October 2, 2019

The Democrats’ attempt to derail Attorney General William Barr’s investigation into the origins of the FBI’s “Trump/Russia” probe is already in full swing.

As FOX News’ Tucker Carlson reported on Tuesday, the WASHINGTON POST cited the concerns of unnamed (of course) federal bureaucrats that they might be subject to the same oversight that would apply to others. “Current and former intelligence and law enforcement officials expressed frustration and alarm Monday that the head of the Justice Department was taking such a direct role in reexamining what they view as conspiracy theories and baseless allegations of misconduct,” said WAPO.

Hey, if they’d like to talk about conspiracy theories and baseless allegations of misconduct, how about the unsubstantiated charge that then-candidate Donald Trump was in cahoots with Vladimir Putin, acting essentially as a Russian agent and Putin’s puppet and possibly being blackmailed over compromising videos made of him in a Moscow hotel? Special counsel Robert Mueller and his team of partisan anti-Trumpers investigated the new President for almost two years, dragged people into court and bankrupted them, spent many millions of taxpayer dollars and still came up with no evidence that any of this was true.

Those "alarmed" bureaucrats may have been unnamed, but guess who was complaining about the same thing openly on CNN? Why, it was fired deputy FBI Director-turned-CNN-contributor Andrew McCabe. “The circumstances behind the opening of the Russia case are not a mystery,” he said. “I have testified under oath about them as early as December of 2017. Jim Comey has made comments about them publicly. I have written books that have touched on the issues. So...the circumstances behind the case are widely known. They were entirely validated by the special counsel investigation...”

Um, what does “entirely validated” mean to you? As the special counsel never found any evidence of wrongdoing, there has been no validation of the decision to investigate a Presidential candidate, and we have yet to learn why the case was opened in the first place and why the FISA application was made and renewed three more times. But, come on, McCabe and Comey have TALKED about this and have even written BOOKS about it. Well, gee, that’s good enough for me! Let’s just put this baby to bed and worry no more about it.

Do you think the Democrats would be satisfied with that if it had been a Republican-appointed special counsel putting THEM through the wringer? Look at how they’re attacking Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham just for doing their jobs. It appears the memo has gone out telling all Democrats and media (but I repeat myself) to refer to allegations of FBI misconduct as “conspiracy theories” believed only by gap-toothed Trump supporters in MAGA hats. If anything has been shown to be a conspiracy theory, it’s the allegation that Trump was working with a foreign government to tip the election in his favor. Once again –- and I think Barr’s investigation will show this –- if you want to know what the Democrats have been doing, look at what they’re saying about Republicans.

Barr has been open about asking foreign officials to aid in his inquiry, but that doesn’t matter; reports of his contacts have been sensationalized, as if some dark state secret were being revealed. As is typical, MSNBC gets the Academy Award for melodrama, with serious intonations such as this from Lawrence O’Donnell: “William Barr could be as deeply implicated in what Nancy Pelosi has called ‘the Trump cover-up’ as Richard Nixon’s attorney general was in the Nixon cover-up. Tonight, the attorney general of the United States once again needs his own personally paid-for criminal defense lawyer who might soon become the only person William Barr can safely talk to in Washington.”

Dear me.  I’ll admit, everyone in the Trump administration has to be careful about talking, but not because they’ve done anything wrong. It’s because of all the leaking!

Democrats went apoplectic at the news that Barr and Durham flew to Italy last week as part of their look into the origins of the “Russia” probe. Barr has been trying to find out about the Western intelligence connections of Joseph Mifsud, described in the Mueller report as a London-based professor with connections to...Russia. (If you want to find out how this character Mifsud was involved in the overseas spying that was done on Trump campaign associates, read the book by George Papadopoulos, DEEP STATE TARGET.) Papadopoulos claims that it was Mifsud who told him the Russians had damaging information on Hillary Clinton in the form of thousands of emails, and who also recorded their conversations.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz has been looking into the conduct of the FBI in opening the “Trump/Russia” case, but his is only an internal investigation, meaning it doesn’t look outside the Bureau. His report will probably come out sometime this month. Barr, in contrast, was authorized to “cast a wide net.” He can talk to anyone he wants, anywhere in the world, and is receiving cooperation from foreign leaders. There are serious allegations of the FBI working with the CIA to spy on Americans on foreign soil, and Barr needs to find out if that's what they were doing.

