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August 28, 2023



Blessings on you and your family from all the Huckabee team! 

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Mike Huckabee

What a surprise:

The Trump-hating judge in his election interference trial in DC rejected his attorneys' request to delay it to 2026 because of the mountain of alleged evidence Jack Smith dumped on them to go through, and instead decided it will start on the day before Super Tuesday primary elections.

If election interference is such a crime, why aren't all the people behind these trials facing trial themselves?

Close to home

Another day, another highly questionable and tragic FBI raid on an American’s home, this time in Hendersonville, Tennessee, where we film “Huckabee.”

At this writing, they’ve yet to release much information, but we do know that an FBI SWAT team showed up at Theodore Deschler’s home at 6 a.m. to stage an arrest raid, breaking out windows and firing flash grenades. Deschler was shot to death. His mother called it “a senseless act.” She said her son was a “100% disabled veteran” with severe PTSD, and “He didn’t have a weapon on him. He was just trying to get out of the house because it was filled with tear gas.”

The FBI has yet to explain what allegedly justified this deadly assault. A GoFundMe account has been set up for the family to raise money to try to repair their smashed and bullet-riddled home. You’ll find that and what little more we know at the link.

Tragic event

Former Canadian Olympic figure skater Alexandra Paul, who won a number of awards for ice dancing with her future husband Mitchell Islam, was killed in a seven-car chain reaction crash north of Toronto. She was 31. Her 10-month-old son was strapped into the back seat and survived.

We extend our prayers and condolences to all who are affected by these tragic events.

Important Anniversary

August 28th marks the anniversary of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr’s. historic “I Have a Dream” speech before a crowd of 250,000 during the 1963 March on Washington. As a kid growing up in the South at that time of Jim Crow laws, I was deeply moved by the Rev. King’s words about justice and brotherhood, and have always regarded him as a great spiritual leader, role model and American. His moving words helped me understand that racism is not just evil, it is a sin against the God who made us all in His own image.

That’s why it’s so upsetting to see how certain self-appointed spokespeople for black Americans are betraying his legacy. They use his name and image, but their goal of separating and judging Americans by race is the very antithesis of his dream, an America where we could all share a place at the same table and people were judged not by the color or their skin but by the content of their character. To serve their selfish and destructive political goals, they are busily reversing decades of racial progress.

I sometimes wonder, if he were alive today, would he be attacked by the left for preaching (yes, he was also a preacher, and a great one, which would also make him a target of the left) that our goal should be a colorblind society, a phrase they now revile as somehow racist. To understand radical leftists, you must remember that they constantly redefine terms to call things the opposite of what they are because nobody would follow them if they told you straight out what they really believe. That’s how we got today’s “anti-racism” movement that’s based entirely on judging people by their skin color. Or as we used to call that: “racism.”

This is a link to the history of the Rev. King’s speech, with photos and a full transcript. I urge you not to listen to those who will use this day to try to usurp his legacy and twist his words, but to go to the original source and watch or read that speech for yourself. It’s just as inspiring now as it was then, and sadly, just as timely.

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Mike Huckabee

Helicopter crash

Sunday morning in Australia, an Osprey military helicopter crashed during an exercise, killing three US Marines and injuring 20 others, some critically. This is still a breaking story, and I hope you will pray for the injured to make a full recovery.

Jacksonville shooting

There was a lot of tragic news over the weekend, and I hope you will keep these people and their families in your prayers…

Three black customers were killed in a Jacksonville, Florida, Dollar General Store Saturday when a 21-year-old white male entered and began shooting. He then turned the gun on himself. Police say it was a racially-motivated assault. The shooter had a history that involved domestic violence and mental illness. There is more at this link, but I warn you that it includes surveillance video that is very disturbing.


Too old

An AP-NORC poll released Monday morning found that a staggering 77% of Americans think Joe Biden is too old to be effective in a second term. That seems like a no-brainer to me, since he’s too old to be effective in his first term, and he ain’t getting any younger.

