November 19, 2018

Deserving credit

With Republicans finally able to savor their victories in Florida (and Democrats free to spend the next two years grousing about how “they wuz robbed”), Republicans owe a debt to the unsung heroine of the recount effort.  Even NBC appears to have respect for this brilliant GOP legal eagle who coolly managed the effort to stop the Democrats and their high-priced lawyer’s post-election machinations.  Learn more about her at the link.


Dan Crenshaw 

I already liked Texas Representative-elect Dan Crenshaw, but I’m liking him more every day.  He was a heroic Navy SEAL who continued his service even after losing an eye in an I.E.D. attack.  When he was mocked on “SNL,” he declined to demand an apology, suggested they donate to a military charity instead, then went on the show to forgive the comic who mocked him and make a plea for all Americans to show appreciation to veterans and first responders.  And he hasn’t even joined Congress yet, but this past weekend, he made two more TV appearances that both deserve a standing ovation for his bursting of over-inflated anti-Trump media bubbles with the sharp needle of truth. 


First, on CNN’s “State of the Union,” two Democrats slammed President Trump for missing the Veterans’ Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery (the left is currently trying to pump up a ridiculous narrative that Trump is the least military-friendly President ever.)


Crenshaw, who has more gravitas on this issue than the other guests, said, “Well, I’ve been to Arlington multiple times to bury my friends, at least two funerals there that I’ve attended and gone back occasionally.”  He also noted that he knows Trump personally, and knows how he embraces Gold Star families, and while he would have liked for Trump to go to Arlington, he’s not offended if he misses a ceremony.  He explained, “What affects us is, are you giving us a clear mission, are you giving us the equipment we need to do it, are you raising pay for the military? He has done all of these things. That’s what matters to me as a veteran.”


For the record, Trump admitted it might have been a mistake to miss that ceremony, but he was at Arlington on Memorial Day, and three of the four Presidents who preceded him also missed that ceremony on some occasions, including decorated World War II veteran, George H.W. Bush.  Also, I should add that Trump didn’t send an overextended, under-manned, under-funded military to face dangerous, nearly impossible situations while handcuffed by suicidally-PC “rules of engagement.”


Crenshaw’s next great moment came when CBS’s “Face the Nation” brought on several newly-elected Representatives, and the Democrats were only too happy to parrot the nonsensical notion that Trump is somehow “undermining our democracy.”   


Colorado Democratic Rep.-elect Joe Neguse played the now well-worn tune: “I think that right now it's important for this majority in the House to engage in some really critical oversight of an Administration that is undermining a lot of critical freedoms for folks in our country. When I say save our democracy, I mean precisely that. I think some of our democratic freedoms and the principles that we live by have been under attack for the better part of the last two years."  (As always, note that he felt perfectly free to say that on national TV with no fear whatsoever of the guillotine or the gulag.)


But while CBS talking heads might let that pass unchallenged, Crenshaw was having none of it. He dared to ask the obvious follow-up question that’s gone unspoken for two years now:


“What is he undermining exactly? You know, what democratic freedoms have been undermined?  We just had an election where we switched power in the House. Democracy is at work. People are voting in record numbers."


The Democrats, expecting the media simply to swallow their talking points like free drinks at a press junket, had no ready answer.  Democratic Rep.-elect Chrissy Houlahan of Pennsylvania tried the hilarious gambit that revoking CNN “reporter” Jim Acosta’s White House press pass for acting like a jerk was an “attack on democracy.”  She claimed that Trump "is consistently disruptive” in press conferences (because he argues with the press when they disrupt and insult him rather than just standing there and taking it?) in what she called "literally an attack on the press." That’s “literally” an attack on the press in the same way that Trump is “literally” Hitler, I guess.


Again, Crenshaw took careful aim and coolly blew away their hysteria.  He replied, "I've literally been attacked. So I, don't — let's choose our words carefully."


He went on to give them a friendly lecture on the difference between holding policy disagreements that can be debated civilly and accusing your opponent of “undermining democracy” and “being a bad person fundamentally.”  It was a refreshing dose of mature common sense the type of which you’re about as likely to hear on a major network political talk show as you are to hear Trump finish a sentence without being interrupted by Jim Acosta.   


Democrats use these ridiculous, hyperbolic misrepresentations of their opponents’ motives and character for two reasons: (1.) they work on their base, as witness their takeover of the House with no coherent policy platform whatsoever; and (2.) they’ve got nothing else, because every policy they believe in has repeatedly been proven to be a miserable failure (“Hey, here’s a winning new idea: try socialism again!”)


The media have been helpfully echoing the left’s transparently bogus claims for over two years now, starting from “Trump colluded with Russia to steal the election" to “Trump is taking our freedoms away” (you mean like the right to freely express our religious beliefs without fear of government reprisal?  I thought he was bringing that back) to “Trump supporters are Nazis and fascists and white supremacists” to “Trump is undermining democracy” and is “literally Hitler.” Anyone who knows anything about history -- real history, not the kind currently taught in elite institutions of indoctrination -- should grasp instinctively that if Trump really were a Hitler-like tyrant/dictator, there wouldn’t have been an election at all. There wouldn’t be a Democratic House (or a House at all, or federal judges) to oppose him.  There wouldn’t be a Mueller investigation, there wouldn’t be regular White House press conferences, and there wouldn’t be a Jim Acosta.  It wouldn’t just be his press pass that disappeared.  


