June 4, 2019

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Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort is being made an example of.

According to FOX News, New York City District Attorney Cy Vance, Jr., requested a New York State judge to order Manfort, 69, transferred to Rikers Island. That judge has so ordered.


Rikers Island is where they send high-profile violent offenders like serial killers and mob bosses. The “Son Of Sam” killer, David Berkowitz, was sent there, as well as Mark David Chapman, John Lennon’s killer. This seems to have come about because a New York grand jury charged Manafort in March with additional financial crimes. (Charged, not convicted, as Manafort has not yet had a trial.) Vance, a Democrat, said at that time that “no one is beyond the law in New York.”

If Manafort is found guilty of these crimes, the President cannot pardon him or commute his sentence, as these are state offenses.

I would really like to hear what U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis has to say about this. He presided over the original federal case that arose out of the special counsel investigation, and from what he said at the time, he knew that the charges against Manafort had nothing to do with Russian election interference and that the sentence was excessive.

Recall also that Manafort was held in solitary confinement for months, while awaiting trial and even during the trial. According to some news reports, he wasn’t even allowed a magazine.

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I assume (but am not sure) that in the minimum-security prison in Pennsylvania where he’s currently serving time, he has been housed among the general population. In the famously rough environment of Riker’s Island, he’ll be –- you guess it –-- held in solitary.

“For his own protection.”

If Manafort did commit financial crimes, he should pay for that. But this price is far too high, and it’s almost certainly due to the fact that he DARED help Trump get elected. He is now a broken, ruined man, selectively prosecuted, an example of what can happen when you’re caught in the “crossfire” of the effort to bring down President Trump.


In case you were busy with something more important last night, like washing your hair or your cat or your cockatoo, Chrissy Clark at the Federalist has a round-up of the seven things we learned from Democratic Presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand’s townhall on Fox News.  One of them is actually not negative, repulsive, irrational, false or outright crazy.  It’s #7: she’s not opposed to capitalism, at least not entirely.  So far, that makes her the Democratic frontrunner in my book, but it probably kills her chances at the nomination.


Excellent column by Derek Hunter that I’m afraid falls under the category of “Fantasy Fiction.”  It’s titled, “If Liberals Were Held to Their Own Standards.”


Looks as if House Democrats went judge-shopping in the wrong department store: Washington, D.C., district court Judge Trevor McFadden just threw out their lawsuit to stop President Trump’s emergency border wall funding reallocation.  He said they lack standing to make a legal case, and this is basically a political dispute, not something they can run to the courts to settle. 

But wait: if Democrats can’t impose their political agenda by running to the courts, how else can they possibly do it?!

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Joe Biden must be feeling the heat from those attacks by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the boos at the California Democratic Convention for not being loony-left enough.  So he just proposed his own version of the Green New Deal, dubbed “The Biden Plan for a Clean Energy Revolution & Environmental Justice” (it’s not truly “progressive” if you don’t find some way to incongruously stick the word “justice” into it somewhere.)  His plan calls for spending $1.7 trillion over the next 10 years with another $5 trillion-plus in “additional private sector and state and local investments.”  That means spending your tax money to try to pick winners in the marketplace, hopefully more fruitfully than on Solyndra, which got half a billion dollars in government loan guarantees before going bankrupt.

If it follows the Obama-Biden-era “green energy” strategy, it would mean blowing about $7 trillion on graft and meddling in the private sector to fund crony green energy companies that would be put out of business by less well-connected companies with better technology. Still, it’s less expensive than the Green New Deal, which would spend $93 trillion to destroy the entire economic system.  That might appeal to “moderates” who only want to see a moderate amount of tax money wasted, but it’s not going to appease leftists like AOC who think no government program is green enough if it doesn’t spend all the green in the world. 


Wednesday is the 15th anniversary of the death of President Ronald Reagan.  To mark the occasion, his son, Michael Reagan, offered some personal memories and an assessment of his father’s accomplishments and legacy.  This link also includes some thoughts from Herman Cain, Floyd Brown and others who admired or worked with Reagan, as well as a must-see video of Reagan’s speech in Normandy on the 40th anniversary of the D-Day invasion, which is especially timely since Thursday marks the 75th anniversary.


