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September 16, 2022



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Huge FBI/civil liberties updates today

In breaking news Thursday, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, who was ambushed by three FBI vehicles on his way home from a hunting trip and forced to give up his cell phone, is suing the government and says he’s hired legal powerhouse Alan Dershowitz.

For daring to question the outcome of the 2020 presidential election, Lindell is such a serious, imminent threat to our democracy that the FBI couldn’t even wait till he got home from his trip, so they blocked him in at the drive-thru window at Hardee’s. The only bright spot here is that he was able to follow up the outrageous violation of his civil rights with a delicious hamburger.

Lindell told the agents he didn’t use a computer and literally ran all his businesses from his phone. His LIFE was on that phone. (You can bet that’s why they wanted it.) But they pressed the issue, he called his attorney, and he did hand it over. They had a warrant for the phone, seeking information about Mesa County, Colorado, clerk Tina Peters, who faces charges related to copying election records.

The FBI told Lindell not to talk about this, but you can imagine how that went over with him. He’s not holding back and has told TV viewers that in order to accomplish their ambush, the FBI had to have been tracking his phone throughout the day. (This scenario conjures up the similar recent ambush of Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Perry, chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, while he was driving on vacation with his family.  Lindell also announced on “Steve Bannon’s War Room” that he’s hired “some of the best lawyers in the country,” meaning Alan Dershowitz and some others such as Kurt Olson, who has been working with him on election issues.

“My First, Fourth and Fifth Amendment rights were broken,” Lindell said. “We’re not going to put up with this. We’re not going to be the Gestapo like in Nazi Germany.”

He continued: “Take a phone away from a private citizen, their company phone! And their hearing aids, everything else. Everything I had was in that phone! All these businesses: MyPillow, MyStore, FrankSpeech, passwords to be able to do money wires that I can’t do right now. Those aren’t in any cloud!”

He runs five businesses on his phone, he said. And the reference to hearing aids certainly raises questions. Apparently, Lindell is hearing-impaired and relies on his phone to adjust his hearing aids. They took that away? If it's true, that alone would be good cause for a lawsuit, I would think.

In a conference call, Lindell told his attorneys he intended to sue.  "We have all the lawyers on the phone," he said. "They looked at all these statutes; we are going to go places that no man has gone before....This has to stop.”

When Bannon asked him what he was going to do “about these kick-down-the-door raids,” Lindell replied, “I said, ‘I want this done now…All the lawyers were in agreement, we are going to set a precedent.” More details about Lindell’s subpoena here...

As if the abuse by law enforcement weren’t enough, unfunny late-night TV host and would-be political analyst Seth Meyers made condescending fun of the unpretentious Lindell, saying the MyPillow guy’s reckless remarks were what he’d expect from a 61-year-old man who eats at Hardee’s.

You know, I’m about his age, and I like Hardee’s. And have I told you how wonderful those Giza Dream Sheets are? I’m sure I have. And many other products as well…

We would add that if you’ve ever expressed doubt about the outcome of the 2020 election or offered the slightest bit of support for President Trump and think the FBI might be getting ready to ambush you, too, it might be good to borrow this idea from THE BABYLON BEE. It never hurts to be prepared…

Next, in a very positive development, U.S. District Judge Aileen Cannon has denied the government’s motion to dispense with a “special master” to examine documents in President Trump’s possession and instead appointed Judge Raymond J. Dearie, Senior U.S. District Judge for the Eastern District of New York. Regarding the 100 “classified” documents, Judge Cannon wrote, “the Court does not find it appropriate to accept the Government’s conclusions on these important and disputed issues without further review by a neutral third party in an expedited and orderly fashion.”

The government most decidedly did NOT want this, which makes me think even more that it is a really good idea.

Trump’s legal team will have to foot the bill for it, but I’m sure they won’t quibble. Judge Dearie has already accepted the assignment, and he has till November 30 to get it done.

Here’s an excellent summary…

In our shocking-but-not-surprising segment for today, by now you’ve likely heard about Miranda Devine’s latest blockbuster in the NEW YORK POST, about Facebook spying on private messages –- not just public posts –- of users who questioned the 2020 election. What I’d like to know is, who believed the FBI WASN’T looking through the private messages of Trump supporters? Is anyone really that naive? The police state is here, folks, at least for now.