That view is held by 89% of Republicans and even 69% of Democrats, and it holds across all demographics. Even old people think Biden is too old to be President. Of course, this is not meant to imply that people become incompetent just because of their age. Each person is a separate case. I’m sure Joe would have been a lousy President at 50. And Mel Brooks is 97, but I’d trade Biden for him right now.

Denied bail

Democrats are shocked to learn that many black men are sympathetic to Donald Trump’s claims of being targeted for prosecution because of who he is rather than what he did. I wonder what rock they’ve been living under since the 1800s?

I can’t help wondering what black Americans will think when they hear that a white judge in Georgia released on bail all of the people charged under the ridiculous RICO case against Trump – except one. That was Harrison Floyd (what a coincidental last name!), who, also by sheer coincidence I’m sure, happened to be a Black outreach director for Trump’s 2020 campaign and the only non-white defendant.

She claimed that because of his prior record, the mixed martial artist and Marine veteran might be a flight risk and at risk of committing felonies. Which might explain why she denied him bail, but it doesn’t explain why she also denied him a public defender.

The magistrate judge ordered Floyd jailed until the superior court judge returns from vacation. Floyd’s attorney said there’s “no excuse” for this; superior court judges don’t hear bond matters, and state criminal law mandates that a defendant receive a bond amount within 24 hours. He called Floyd’s treatment “completely outside the regular course of order there.”

But then, you could say that about every indictment that’s been leveled against Trump, which might be why so many black people find it suspiciously familiar.

The More You Know…

Since Jack Smith’s most recent round of charges against President Trump are based on the idea that he knew he legitimately lost the election because he was told that by “experts,” it seems reasonable to take a look at who these so-called “experts” were. Revolver News did that and dug up some jaw-dropping info. In addition to the expected round-up of Deep State intelligence spooks who’d spent his entire Administration lying to and about Trump and trying to frame and remove him, there was also an agency you might not have even heard of until recently called CISA, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

This shadowy cabal came to public notice recently when the House Subcommittee on the Weaponization of Government revealed that CISA illegally set up a social media censorship division during the run-up to the election to pressure social media platforms to silence users, and then tried to cover it up when it was exposed. But (surprise!) it gets worse.

The founding director of CISA is Chris Krebs. The Foundation for Freedom looked into his past statements and discovered that he makes Joseph Stalin look like a Libertarian. To cite just a few examples:

He thought the Hunter Biden laptop looked like Russian disinformation but didn’t care if it was or not; the important thing was that the media not cover it before the election. He believed that every lawyer who represented conservatives challenging election irregularities should be permanently disbarred and banned from ever practicing law again. He hoped conservative news outlets would be bankrupted by Dominion Voting Systems’ lawsuits, and that the same should happen to anyone in the media who questioned voting machines in 2020 (which he helped administer.) He had the same totalitarian views of anyone who questioned the government’s COVID-19 protocols, even wanting to censor humorous T-shirts. He even canceled his own Direct TV subscription just because they carried the conservative network OANN.

And Trump claims he didn’t believe it when people like this guy told him the election was on the up-and-up and his loss was totally legitimate? Well, obviously, he should be imprisoned!

(Please note, Mr. Smith, that I said that last part, so you can’t indict me, too. And if you claim I was just being sarcastic, I’ll say, “NO! Why, that’s RIDICULOUS!!”)

Not what you think it is

The attempt to blame the devastating Maui wildfires on climate change may have suffered a fatal blow with a lawsuit filed by the county government against Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) and its subsidiaries that officially blames the fires on their negligence. The lawsuit accuses HECO of failing to power down electrical equipment during a red flag windstorm warning as required, which meant live power lines blew into dry grasslands that were known wildfire fuel and ignited them.

But as previously noted here, the fires were also fanned by so many power and government officials prioritizing the “climate change” agenda over fire prevention that there’s plenty of blame to go around, not only for the fires starting but for the failure to put them out. So you could say that “climate change” did contribute indirectly to the fires, but not in the way that green activists claim.


