the worst things I've heard in a long, long time. We are quickly turning into a banana republic. Shame on everyone involved in this sordid affair.

  • John M. Stone

    05/15/2018 03:11 PM

    Funny thing you should label a segment of your newsletter as CNN Breaking Wind, because every time I hear Jim Accoster or Wolf Blister, all I can hear is their breaking wind noises. Could you get Sara Huckabee Sanders to suggest a dietary change to each of them? Those are not nice noises in polite society? Remind them that their anal emissions are not tuneful. It makes them all appear that they were raised by wolves, besides (in Wolf's case, you just never do know about that, anyhow....what mother would name her little boy "wolf" anyway, unless he gulped down his food incessantly?). But, not even CNN is as "native" as MSNBC, which is completely "off the chain" and "out of the yard" every hour they are broadcasting. Hey, I am sympathetic to the fact that Wolf Blister is an Old Fart with a forehead larger than Paul Begala's; however, could he please just use a little more Gas-X? Not all of their verbal sound effects are tuneful. Sometimes, Jim Accoster comes across as downright rude, crude, lewd, boorish, ill-mannered and uncouth. His Momma didn't bring him up right at home, that's the big problem, along with his incessant narcissism.

  • William Outland

    05/15/2018 02:49 PM

    You're a breath of fresh air Mike. I'm always interested in your insight. I like many, am sick of this never-ending Russia investigation. We know that Hillary and the DNC were involved with Russia if, only tangentially, in an effort to stop Trump and yet Mueller has no interest in that. I used to think he was an honest straight forward guy but it's now abundantly evident that's not true. I guess the thing, that bothers me the most is Sessions. I respect him but with all the available targets he's doing nothing; letting, Rosenstein who's obviously corrupt run the show. Trump needs DeGenova or Trey Gowdy, someone more proactive as AG.

  • Amelia Little

    05/15/2018 02:40 PM

    Thanks for the information. MSM is, of course, ho-hum, nothing to see here, move on, has nothing to do with Trump colluding with the Russians--and that is all mueller is looking for (cough, cough) unless he can't find anything, then he will grasp at straws at any conservative. We aren't looking for (or at) any liberal or hilary or obama or FBI, DOJ etc involvement in anything--no sirreeeee!!!!! Too bad their "journalists" don't act like journalists--checking information and facts--probably because what they would come across would certainly not support their (and the liberal, funded by ultra-rich far left people) agenda!!!