For the past 19 months, according to Devine’s sources within the DOJ, someone at Facebook has been red-flagging these “supposedly subversive” private messages, and transmitting them in redacted form to the domestic terrorism operations unit (!) at FBI headquarters in Washington, DC. Then the private messages were farmed out as “leads” to FBI field offices around the country. According to one source, “it was done outside the legal process and without probable cause.” In other words, no subpoena.

These offices would THEN request subpoenas through the local U.S. attorney’s office in their districts, to officially obtain the conversations Facebook had already supplied to them. They were working backwards.

But after all that, they’d turn up nothing criminal or violent, because they had only been looking at people venting about the election. (You know, domestic terrorists!!) “It was a waste of our time,” one source said.

Facebook has denied the allegations, but Stewart Baker at INSTAPUNDIT noticed the lawyerly way they did so. Look at this wording: “...the suggestion we seek out people’s private messages for anti-government language or questions about the validity of past elections and then proactively supply those to the FBI is plainly inaccurate and there is zero evidence to support it.”

Baker points out that this type of “compound denial” is a lawyer’s crafty way to deny the totality of an accusation even when “portions or slight variations” are true. For example, Facebook might still have been screening for private messages only slightly more alarming than “anti-government language or questions about the validity of past elections.” All they need is one small qualification, and they can deny to their hearts’ content.

As Baker explains, electronic service providers can, by law, volunteer information to law enforcement that they believe “in good faith” could cause imminent danger of death or serious physical injury to any person. But it’s only supposed to be allowed for that kind of life-or-death emergency. If they truly believe this “in good faith” about the typical conservative conversations on Facebook, it just shows how thoroughly brainwashed they are about the deadly domestic terrorist threat posed by grandmothers in MAGA hats. And people like that don’t need to be monitoring anyone’s speech.

Violent Leftists attempt to shut down free speech

Jennifer Van Laar at reports that Fox News personality Tomi Lahren visited the University of New Mexico at Albuquerque yesterday to speak to the Turning Point USA chapter. She and other attendees had to be escorted to safety by State Police after a mob of leftist students forced their way into the student union, chanting obscene slogans, pulling the fire alarms, and threatening violence to shut down the right to free speech.

Lahren said there was a report of shots being fired that fortunately turned out to be false. But the leftist mob was pushing police officers who guarded the door and trying to burst in. Lahren, her dad and several TPUSA members were barricaded inside a back room for 45 minutes as the mob raged and threatened them. The school was apparently aware of the potential for trouble, but Lahren said they were “unbothered by the abhorrent and violent behavior of their students.”

Does this sound eerily familiar to you? Angry protesters, fired up by irresponsible political rhetoric, attack police as they try to force their way into a building to block their political opponents from doing their jobs? Fury, chaos, traumatized and terrorized people in fear for their lives? Doesn’t that sound exactly like the Democrats’ descriptions of the January 6th riot that was supposedly the worst crime in American history (the difference being that Lahren was actually in the building and having her life threatened while AOC was in a different building a block away)?

At this writing, I assume that President Biden has yet to awaken, but when he does, will he go on camera to denounce these violent leftist extremists who are posing a clear and present danger to our democracy and our Constitutional rights? Will he demand that all of those students be identified, expelled and prosecuted to the same extent that January 6th rioters have been prosecuted?

Don’t hold your breath. But if he won’t do it, then mark it down that I just did.

Your Feel Good Story for the Weekend

A 49-year-old night shift worker not only went back to college, he decided to try out for the football team…and he made it!

Biden DOJ expands targeting of Trump supporters

The Biden DOJ is continuing to expand its unconstitutional targeting of Trump supporters. They’ve swiftly progressed from raiding the home of a former President to targeting his associates, then people who simply agreed with his election claims (like MyPillow’s Mike Lindell), then people who attended the peaceful protest in Washington on January 6th but never came near the Capitol, and now, people who donated money to support the peaceful protest. Apparently, to this DOJ, no part of the First Amendment still applies to Republicans, including freedom of speech, freedom of assembly or the right to petition the government for redress of grievances.