Hitler did not deal with his critics by giving them mean nicknames on whatever the 1930s equivalent of Twitter was. That’s not even as bad as what Obama did to the press (like secretly declaring a Fox News reporter to be a possible criminal co-conspirator so the government could spy on his privates communications to discover his sources – talk about branding a reporter an “enemy of the state!”).  And the media loved Obama more than a cool drink on a hot day.   


Claiming that not only journalism and democracy but the First Amendment itself are under “attack” because one disruptive egomaniac who can’t follow simple rules of decorum got tossed out of a press conference shows a highly overdeveloped sense of unearned moral superiority and a woeful lack of awareness of what the word “attack” means.  It was a high-five moment to see someone with genuine moral authority and personal experience with what a real “attack” is finally set them straight.


Dan Crenshaw hasn’t even taken office yet, and already, some Republicans are talking about him as a possible Presidential candidate in 2024.  It might be a little early for that, but he’s certainly on the right track so far.  Maybe he could even show some bipartisan kindness to his future colleague, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, give her some remedial lessons on the Constitution, and point out to her why she can’t run for President in 2020 when she’s 30. 


Khashoggi update

The latest on the mysterious brutal killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi Embassy in Turkey is that the CIA has reportedly concluded that it was carried out on order of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.  This is based on alleged intercepted phone calls for which no sources were given, and a claim that the Prince’s brother, who is also the Saudi ambassador to the US, told Khashoggi to go to the Embassy to get some papers needed for his upcoming marriage and no harm would befall him.  But the Saudi Embassy in Washington called the CIA report “false,” and the ambassador claimed he never spoke on the phone to Khashoggi, and “certainly never suggested he go to Turkey for any reason. I ask the US government to release any information regarding this claim.” 


Here are more details on the latest developments:


So now, we are faced with deciding whether to believe the Saudi denials or a report by our own CIA which provides no sources for its damning information. Meanwhile, some parties are demanding swift and crippling punishment for Saudi Arabia, even if it destroys joint efforts to defend Israel and fight radical Islam (President Trump told Fox News that we’ve already put “massive sanctions on a large group of people from Saudi Arabia, but at the same time, we do have an ally, and I want to stick with an ally that in many ways has been very good.”)  Others are urging Trump to wait until we know for certain who was behind it (which could easily be never.)  Still others argue that while this act was horrific, such brutality is common in the Middle East, and if we refuse to work with any nations that don’t adopt our views on human rights, we’ll have no influence there at all. 


I can’t help thinking of the movie “Chinatown,” where the detective has uncovered so much corruption, murder and other shocking and unspeakable immorality, only to see the guilty get away with it.  His weary partner says that famous line, “Forget it, Jake.  It’s Chinatown.”  While I certainly don’t think we should forget Khashoggi’s murder, and that a high price must be paid, we have to accept that no matter what we uncover or what we eventually decide to do about it, it’s not going to magically change the political culture of the Middle East, which in some places makes the Chinatown of that bleak movie look like Disneyland.

Out of touch writer

A Newsweek writer gave a perfect illustration of how out-of-touch with America many Beltway insiders are.  See if you can spot the logical fallacy: The only people she ever hears about who own AR-15 rifles are mass murderers.  Therefore, if you own an AR-15, you’re a mass murderer. 

Of course, that’s completely illogical.  Just because she’s the only Newsweek writer I’ve heard about in ages, that doesn’t mean all Newsweek writers are idiots. 

Note to Newsweek writers: You’re welcome to start proving that at any time.

A new motto for CNN

Why CNN’s new motto should be “This is CNN…So Don’t Believe It!”  In the latest example of CNN misleading the public, their headline implied that Republican Rep. Mark Meadows was involved in sexually harassing female aides.  He was actually cited by the Ethics Committee because they didn’t like the way he dealt with a male former staffer to stop him from harassing women. One of the victims spoke up to correct the record: she tweeted that “Meadows never sexually harassed anyone” and “my experience was that Meadows had my back, took me at my word, & respected & protected me.”


In CNN’s defense, at least their headline also mentioned the Democratic Congressman who really was accused of “persistent and unwanted advances towards women.”  The New York Times conveniently left him out of their headline entirely.  Maybe their new motto should be “The Paper of Broken Record.”


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Comments 1-15 of 15

  • Eddie C Jones

    11/21/2018 09:31 AM

    I read them.

  • Gary Stilwell

    11/20/2018 08:21 PM

    Got one for the Saudi issue--Here's what I think our President should do:
    Go to Saudi Arabia for a meeting with the guy who runs this place(not the son)
    The conversation should go somewhat like this:
    Your son has apparently ordered the murder of an innocent victim here. We of the US deplore these kind of inhuman acts, and view this as an assault on civil liberties. We have been a partner to your Country, in your fight to bring stability to the region. This act, by your country , directed by your son, is unacceptable in the world view, and ours. You will remove this "crown prince" from your succession, and find another worthy successor. If you refuse to do this, the United States will impose further (massive) sanctions on your Country. We do not need your oil, or the so-called friendship of a corrupt regime. We will let the region you live in destroy itself--
    If you cause or attempt to cause any retribution to the State of Israel, we will turn your sand country into molten glass. We can negotiate the time frame of this transition, but in no case will it exceed 30 days.
    Do you understand these conditions as I have stated them to you?