For younger readers who don’t know what a “Catch-22” is, this is a great example:

The Biden DOJ is suing Elon Musk’s company SpaceX for discriminatory hiring practices for not hiring refugees and asylum seekers. Musk called this more of the weaponization of government, saying that this same Administration told SpaceX “repeatedly that hiring anyone who was not a permanent resident of the United States would violate international arms trafficking law, which would be a criminal offense. We couldn’t even hire Canadian citizens, despite Canada being part of NORAD!"

So he’s damned if he does hire non-US residents, and damned if it doesn’t. That leaves only one way to avoid prosecution by the Biden DOJ: Hire Hunter at $83,000 a month.

We’re in a fight to defeat the ruling elites’ criminal enterprise

One thing we’re glad to see:  Critics of the administration who used to temper their words out of fear of getting canceled are getting rarer.  Of course, that’s because some of them have already been canceled!  Here are a few searing quotes from “Dilbert” cartoonist Scott Adams’ podcast “Coffee With Scott Adams,” on Friday morning (after Trump’s arraignment in Fulton County, Georgia, on Thursday):

“I have a hypothesis that I’m working on, and it goes like this…We would not be seeing the things we’re seeing if we had an actual President who was in charge.  In other words, my belief is that it’s now so obvious a criminal enterprise, and it’s so obviously a criminal prosecution, and it’s so far over the line, that no President would do that and turn his legacy to garbage.

“At this point, I would say Biden’s legacy is just criminal and garbage.”

“...It’s almost turning into a legal civil war, a ‘lawfare’ civil war.”

He compared the Democrat Party to a group of zombies, who seem to be acting in coordinated fashion but who have no discernable leader, and to winged monkeys who have taken over the palace.  He also said this:

“Citizens are innocent until proven guilty; the government is guilty until proven innocent, by transparency.  Transparency is the only thing that gets you a pass.  If you’ll let us inside, let us look around, audit when we need to, let people have access to whatever we need to, then I’m willing to say...carry on.”

“The moment transparency is not in full effect, the assumption has to be the worst case...the lack of transparency allows a reasonable person to say you have a criminal enterprise.”

And that’s where we are.  So, what do we do when we know, from the lack of transparency, that elections have been messed with?  As Mark Levin said Sunday night, when bureaucrats interfere in elections, “it is Congress, and only Congress, that has the final say in elections.  Not the Department of Justice, not a prosecutor, not a judge, not a grand jury.  The system is set up, Congress counts all the electors...We have constitutional illiterates and ignoramuses all over TV.  The election isn’t over until Congress says it’s over, and counts the electors.”

Levin was only too eager to speak of the criminal enterprise on his show, quoting from the official DOJ “Justice Manual”: “Federal prosecutors and agents may never select the timing of any action, including investigative steps, criminal charges, or statements, for the purpose of affecting any election, or for the purpose of giving an advantage or disadvantage to any candidate or political party.”  (A look at the timeline for President Trump’s upcoming trial dates makes it unmistakably clear that this is all about election interference.)  The only time this may be done is when the U.S. Attorney General has approved it, so, of course, Merrick Garland is behind this.

Be sure and watch Levin’s opening monologue for much more on what the rule of law is SUPPOSED to be.  And in the following segment, he explains why the notion that a President can’t pardon himself at the state level is something somebody just made up.  The spirit of the law would be that he certainly could.

“If I’m wrong and the others are right,” he said, “the country is over.  There are thousands and thousands of DAs and assistant DAs and state prosecutors.  There are thousands of assistant U.S. attorneys; that’s bad enough.”

Levin also took a side trip into the archives for a look into Special Counsel Jack Smith’s background.  Did you know Smith was the one who first called the DOJ’s attention to the conservative “Tea Party” nonprofit groups --- not the many “progressive” ones, of course --- that Lois Lerner’s team ended up investigating when Obama was running for re-election?  This was back when he was leading the --- try not to laugh --- Public Integrity Section --- of the ‘Justice’ Department.

Ironically, Republicans at that time sought a special counsel to investigate THAT, with Smith’s actions cited as one reason.  Alas, the Public Integrity Unit (under Smith) decided not to open any investigation.  The only scrutiny was of the Tea Party groups, by the IRS...

