August 30, 2016
- August 31, 2016

The perils of getting your news from social media (except my Facebook page, of course): Facebook fired all its human news editors who oversaw its “Trending Stories” feature, instead letting an algorithm determine which stories were popular enough to feature. Almost immediately, a story about Megyn Kelly being fired by Fox News for endorsing Hillary Clinton got posted, went viral and garnered 200,000 “Likes.” Two problems: she didn’t endorse Hillary, and she wasn’t fired. The story was completely bogus. Oops. Maybe responsible news reporting requires humans after all.

The moral: Always be skeptical of any story whose source includes the syllables “Al-Gor.”


Billionaire socialist George Soros is often depicted as the shadowy puppet master behind the Democratic Party, and has obtained a leaked secret memo from his ironically-named group ”Open Society Foundations” that won’t help dispel that image. In a nod to radical organizer Saul Alinsky, it’s actually titled, “Police Reform: How to Take Advantage of the Crisis of the Moment and Drive Long-Term Institutional Change in Police-Community Practice.”

What that means is that they are scheming to impose strict federal rules and controls on local police forces, an idea that would make even Kim Jong-Un flash his sun-like smile. They also boast of how they have already impacted Obama’s task force on police reform. Another way Soros’ minions have “taken advantage of the crisis” of attacks on the police (by helping foment them) is by secretly funneling $650,000 in support to groups associated with Black Lives Matter (hey, BLM activists: they also discuss in this memo the possibility of the Soros Group “shaping” Black Lives Matter in the future. Meet your new boss, same as the old boss.)

If this sends a chill down your spine (and it should), be aware that according to, Soros Fund Management is the fifth-largest contributor to electing Hillary Clinton President, having ponied up over $7 million so far (the top four donors are also hedge funds and giant investment firms.)

No wonder Hillary hates so much. If they were a news organization like most others, she’d never have to worry about you knowing any of this.


A must-read article from The Federalist for diehard NeverTrumpers who insist they’ll stand on principle and go down with the ship (and the country) by voting for Libertarian Gary Johnson, even if it helps elect Hillary Clinton. The article notes that in their pursuit of enough votes to get into the debates and score federal funding, and to distance themselves from social conservatives, the Libertarians have abandoned virtually all of their principles about small government and individualism and embraced a litany of intrusive liberal notions, from carbon taxes to gutting the Second Amendment to sacrificing religious freedom on the altar of gay rights. The writer of this piece is a self-declared atheist, but even he feels frustrated at the so-called Libertarians’ refusal to defend the First Amendment rights of people of faith.

If you think you’re standing on conservative principles by voting for a third party candidate instead of Trump, you really should read this and see the principles the current Libertarian candidate is actually running on. You might be appalled to discover that you’ll not only be helping to elect Hillary, you’ll be voting for someone whose views really aren’t that much more conservative than hers.


Better watch where you pray at Clemson University, at least if you invite anyone to pray with you.  It seems your conversation with God has to be in a designated “free speech zone.”  Just thought you parents of Clemson students should be aware of this story.  Now, if you’ll pardon me, I’m going to go pray for the return of the glorious days when entire college campuses, and indeed, the entire United States of America, were “free speech zones.”


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  • carline bryan

    09/05/2016 07:21 PM

    I think Trump should refuse to do debates until Hillary gives a press conference