Using skin cells to make stem cells

January 25, 2018 |

Great news: Researchers in San Francisco announced that they’ve found a new way to create stem cells for research that doesn’t require killing human embryos. This is actually the third way that’s been discovered to turn skin cells into stem cells, a process once dismissed as impossible.

Then again, human embryos were once dismissed by some people as nothing but “a piece of tissue.” Some still cling to that belief, despite the ever-growing scientific evidence to the contrary. I guess they think that “the science is settled” and nothing ever changes. No, science changes all the time. The facts of life don’t. They have tragically confused the two.


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  • Elle Sinfield

    01/29/2018 04:29 PM

    There have been fantastic advances made in just the past 2 years. Not only can stem cells be harvested from bone marrow of the recipient or a matching donor, but they can be harvested from the adipose tissue. There are some diseases where stem cells cannot come from the recipient, it will just recreate the disease. In those cases, they have discovered that cord blood cells are rich with stem cells. Years ago when people started banking the umbilical cord, they had no idea where the science would lead. The amount banked is far greater than will ever been needed by the person who banked it. Excess cord blood is now available. The FDA has approved the process and the resulting cells that do no need to be a match because all unique information that could create a rejection has been eliminated.

    That said, why hasn't Michael J. Fox been cured? He was the poster boy for stem cell cures. The have been available in they US without use of embryos for years. Seems like someone would have used them on Michael by now