As this story notes, a recent C-SPAN survey of historians found Reagan ranked as one of the top 10 presidents, moving up two spots over the past two years. Heritage Foundation historian Lee Edwards calls him the greatest President of the second half of the 20th century.  His accomplishments include turning around a moribund economy, rebuilding the American military, defeating the USSR without firing a shot, and restoring a sense of pride in America. 


Here’s what you seldom hear these days, but those of us who lived through the Reagan era remember it only too well: Reagan’s opponents, particularly in the media and Hollywood, were dismissive, insulting and absolutely vicious toward him.  He was portrayed as a dunce, a doddering old fool, a drugstore cowboy who was going to start a nuclear war, and yes, that old reliable term the left applies to everyone they dislike without knowing what it means: a fascist.


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One infamous editorial cartoon depicted him as a skull-headed merchant of death, playing chess with frightened soldiers as chess pieces.  Liberal newspapers scorned his economic policies with derisive terms such as “trickle down” and “Reaganomics” (Reagan famously joked that they stopped calling it Reaganomics after it started working.)  They claimed the ‘80s tax cut and economic boom was based on “greed” and only helped “the rich” (feeling any déjà vu?)  Young leftists sneeringly called him “Ray-gun” in the mistaken belief that repeating the same dumb joke endlessly made them appear witty (“Drumpft” ring a bell?) His missile defense shield idea was mocked with the nickname “Star Wars” and the “settled science” crowd declared it impossible to shoot down an incoming missile.  Today, America not only has anti-missile defense technology, but it’s saved countless Israelis by intercepting incoming Hamas missiles. 


That relentless negative press took a toll.  Among Americans in general, Gallup showed that his average approval rating during 1988, his last year in office, was 53%, down from a high in the mid-60s and tying his average for his entire term.  But when asked to assess him in 2002, with an extra 14 years of perspective, they gave him a 73% approval rating. 


As for C-SPAN’s survey of historians, it reflects both the benefits of perspective and hindsight and the fact that C-SPAN polls historians from a diverse range of viewpoints, rather than the rankings from lockstep liberal historians we got for years, who placed Reagan ridiculously low.


This is typical of liberal historians’ “objective” ratings of recent Presidents.  For instance, they ranked Obama high for his moral integrity because he had “no scandals” (I can hear your eyes rolling from here.)  They also assured us that George W. Bush (whom the left liked to call “fascist” and “Hitler” – sound familiar?) was the worst President ever.  In a 2006 Sienna college poll of 744 professors, over two-thirds said Bush had no realistic chance of improving his rating.  That is, until another Republican (Trump) was elected, and now he’s “the worst ever” and Bush has already moved up two spaces.  Funny how you can be a history professor, yet have no concept of your own lack of historical perspective. 


I find that the more history you’ve lived through, the easier it is to discount the opinions of self-proclaimed “historians.”  Judging from their own track record for judging Presidents, I’d say a lot of these historians belong on the “ash heap of history” – the coining of that phrase being yet another accomplishment of Ronald Reagan. 





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  • Jeffrey Medler

    06/05/2019 10:55 AM

    At the 75th anniversary of D-Day memorial, President Trump should just read, verbatim, Ronald Reagan's remarks at the 40th anniversary. The press ridicules him relentlessly over reading someone else's speechwriting; as long as he reads other people's words, why not challenge them to criticize President Reagan's articulate tribute?

  • Dawn Tarlip

    06/05/2019 08:37 AM

    When I tried to access the link to "Do YOU approve of Trump"? I received the message ' Access Forbidden'.

  • Joe Kunkle

    06/04/2019 11:47 PM

    President Abe Lincoln was ridiculed many time, even following his Gettysburg Address, now treasured as one of the most important presidential speeches ever given. Abe Lincoln is considered one of our greatest Presidents, but funny thing, of hand I can't remember the names of any of those ridiculed him! They were consigned to the ash heap of history as I believe many of President Trump's tormenters will be!

  • Sharon L. Conroy

    06/04/2019 11:28 PM

    All I can say is thank you. We so enjoy hearing or reading your informative comments. Keep up the good work and God bless you and our President. So sorry for his trouble as he has our best interest in his efforts to help this nation.

  • Joe Kunkle

    06/04/2019 11:15 PM

     It is interesting that President Trump has been compared to the Persian Emperor Cyrus because of his lending support to Israel at a crucial, dangerous time in their history.

    I noted this remark about how God used Cyrus as an ally to bring care and help to Israel.