And their expanding campaign of criminalizing free speech and political dissent is no longer limited to January 6th in DC (and the months surrounding it.) Jeff Newcombe at the Lid blog reports that the Biden DOJ has subpoenaed all the communications of Alabama’s Eagle Forum related to its lobbying for a law to ban puberty blocking chemicals for minors. Apparently, it’s now a federal crime to communicate with your elected representatives to advocate for your views – at least, if they disagree with the Biden regime’s views.

And it appears that the next battleground in the war on free speech will be conservative podcasters.

It seems there are too many popular conservative podcasts that question the official government line, so the liberal Brookings Institution is laying the groundwork for monitoring the “real world harms” caused by all this “misinformation.” While this isn’t an official government assault yet, it is an obvious attempt to create an excuse for launching one.

I read an article at Fox News yesterday in which voters in the ultra-blue states of Washington and Oregon were asked what were the most important issues driving their votes this year. One of the top answers was “abortion rights.” It’s astounding how gullible these people are. They can’t leave their homes in major urban areas without fear of being assaulted by either a freshly-released criminal or a violent leftwing radical. Inflation is out of control, their retirement funds have lost over a third of their value, and the current Administration has declared all-out war on the Bill of Rights. But their biggest worry is that they won’t be able to keep killing babies in the womb with impunity – which in those states, they definitely will. So they'll keep voting for Democrats and expecting a different result, which is just a variation on Einstein's definition of insanity.

They say that in a democracy, the people get the government they deserve. But the rest of us are getting fed up with the government that the people who vote like that deserve.

Texas and Florida governors outdo themselves

If you thought it was brilliant – and it was – when the Governors of Texas and Arizona began sending northern liberal “sanctuary cities” like New York, Chicago and Washington, DC, a very small number of the illegal migrants that President Biden’s open border have unleashed on them, then get ready for the next level.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis just sent 50 illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, the picturesque enclave of wealthy, overprivileged liberals, including the $12 million waterfront estate of the Obamas (oddly enough, they seem unconcerned about those rising oceans from climate change – maybe Obama just waves his hand and makes them recede from his house.)

The standard response from liberal leaders has been to denounce these Governors as cruel, racist, un-Christian and lacking in compassion. A local lawmaker who represents the Vineyard called it “evil and inhumane” to send the migrants there (good thing he’s not in charge of promoting tourism!)

They fail to grasp that they expect border states to compassionately deal with a thousand times more illegal immigrants than they’ve been sent, and all because of policies they promote. They also never expected anyone to force them to live up to all their empty virtue signaling. I’m surprised they don’t recognize the tactic, since it’s #4 in their own leftist bible, Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

A spokesperson for DeSantis responded, “States like Massachusetts, New York and California will better facilitate the care of these individuals who they have invited into our country by incentivizing illegal immigration through their designation as ‘sanctuary states’ and support for the Biden administration’s open border policies.” In short, don’t write checks that your sanctuary state can’t cash. Still, I have no doubt that these wealthy liberals will soon do the same compassionate thing they always do for illegal immigrants: put them to work off the books at their estates for lower wages than they’d have to pay American citizens.

But wait, it gets even better. Last weekend, Vice President (and “border czar”…remember?) Kamala Harris stunned even NBC sycophant Chuck Todd by declaring that “the border is secure.” Well, to prove otherwise, since she refuses to visit and see for herself, Texas sent a busload of illegal migrants from Del Rio and delivered them directly outside her house in DC. A Fox News reporter asked one of the migrants if the border is closed, as Harris said, or open. She said it’s open. I tend to give her more credibility on this issue than I do Kamala Harris. Or on any issue, come to think of it.

I like the Twitter post at that link: “If Kamala doesn’t go to the border, the border will go to Kamala.”


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  • Robert E. Carter

    09/18/2022 10:19 PM

    I sincerely hope Mike Lindell and Donald Trump file suits that enable the Justice Foundation and Tom Fitton (JW) to force release of all the FBI records there associated, and use them for prosecution of all the corrupted DOJ folks. Can the Supreme court conduct trials of the members of such federal organizations ?