    The US President will then leave the country

  • Gwen Parsley

    11/20/2018 01:41 PM

    I always had great respect for you, if for no other reason than I agreed with your position on various issues and the common sense that prevailed on your part as you made certain decisions pertaining to your office... But, since I have started reading your newsletter (never miss one) my respect for your sense of humor and intelligence and your way with words has just gone over the top... I actually rarely comment on any issue, but.. in your case, I feel you should know that the truths you present are so “spot on” you need Kudos and a high five just to let you know you are truly appreciated.... hope these never stop! A Fan..

  • Glenn Hyatt

    11/20/2018 11:41 AM

    Thanks for the information you provide in your online publication. We need more people like you getting this information out. Our country seems to be going crazy. It is distressing.

    Tell your daughter I think she is the best Presidential Press Secretary I have seen in my lifetime!

    Have a great Thanksgiving!!

  • Kathy Wingate

    11/20/2018 01:03 AM

    Kudos to Crenshaw and Jessica Johnson, they both are valuable assets to the GOP.
    Now, re the Saudis sending people to their Embassy to kill and chop them up, I agree this is not so unusual in that part of the world. I just hope they don't have an operation at their Washington DC Embassy here in the US, like that, as I'd hate to see anyone lured to it for like treatment. Maybe they should be asked to close it and go home? If we still want to do oil business with them, it could be carried on from a distance. This isn't much different from the Russians poisoning their people in the UK, is it?? POTUS is being criticized for not wanting to believe the Crown Prince would such a thing, but it does send a strong message to other journalists who would write unpleasant things about the Saudis, doesn't it??

  • Dale Ferguson

    11/19/2018 07:42 PM

    Look at Psalm 35:11-16. Does that describe the kind of treatment Bret Kavanaugh received?


    11/19/2018 07:40 PM

    Very good!

  • Jane F Mitchell

    11/19/2018 07:22 PM

    Thank you for your breath of fresh air, Mr. Huckabee! I love watching your wonderful daughter Sarah answer the questions and direct them to truth, of crazy people from the media. Today in the grocery store where I work an older woman had on a button with Mr.Trump's picture on it and the word "BULLY" below it. It was all I could do to not tell her what I think. In the last two weeks, three different magazines have featured Michelle Obama on the covers. I can't understand why they can't do any stories about our stunning, brilliant First Lady. I was born in 1953, and there has never been this kind of disrespect and hatred in our government before in my lifetime. Lots of people, myself included, did not like Obama and what he did to our military, police officers, etc. but nobody would dare call him the names they call Pres. Trump.

  • Martha J Orlando

    11/19/2018 07:13 PM

    Dan Crenshaw nailed it on those talking head shows! He is a new and brightly shining face for the Republican Party, and I'm so very grateful the people he will represent saw fit to elect him. He espoused the down-to-earth common sense rhetoric that the Left doesn't even have a guess as to how to respond to. Seeing him as a candidate for 2024? Maybe a bit premature, but then again, who would have ever thought in 2015 that Donald Trump would actually be president?
    Thank you, Governor Mike, for all your insightful commentary! Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!

  • James Elias

    11/19/2018 06:58 PM

    I look forward to your daily column. It only takes you a few words to blast the so called press out of the water. And with sorely needed humor in the process. Nice combination!

  • Norman R Able

    11/19/2018 06:52 PM

    Thanks for your inspiring and well written article on Dan Crenshaw! He is a super star, need more like him in the GOP. He has a bright future.
    Hope he stays in politics. Again, thanks for your thorough investigating and reporting the truth. Keep up the needed reporting. Lord bless, Norm Able

  • Thomas Joseph Hussman

    11/19/2018 06:44 PM

    Minneapolis, Minnesota is a lot like Chinatown, where speaking truth can get you killed. As phenomenal amounts of corruption are routinely washed with dirty money, this pretty city is rotting at its core. The USA, in general has plenty of cold case murders to think about. The planks in our own eyes however seem to obscure self examination, especially those of the Red Oak Tree which grow near the Carlos Avery Preserve. Such a beautiful place, with such a violent and organized history.

  • Jesse sumrall

    11/19/2018 06:26 PM

    Why is it, when I want to read an article and it says to click on the link, that I read a few sentences and then it says “to read more, click here”. If I didn’t want to read the whole article, I wouldn’t have clicked on it in the 1st place.
    This I’m not a robot is stupid

  • Arthur Schefler

    11/19/2018 06:21 PM

    I'm sure that Acosta is happier than a tick on a fat dog but, Trump holds the flea and tick spray.

  • Vickie Fiorentino

    11/19/2018 06:14 PM

    Democrats are gaining the "Jim Jones" mentality: socialism & power.