    "The Lord’s chosen ally
        will carry out his purpose against Babylon;
        his arm will be against the Babylonians.
    I, even I, have spoken;
        yes, I have called him.
    I will bring him,
        and he will succeed in his mission.
    Isaiah 48:14, 15

    I believe President Trump has both Israel & America's best interests at heart, and hope and pray that not only will he be used of God to defend Israel, but that God will protect him and help him succeed in his mission as he address the important issues this country faces, in spite of the cruel attacks he and his family have had leveled against them.

  • Dusty

    06/04/2019 11:11 PM

    Where are we living today when I see what is being done to Manafort for what who did he kill or hurt in this country NO ONE! In this situation per business dealings that did not affect us. Who as a Democrat has this been done? Such nasty people and we vote for them. That this Congress with even Republicans fighting the President on trade and tariffs that have hurt the Middle Class WHY and HOW? Who do they think they are kidding this SWAMP. Ask so many who lost those great jobs 25 years ago per Pres Clinton and others took their good paying jobs away? Now jobs are coming back better pay again. WHY do we pay a tariff that is not equal? How am I now seeing more and more Middle Easter here in Atlanta area how many are coming in. Not hard to tell who they are per the scarves. Something is not right and WHY?

  • Thomas Huelster

    06/04/2019 11:03 PM

    Am just wondering, there seems to be a lot less patriotism now then after WW2. And a seeming need for much of our youth to become more responsible to our country. I think we need to return to the draft. It works reasonably well there. It also might help with the riddance of the gay community in our military and elsewhere. We don't need social experiences there. Like someone once said, God created man and woman, democrats invented everything else. To me, it looks like the democrats and their views are our worst enemy. More then Iran,Russia and China. Wish Trump had a following like FDR. A president most of the people believed in. Sorry for getting sentimental. I think things have gone downhill since WW2. I'm 80 years old. seems I remember how things were yester year then yesterday. God bless. And, thanks for reading this if you get the chance.

  • Ann Bruce Pineda

    06/04/2019 09:39 PM

    One thing I'd like to have asked the mayor of London: Is it true that Asia Bibi, the young Christian mother in danger of being executed for absurd charges, was denied asylum in UK because authorities were afraid thousands of Moslem men would fill the streets in protest as they did in Pakistan?

  • David Berry

    06/04/2019 09:39 PM

    What can we readers do about Manafort? We often hear changes are made because enough people complained. But who can we voice our objections to in this case? Your newsletter is much appreciated.

  • Amelia Little

    06/04/2019 09:13 PM

    How can it happen to move Paul Manafort to Rykers? This is an outrage!! His were "white collar crimes" and everyone else seems to get to go to minimum security, "white collar" prisons. It's not like they can say ANYTHING he did, and certainly anything they convicted him of was related to collusion, obstruction, whatever. He was treated atrociously from the outset--who else was ever in solitary confinement from the moment of arrest until after the trial? Anyone? Even drug dealers and traffickers aren't treated this way. What's the matter? All they have done to him so far hasn't made him buckle under to something they want him to? All of this hasn't caused him to have a heart attack or affect his health to the point of death? Where is the justice in all this? And, isn't there someone who can outrank this person masquerading as a judge who made an atrocious decision?

  • Anna Rose Palmer

    06/04/2019 09:11 PM

    Mike .... President Trump is a lot tougher, stronger & more resilient than the Democrats ever dreamed. He continues to do his job, a darn good one in spite of the trash he has to put up w/ on a daily basis. As bad as the Democrats have been in the past I have NEVER seen such terrible disrespect they & the media put out. 90% false, bigoted & disgusting reports that come from their own twisted opinions. They have lost ALL credibility & I predict in my life time the Democratic "Party" will meet their demise & the "media" along w/ them.

  • Earl D Nance

    06/04/2019 08:55 PM

    Thank You for Your insightful and faithfully sharing the news and your views of it. Perhaps some day I will find something that we can disagree on but it hasn't happened as yet. In that You have a voice with Fox News to some degree, will you please let them know that there is as least one person that still likes to HEAR the news instead of READING it when it is flashed on the screen accompanied by an annoying and distracting racket. Thanks for all that YOU do. Earl D. Nance D.Min.

  • Lisa Bell

    06/04/2019 08:46 PM

    Thank you Gov. Huckabee for all your efforts and newsletters. They're fabulous, interesting, and insightful. Plus, witty as ever.