  • George W. Trever

    09/18/2022 12:14 PM

    Speaking of compassion, perhaps the Federal Government Leaders could actually show REAL compassion by contributing half of their salary to the support of all these migrants. I did not think so, it is just all public money any way and potential DEM votes.

  • George W. Trever

    09/18/2022 12:11 PM

    As a tax payer that supports the University of New Mexico, I am totally outraged at the student behavior. What can I expect from the State that provides FREE money to NM residents to attend the University. The University should expel all those who participated in denying the FREEDOM of speech to anyone.

  • Bruce Obermeyer

    09/17/2022 02:18 PM

    Proceeds to plaintiffs from lawsuits won against the FBI and DoJ should be paid directly out of the budgets of those agencies, not out of the pockets of the taxpayers via the U.S. Treasury.

  • Susan Satava

    09/17/2022 01:08 PM

    Mike, I have a question drilling its way through my brain, since Rob Schmitt's interview of Alan Dershowitz a week or so ago. I have, BTW, also sent this question through the comment section of Newsmax, but have heard/seen as yet no response; could it be too political for airing? Dersh claims to be all-lib, brags about voting AGAINST Trump but states he would defend his cause. I have heard the statement, "you don't vote AGAINST a candidate, you vote FOR a candidate. So the question is this: Who would Dersh be voting FOR, if he's voting "against" Trump? Yeah, yeah, he doesn't have to tell me or anybody else, it's supposed to be private; but he sure is making a bold claim of loyalty to the Dem party, right? If he's so anti-Trump, according to Dick Morris' recent book, would that mean Dersh would end up voting for Hillary? Does he expect Joe to be the candidate? Can you help me with this? Who's going to confront Dershowitz with that reality?

  • Jerry

    09/17/2022 08:45 AM

    The real problem today is people do not have time to watch the cable news that report and show our southern border being invaded the show gets a couple million viewers at best and most of them are older Americans that know the msm is lying along with this administration the real problems are being covered up and the facts are misleading the content being told on the msm outlets are controlled like the CCP does in China truthful information is discarded and buried all to influence the upcoming election I cAn only hope the finances of people are the result of today’s administrations policies

  • Jok

    09/17/2022 07:26 AM

    The illegals going to the vineyard was a look at the hired help is not to housed so close to the mansions and the owners themselves. The hired help is not to seen or heard according to the owners in the vineyards. I wonder what the owners thought when Obama brought his family to the yard although Obama is mixed with a Caucasian parent I wondered how the occupants felt about his arrival bringing a full black woman to the yard I bet whispers went on through out the island of course getting rid of 50 poorer Hispanics was easier and quicker than getting rid of a former President that had millions of dollars to insulate from a rejection

  • JPK

    09/16/2022 10:26 PM

    This country can not waste another minute as biden in the Oval Office. First we replace Pelosi as House chair Impeach Biden out of the OVAL OFFICE replace Pelosi with Trump and Impeach Harris for so many breach of oath and put Trump in charge of the Oval Office. Sweeping eradication of this administration personal all of them not one left sitting or standing or kneeling. All the pieces need to be put in place yesterday. Every position held in this administration gone just like server pro takes care of water damage. Asset of all the bidens personal would be frozen for 2 years and given back if cleared of all charges of dereliction of duty and breaching the oath they took to uphold the Constitution that should take care of most of them if not all.

  • Jpk

    09/16/2022 07:05 PM

    It is hard to understand how a democrat could get elected in this environment. Doesn’t this population in the USA understand once the country goes communism where will a Real American go?? Big government controls everything in communism seniors your health needs when a medical procedure is needed you will be told your to old procedure denied EV’s forget about them you will all be riding on buses and the buses will drop you where it wants making freedoms to go where you want or when you want like a dinosaur no chance communism is like a prison lights out at 9 hey nite club lovers enjoy your stay in your 3 room apartment cell vote for your favorite dem and enjoy your stay at the communist hotel

  • Holly D Schimpf

    09/16/2022 07:03 PM

    I like reading your letters, nice to know someone else thinks like we do. Keep it up, please.