If we’re going to talk about theories, there’s one that makes a lot of sense, and it’s this: Although the Democrats have been talking “impeachment” since the day Trump was elected, the all-out impeachment frenzy we’re seeing right now is happening because Barr, Durham and Horowitz have been sniffing around too close to what Obama’s Justice Department was doing during the 2016 election. The warmer Barr gets in his search, the colder and clammier the Democrats get. That sensation is fear. So the attack on Barr has begun, and it will be relentless. They want Barr recused or gone.

According to THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, Republican Sens. Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson have released a letter to Barr asking him to investigate “brazen efforts by the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign to use the government of Ukraine for the express purpose of finding negative information on then-candidate Trump in order to undermine his campaign.” (Of course, this issue is related to the DNC server and Crowdstrike, which Trump mentioned in passing to Ukrainian President Zelensky.) If Barr takes this on, he’ll have pushback like never before. But Barr is ready for attacks from the Hillary Machine. He knew the job was dangerous when he took it.

Jay Sekulow has a spectacular piece at the American Center for Law and Justice website that explains why the President is on solid constitutional grounds when requesting cooperation from other nations in investigating violations of our criminal laws. Indeed, we have treaties concerning this with nations such as Ukraine. And this authority would extend to Barr, who has been charged by the President to investigate.

Deep State Actors Seek to Criminalize the Execution of the U.S. Constitution | American Center for Law and Justice

Finally, the Unintentional Laugh Of The Day comes from Obama “wing man,” former Attorney General Eric Holder, who said this (of BARR’S DOJ): “I think when people of this country look at the Justice Department and think it is in some ways politicized, that has a negative long-term impact on the department.”

Holder says Barr is 'paying a price' for spearheading Russia probe misconduct investigation

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Comments 1-25 of 43

  • Carl Smith

    10/05/2019 05:21 PM

    The Problem is two fold. One, is the 'ACTORS' from the Obama ERA seem to think that thier complicity will NEVER be uncovered because once it's said it goes to cyber space and can never be retrieved. Two, the attention span of the voting public seems to have gone down from 15 seconds to a few MILLI seconds and the TRUTH is being smothered by the ideologues or hate Trump folk( same difference?) so unless WE the People DIG for information it may well be they (the media) is praying for a Trump defeat so badly the 'People' will just forget UNTIL Pelosi/Schumer revive the path to Socialism that Trump interrupted. Then Voter remorse MIGHT kick in.

  • Diane Samples

    10/04/2019 01:41 PM

    When will phone calls and emails from FBI director Wray hit the fan? He must be compromised since he doesn't cooperate with GOP letters.

  • rodney burke

    10/03/2019 04:50 PM

    yep the closer they get the more leftists sweat. I want them DRENCHED by the time this is over. I want Brennan, questioned, no holds barred, gloves off by Durham. He is the key to this whole coup thing. Yes, MIKE we must say iut, there is no other term that fits. COUP! Punishable by death Im sure. I am hearing the same word from other sources and it is time we acknowledged that fact. Adam Schiff is up to his eyeballs in this. that man needs to be OUT of the senate and IN GITMO. yes, I want the investigation to continue. Let the communists bitch all they want, too bad no sympathy. They KNOEW better and were so arrogant they did it anyway. Time to pay, BIG time!

  • Roger Russell

    10/03/2019 03:10 PM

    It is time to pull a “Democrat”. Sue Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff in federal court and get an injunction against them for their unconstitutional behavior

  • Wanda Robbins

    10/03/2019 10:48 AM

    Makes my blood boil when I see these criminals in the deep state do what they do to our President and Barr who are trying to get to the origin of this corruption that has kept our President somewhat occupied for three years. He is a superman to get what he has done for this country. God is with him.

  • Dolores

    10/03/2019 08:44 AM

    I am greatly heartened by the comments I am reading on your platform, Governor. We see the truth slowly as God allows it to unfold, but eventually we see it in its perfection of justice. I ask all your readers to call upon St. Michael the Archangel to help us prevail in this death-struggle with the misguided legions of Socialists who are really purveyors of evil. The proof is their maniacal dedication to destroying God’s Works as these Innocents struggle for life. It is their #1 issue. It is a plan straight out of hell and is already bringing hell to earth. Look at how all moral authority is falling apart right before our eyes! Having trouble with discernment? Put this word MORALITY to everyone you meet. Progressives will speak of women’s reproductive rights, God-fearing people will speak of obedience to God’s Will. And while you’re praying to St. Michael, throw in a prayer for the Pope who really needs prayers before he destroys Catholicism.

