August 20, 2019

The Gray Lady had the curtain pulled back before she got her makeup on recently, with the leak of a transcript of the New York Times’ “emergency town hall.”  It appears to show the Times editors openly discussing their anti-Trump bias in terms of pleasing readers, who like it when they attack Trump and get angry if they report too harshly on Democrats like Joe Biden. 

Also mentioned in the meeting was the Times’ “1619 project,” which is basically a concerted effort to try to recast the entire history of America from the Founding onward as being rooted in slavery and racism, conveniently promoting the Democrats’ desperate, divisive and disgusting “everyone who disagrees with us is a racist and white supremacist” election tactic.

This is “fake news” on a historic scale, the kind of rewriting of history that as Jeffrey Lord notes at the link, was a specialty of Stalinist Russia.

America was not founded on slavery and racism, it was founded on freedom, individual rights and equality under the law.  Yes, there has been a long struggle to end such abominations as slavery, the KKK and Jim Crow laws, but it wasn't easy for Republicans to force Democrats to give up their treasured institutions. 

To those who claim that the Democrats’ inclination to divide Americans by race is now just ancient history, I’d ask this: when President Trump accurately calls out cities run by Democrats for over half a century for having rats, bad schools and crime, and Democrats immediately assume that he must be blaming the black residents, which side is really racist? 

President Trump responded to the curtain being pulled back on the Times’ bias on Twitter.  Calling the Times “an evil propaganda machine for the Democrat Party” was one of the nicer things he said.

And this is kind of inside baseball, but it also deserves attention due to all the media people who claim that Trump is somehow subverting democracy by accusing the media of running fake news just because so much of the news they run is fake.

 All the details are at the link, but here’s the capsule version:

A Washington Post writer asked a conservative reporter for a quote on a subject she had researched in depth.  When the story appeared in WaPo, the quote was not included, but two words were lifted completely out of context as an excuse to quote a liberal activist calling her a “flat-out racist,” when what she actually said was 100% true and accurate.  When the editor of the blog the conservative writes for contacted the Post to point out the flat-out lie their reporter had run, the Post refused to retract it or apologize, calling it “appropriate.”  A lie that slanders a conservative as a racist?  Yeah, I guess you could say that’s appropriate for the Washington Post. 

It might be time for WaPo to change its self-aggrandizing motto, “Democracy dies in darkness,” to something more “appropriate.”  I suggest, “Journalism dies at the Washington Post.” 

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  • Susan M LaFernier

    08/21/2019 07:32 AM

    I guess your family has no values or morals. It seemed to be ok that your daughter Sara could stand up in front of the American people and spew lies on a daily basis. Did she quit her job because it finally bothered her? I guess it didn't bother you as you are now on FOX doing the same thing. You are on a propaganda TV show spewing the same lies. Do you think the educated people in this country really believe you? We are far from stupid like all the FOX hosts. Fox TV is nothing but garbage TV and now you are part of it. I hope you don't go to church on Sundays and ask GOD to look over you and your family when you are all part of scamming the American people. Maybe people in the South believe you but the rest of the country just laugh at the garbage that comes out of your mouth and the rest of Fox TV. Shame on you.