  • Vicky Thomas

    06/04/2019 08:23 PM

    Is there nothing that can bed done for Manafort? This is wrong

  • Sam Sayger

    06/04/2019 08:22 PM

    Sadly, these same "professors" are the ones "teaching" our new crop of liberals. God help us when these begin to lecture!

  • Evelyn Brainerd

    06/04/2019 08:21 PM

    Dear Governor Huckabee, Please do everything you can do for Mr. Manafort. This is frightening that these people can do this to a U S citizen, especially one not even yet found guilty. What can they do to any of us who can't afford a lawyer? Please don't let this just drop, as I know that you have the ear of the President. By the way, you have one of the most enjoyable programs on TV. Never miss it. Tell Sarah that SHE, not Hillary represents someone we want to admire.
    Blessings, Evelyn Brainerd

  • Cynthia D Pandolfo

    06/04/2019 08:19 PM

    I read them all!

  • Jerry Korba

    06/04/2019 07:33 PM

    Wow are they doing a job on Manaford it is time these gavels are to be taken away from lunatic judges. People should not have justice delivered by these maniacs who or what can be done to have these unfit people removed? The latest contribution the Left has given us is the reporting of the plague in California nice leadership, as if the measles were not bad enough what's next polio they are trying to cripple the US that's not working so well, the left's idea let's bring back the old diseases that we found cures for, that should keep the America's growth slower and hopefully put the the nation into decline, just like Obama did with his 8 years of ignorant leadership. ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lillian Renpenning

    06/04/2019 07:19 PM

    All though I am Canadian I subscribe to Fox news and love watching, it is like watching a continuing drama, if I miss a day I can always catch up by reading your editorials, they are great, I also love watching your beautiful daughter at the White house, she is super.
    Thank you for some of your humorous comments, they make my day.

  • Nelda White

    06/04/2019 07:14 PM

    someone should find a way to protect Manafort from these whack job jokers. they are inhumane, and they are nasty. he wouldn't kiss their feet, now he must pay. a doctor should intervene and put him in a hospital away from these looney, traitorous poor excuses for human beings. hopefully Manafort knows that God will take care of him.

  • David Molony

    06/04/2019 06:39 PM

    The President needs to dare speak about the statistics of gun crime instead of attacking our 2nd Amendment. The truth: a Black/African-American male shot and killed 12 people (the victims of which were either entirely or nearly entirely white) and now the common Anti-American voices are calling to disarm gun owners, who are predominately white. It's time to destroy political correctness if the United States and our liberties are to be preserved.
    A look at 2016 FBI crime statistics (source: FBI — TABLE 21 ) reveals the following; at about 13% of the population the Black/African-American demographic (that the shooter belongs to) were charged with these offences:
    •52.6% of all "Murder and nonnegligent manslaughter."
    •29.1% of all "Rape."
    •54.5% of all "Robbery."
    •33.3% of all "Aggravated assault."
    •41.8% of all "Weapons; carrying, possessing, etc."
    The line is drawn. The idea that Americans of European heritage will cede the rights that our relatives fought and died for, because of the requests of many Anti-White politicians, is delusion. The 2A rights of the tens of millions of law-abiding gun owners (the overwhelming majority of which are Americans of European heritage) and the hundreds of millions of guns that were never used in a crime, should not be infringed upon.

  • Bobby Allred

    06/04/2019 06:20 PM

    It’s time we took our country back from the democrats and liberal judges, especially the liberal judges in the Supreme Court. The “small” federal judges are taking the law and ruling based on what suits them, based on their sick, twisted ideology. These people are systematically trying to take over and control our country and its citizens. There has been nothing good at all to come from democrats and liberal judges in many years, only harm. For two years now all the democrats have done is cause hate and discontent, and have devoted all of their time to blocking any good thing President Trump has tried to do for our country and its people. They are not being paid as Senators and Representatives to obstruct and divide as they have, and it’s time we stopped them. They need to be reminded in a manner that will get their attention that they work for all the citizens of this country.

  • John Barr

    06/04/2019 06:11 PM

    Keep up the good work

  • Linda Westergard

    06/04/2019 06:10 PM

    I was doubly lucky to live in California when Reagan was Governor and in Arkansas when you were Governor....... Now we are going to elect a good governor in NC in 2020 - Dan Forest. So proud every time I see Sarah sock it to em at the press conferences! Thanks for all you continue to do.
    Best wishes,
    Linda Westergard