August 7, 2018

Today, primary elections are being held in Kansas, Missouri, Michigan and Washington State, and there’s a special election in Ohio’s 12th district to fill the House seat being vacated by retiring Rep. Pat Tiberi.  All of these races are drawing fevered attention from the national media for what they might indicate about how voters feel about President Trump (Translation: “Come on, you stupid voters! Please, please, please forget about the booming economy and your new jobs and lower taxes and hate Trump like we do!”)

The race getting the most attention is that Ohio race, where the seat has been held by Republicans for over 35 years, but polls show a dead heat between 31-year-old Democrat Danny O’Connor and two-term Republican State Senator Troy Balderson.  However, the polls also still show 7% undecided, and the only accurate poll is the one being taken today at the ballot boxes.  O’Connor tried to show some independence that might appeal to moderates when he said he wouldn’t back Nancy Pelosi as Speaker if the Democrats took over the House, but he’s since backed away from that.  As I’ve explained before, she is so entrenched and has so much control over committee assignments and purse strings that she will never have to leave until she walks out on her own accord or is carried out feet first. 

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Our objective journalism corps will also be watching intently to see how candidates endorsed by President Trump fare, as an indicator of whether Republican voters are still with him (“Boo!”) or abandoning him (40-point New York Times headline: “YAY!”)  Much will also be made of turnout: will there be a big turnout of Democrats, signaling that much-vaunted “blue wave” in November?  Will it be matched (or even swamped) by Republicans, dead set against allowing Democrats to take over the House, where they can halt all the investigations of Deep State perfidy and block all the reforms that Trump has been trying to make, while bringing back the type of tax and regulatory policies that made living through the Obama economy feel like crawling across a hot parking lot covered in fly paper?  Another big question is whether Independents who supported Trump will stick with him or fall for the siren song of socialism being pushed by the Dems' young Bernie Sanders Mini-Me's?  That, we might not know until November, unless a lot of Independents turn out to vote in party primaries.    


I’ll have a wrap-up of the election results tomorrow.  But until then, I’ll just urge Republicans in those states to turn out and vote as if the future of America depended on it.  Because it does. 


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  • Allen Ballard

    08/07/2018 03:31 PM

    VOTING in MISSOURI when I get home from work. Voting YES on PROP A (against UNIONS), and voting for Austin Petersen over the loser/RINO/Roy Blunt preferred Josh Hawley. Hawley tossed the people's Gov. Greitens under the bus with ZERO evidence. IF Hawley wins he will be beaten by Claire Bear McCaskill. A significant portion of NEMO voters despise him. That includes the 3 voters in my house. Austin Petersen beats Clair in current polling by 16pts. Enjoy! watching Huckabee and love watching Sarah in the WH Press beat downs. God Bless!

  • Darlene LeVeck

    08/07/2018 01:16 PM

    I VOTED! I believe it's my right and responsibility to vote. I pray God's will be done, and supported President Trump's endorsed candidates.

  • Dennis Flanery

    08/07/2018 09:44 AM

    To preserve our rights in the USA, we all have a duty to vote! but, who am I but a baby boomer whom my parents told me I should, and one who has been blessed to live to retirement age in the greatest country on this planet.
    God bless America