  • David Colonna

    10/03/2019 06:37 AM

    Mike please tell William Barr to never give up until the truth is out. We the American people want our country back, the country where honesty, integrity, hard-work and love of God is a natural occurrence amongst the people in general.

  • Micki Spigl

    10/02/2019 11:25 PM

    I don't get it? Why Democrats have all the rights to attack anything about what Trump does and Republicans except few don't fight for him? Is it that they are part of the swamp also? It's sickening to see how vindictive Democrats are! They are not interested to do anything for Americans but only are interested in power, money and control over people. Sad....

  • Rebecca Wynn

    10/02/2019 11:25 PM

    The Dems have been trying to find something on Our Great President Trump ever since he beat Hillary. This impeachment will be the Dems downfall.They have been so crooked it will all come out due to this impeachment try. I can’t wait to see them wish they had never opened up this can of worms.

  • Rodney D Salisbury

    10/02/2019 08:59 PM

    As Barr is growing warmer in this game of lies and leaks, let’s not forget that the Russia/Trump dossier was reportedly commissioned by the Clinton/DNC campaign and the investigation cost the American Tax Payers over $35 Million USD. Since all of the Democratic Candidates are still using the report as fodder, I declare that each Democrat should have to show the cost of the investigation as an in kind contribution to their campaigns. If IG Barr proves the DNC played any roll in funding the dossier, the US AG should file a law suit on behalf of the American Tax Payer to recover the cost from the DNC general fund, for all of the investigations required to arrive at the truth.

  • gary stilwell

    10/02/2019 07:22 PM

    CNN seems to hire all the "under investigation" persons to expouse all their rhetoric--gillam(Fla)
    schiff is now implicated in doing the exact same thing he accuses the president of.--
    Pelosi is not stupid--but she is violating Section 5 of the US Constitution---no full vote by the House to move forward with articles of impeachment. Why the House Reps are not calling this out is beyond belief.
    The House violates their own rules as a matter of course- watch the sessions--a vote is demanded and time limits imposed--the votes are allowed to go WAY past the time limits they themselves set--sometimes even double the 15 minute time limit that they dictate---so much for the rule of law--
    This is certainly not restricted to partisan guidelines-or whether you are disabled/green skin/or have tentacles coming out of your head--it is House rules--you need to abide by the rules.
    There are democrats, republicans, independants in this body--why none have objected to this practice is indicative of the disdain they ALL have for RULES(the rules they themselves have imposed)--what a bunch of hypocritical, worthless wastes of skin!!

  • Pat Whitaker

    10/02/2019 07:03 PM

    God put Donald Trump in the Presidency and millions of us are continually praying for him and God will handle this corruption! Thank you Jesus!!


    10/02/2019 06:31 PM

    I can understand Holder is upset. For the Obama was white house was one lie after another. Granted Obama was a smooth talker. While Holder was his wing covering his back.

  • Jerry Korba

    10/02/2019 06:30 PM

    Today was a bad day for our Nation Anti Americans Polosi Schiff Holder all got time on TV. Today the World is saying my Country is now in the tank of waste products. I am paying these people to make me ill Mentally Pelosi's acting job today was miserable as it can get the phony message she gave today is disengenuous as it can be she thinks Americans are completely ignorant I guess if you spend so much time in Washington DC you start to rot Biden 40 years so corrupt Polosi Schumer the whole bunch of them 15 years ago they were for border security higher wages for workers all the things they could not produce now they have all the success of Trump stuffed down their throats every day the rage eats away at their soul and not much left if any. The biggest upset in the Life of the people on the Left has been Trump pounding Clinton. They are more outraged by his winning than 9/11 they couldn't repeat Islamic Terrorism These are people that HATE and cannot stop Hating; people are flawed yes but the Left is beyond Flawed they are driven by Hate which I feel is very Powerful beware of the Left they have nothing Left and nothing to lose they all have hate and can't shake it.