Recall that the IRS later admitted their actions were wrong blah blah blah, and that Lois Lerner pleaded the Fifth Amendment before Congress and retired with her full pension.

Newt Gingrich, Levin’s guest, went into more detail about the ongoing criminal enterprise.  The real corruption, he said, lies with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (two ideological associates of Saul Alinsky), with Biden “the smallest of the three players.”  Their Alinsky grounding says “middle class rules don’t matter, the law doesn’t matter, honesty doesn’t matter, do whatever you can get away with.”  Obama and his people currently run the show; Biden “sort of floats along.”

“The depth of corruption is breathtaking.”  Most of us who have been “sleepwalking” don’t realize “the scale of the corruption taking over the system.”

For that reason, the investigation by the House Republicans needs to be “much broader and deeper,” he said, starting with subpoenaing all the financial records of the Clinton Foundation, “which is going to produce evidence of a level of wrongdoing, in terms of millions and millions of dollars, far beyond anything we’ve seen with Joe Biden.”

More generally, Gingrich stressed that the biggest challenge for the American people is to recognize that we are replacing the rule of law with the rule of power.  “What you saw in Atlanta was an arrogant, corrupt, dishonest, radical district attorney, who brings in, I think, an indictment that is insane, and makes no sense at all.  [That’s also] what you’re seeing with Jack Smith --- who, by the way, was repudiated unanimously by the Supreme Court when he tried to destroy Gov. Bob McDonnell of Virginia [by totally misstating the law and misleading the jury].

Gingrich believes this is precisely why Garland picked him --- he wanted a “rabid dog,” and he sure got one.  Garland would do “anything to get Trump,” in as biased a courtroom as it’s possible to get.

“When I watch lawyers try to explain all this,” he said, “I think they miss the point.  This isn’t about the law.  These people couldn’t care less about the law.  They are in a vendetta to destroy Donald Trump, because they’re terrified that if Trump becomes President again, having now had time to think through how corrupt, how dishonest, how outrageous they are, that he will tear apart their establishment.”

I would add that this is exactly why we need to re-elect him, and the American people increasingly understand this (including black men, many of whom identify with Trump as the victim of corrupt law enforcement policy).  As Gingrich said, Trump is no longer just a candidate; he’s the leader of a movement. That mugshot the Democrats coveted so much has already brought in over $7 million in campaign donations…to Trump.

Trump didn’t need this persecution; he could have retired and left the country to whatever forces are set on controlling it.  But he’s still in there, fighting.

He really might be our last hope.  As Gingrich said, “If they can break Trump, then there’s nobody who’s gonna stand up against them, and we will become like Cuba or Nicaragua or a variety of other authoritarian systems.”  But if they lose, he said, given the opportunity we’ll have to see just how sick the system is, “the more likely it is we will reform it.”

RELATED:  Joe Biden might be relatively small potatoes in the garden of government corruption, but it’s important to get to the bottom of that right away.  Did you see fired Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin’s interview with FOX NEWS’ Brian Kilmeade over the weekend?  Here it is…

Shokin told Kilmeade that he knows pressure from Biden was the reason behind his firing, because former president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko told him.  He said he doesn’t have proof but believes both Joe and Hunter were taking bribes from Zlochevsky and Burisma.  More points from the interview are here...

Something else highly suggestive of corruption:  NEWSMAX White House correspondent James Rosen broke the news last week that the agency hosting the domain for the secret account used by Joe Biden’s alias “Robert L. Peters” was an elite --- but rather obscure --- IT unit of the Defense Department called the Defense Information Systems Agency, or DISA.  It describes itself as a “combat support agency,” but Biden reportedly possessed “no statutory authority or duties relating to the Armed Forces, beyond the nomination of candidates for the Service Academy.”  The significance of Rosen’s discovery is unknown, but this agency sure looks like a place to hide something where no one would look.  We look forward to more updates from Rosen; here’s what we know so far…


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  • Stephen Lentz

    08/28/2023 07:33 PM

    If election interference is such a crime, why aren't all the people behind these trials facing trial themselves?

    Because you rinos allow the jackasses to get away with it and as usual DO NOTHING!!!