April 29, 2020

After observing that the Michael Flynn case “took a turn” last Friday, I saw a new article from Margot Cleveland at THE FEDERALIST that says essentially the same thing. That puts me in extremely good company. (Well, she says it “imploded.”)

Cleveland goes into detail about the legal maneuvering that led to this point, with Brady evidence finally turned over that not only reveals the FBI’s intention to frame Flynn, but also strongly suggests coercion on the part of Mueller’s team to get that guilty plea out of him, by hook or by crook (emphasis on the "crook"). What gives this evidence more weight now is that it was uncovered by an outside attorney, the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri, Jeffrey Jensen, who was appointed by Attorney General Bill Barr to conduct a review of the Flynn case.

Under these circumstances, Cleveland says, it’s “unfathomable” that Judge Sullivan could continue to reject Flynn’s motion to withdraw his guilty plea. I would add that if he did reject that motion, it wouldn't be the first time a ruling of his in this case has been unfathomable. But surely this time, the conduct of the prosecution has been shown to be so outrageous that he’ll have no other choice.

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  • Victoria "Vicki" Jugo-Litiatco

    04/29/2020 09:54 PM

    Very interesting and substantive piece! I will share this with my friends here in the U.S. (in California mostly) who are Democrat supporters and refuse to even consider that unfolding of facts damming the Mueller Team's shrewd, sinister moves and despicable arm-twisting to frame the good general who should really be considered a hero.
    I knew that someday the truth will all come out . The conspiracy of the Dems and their "agents" Muiller, Strock, Page, etc. is unraveling so powerfully. I'm not a lawyer nor a prosecutor but informed enough to know that people will be charged and be going to jail -- as they should. And am sure -- with further investigations, more worms will come out especially wit h those involved will surely be trying to cut deals by exposing their co-conspirators.

    God said in HIs Word: "Wha tis done in secret will be revealed; and what is done in darkness will come to light."
    He also said "Vengeance is Mine" and that He will repay: Gen Mike Flynn is a good man -- I 'am almost sure he put his trust in God. Now God, faithful to His promises, is going to avenge him. And heads will roll......