  • Betty Gayheart

    10/02/2019 06:05 PM

    Why am I so afraid Barr, Horowitz, Durham will do absolutely nothing? Too many patriots have the same fear. We are growing very weary of a two-tiered justice system.

  • Robert Crane

    10/02/2019 05:53 PM

    Mike your info is the best. Thanks

  • Charles Rezner

    10/02/2019 05:48 PM

    There is a clear record of bureaucratic misconduct since 2008. It is more than time to see some bureaucrats hung out to dry for screwing the country and playing politics.

  • Bill Codner Sr

    10/02/2019 05:44 PM

    The Dims felt that the Uterus was entitled to inhabit the White House. Because of her bungling campaign, the DemocRATS over confidence supported by the lying dirt bags in a corrupt press, the Uterus was not only beaten but stomped. The Dims cannot accept the loss because they knew they were so close in the continuation of the destruction of the United States of America. Now, a non politician comes in running rings around them making a fool of their hero, Barry Obozo.
    It's time to shut these Dims down for good, arrest those who must accept the responsibility for the dirty deeds. Many of which, should be imprisoned for some serious time, some should face a firing squad for the abuse of their office, their leaking sensitive and damaging material to the safety of our nation, and the seditious and traitorous behavior against the President of the United States. This coming November should mark the end of the DemocRAT Party.

  • Elaine Liming

    10/02/2019 05:38 PM

    Thank You for your comments today, This is what is happening as Barr keeps digging for the facts. The evil of the Deep State Characters is slowly surfacing. It is time for men and women of good character to come to the aid of their country. These Deep State Characters are so hungry for power and socialism/communism that killing their enemies is with in their operating plan. I think Barr needs protection, our President and family, and even outspoken Republicans in Congress. We have a populace now who act against law and order. It is time to pray to the Lord to give us the help we need to be safe from the evil we have been experiencing. It's time for St. Michael the archangel to show his might once again.

  • Valerie Neel

    10/02/2019 04:53 PM

    I’m missing seeing you in the mornings on Fox & Friends! You make things very understandable and I trust you. All these things about this that the media throws at us is confusing.... your daughter Sarah has your talent of spelling it out understandably. Thank you for the work you do...

  • Mark Mittelstaedt

    10/02/2019 03:30 PM

    I sure would like to see a lot of those documents declassified - starting with the " original " of the whistleblower complaint ! Let's also look into the phone calls between Schiff, Pelosi, Swalwell,
    et al. Shepard Smith has become Fox News' token leftie ;-}

  • Kay DeWitt

    10/02/2019 03:11 PM

    While I keep writing about how it's time for Christians...who have said yes to picking up Christ's cross of self give witness TO the fact that the He Who is in them IS greater than he who is in the world..of the Democrats...via marching holding up signs that express the cry of our Man of Sorrows how this country has allowed Satan to TAKE center just now occurred to me how I would also love to see parents, who have lost their kids to the gun violence that was authored by the same kind of hatred that is being spewed out at our President is their (his) desire to destroy this man, also march for the tears our Man of Sorrows wept when their (His) kids were killed...AND, instead of the Democrats resolving to make the death of their kids not be in vain, via taking a stand for the love that could stop other kids from being killed, they have joined forces WITH the EVIL that killed their kids!

  • Robert Dennis

    10/02/2019 02:35 PM

    I am a working tax paying citizen and I among many others are tired of all this nonsense. STOP spending our tax dollars on useless, meaningless crap and Govern this country like you were elected to do. I think it's time for Nancy Pelosi to retire as well as Schumer. Most all of our politicians are WAY OVERPAYED and it's time to cut their salaries to help pay for all this investigating that they seem to need to do. Name me someone in politics or an elected office that is perfect. NO ONE!!! Dems stop whining and being sore losers.. Republicans, stand with your party. I have never in my lifetime seen such bullying and bull**** against an American President. SAD

  • Charlotte Clary

    10/02/2019 02:34 PM

    Remember when Eric Holder said he was Obama’s “wing man”? What a hypocrite!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    10/02/2019 02:29 PM

    I think that those who were bankrupted due to this bogus "Russia-Gate" should be able to SUE THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY when all is said and done...if the REPUBLICANS get off their sorry honkasses and do something about it.